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Jack and Kayla scene



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Okay well, I just figured I'd make another blog entry, just for the heck of it.

Like I mentioned before, I am intrigued by Days of Our Lives, and from what little I have seen so far, the storylines seem to be wonderfully put together, the characters are well developed, and the actors and actresses do a wonderful job of potraying these characters. However... it will probably still take me a while to learn all the names. Also, I have an even harder time remembering the names of the people who play the characters, heh.

Anyway, not too long ago, I was watching a scene on YouTube that showed, erm, when Jack raped Kayla. (I'm a little squeamish mentioning the word "rape" in my blog, but I dunno what else to call it except for what it is.)

Now... first of all, I did not grow up watching soap operas, and I was raised to think they were bad, and not worth watching. And basically it was only through Daysfan that I even decided to give Days of Our Lives a try, because it's her favorite. And when I stumbled across this Jack/Kayla scene on Youtube, I skimmed the description, but I almost didn't watch it, because I was thinking, "Who the heck would want to watch something as vile as that?" But I watched it anyway, out of curiousity.

And when I watched it, and then I saw the conversation between them that took place after the, ah, deed was done... well, all I could think was... "This scene was so beautifully written and portrayed... well done." Basically... from what little I've seen so far, Days of Our Lives seems to deal with issues that happen in the real world, and frankly, what I saw there in that scene, was something that could literally happen to anyone, especially in this day and age... maybe that's why I also think that the scene was beautifully written and well done. It makes the characters SO realistic.

So frankly... I am really starting to think that, perhaps... soap operas are not so "stupid" or "worthless to watch". Perhaps some can be poorly written, but... so long as they are done right, and done well, like the Christmas episode I mentioned in my previous blog entry, or even the scene between Jack and Kayla I have just mentioned... it's actually rather realistic, and a worthy form of entertainment.

Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to say here. If you've read this, feel free to comment... and well, thanks for reading :)


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