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Carly & Nikolas Learn The Sex of Their Baby! - PCE: Episode 84



Endgame- Episode 84
Friday, September 21, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Tishy Smith & Jennifer Snyder

Kevin lets out a deep breath while walking over to his desk. He reaches inside and finds a picture of him and Lucy from a few years ago. After being overcome with memories, he flings the picture towards door, barely missing Lucy, who entered the house uninvited.

"I see I came at a bad time," said Lucy with a look of sadness. "I'll come back later."

"Wait," said Kevin. "Please stay. I could use a friend right now."

For a moment, Lucy sees a flicker of the man she once loved with all her heart. Then, as if she had awakened from deep thought, she remembers the man she fell in love with stop existing years ago. "I don't think you're going to like what I have to say Doc. She carefully makes her way down the stairs walking into the area where Kevin is.
Alexis knocks on the door of Mayor Floyd's office, prepared for her meeting with him today. It's been about a month since she was suspended, and she's ready to return to work. The mayor lets her in and asks her to take a seat. The last time they met, Alexis was on the receiving end of a tirade from the highly stressed mayor.

"Mayor Floyd it's good to see you again." Alexis extends her hand.

The mayor never looks up from his desk, instead choosing to take a lackadaisical approach. "I take it you used your time off wisely."

"Yes sir, I did."

"I wasn't asking," the mayor says. "It's called making a statement. I don't have much time to speak with you. I am lifting your suspension. You can return to work tomorrow. You'll be paired up with new ADA Darin Palmer. Now leave." Floyd raises his arm and points towards the door.
Michael Park first airs as ADA Darin Palmer

District Attorney Ric Lansing greets his secretaries while on his way into the office. One of the girls try to give Ric a message, but he's too happy this morning. Alexis is finally returning to work, the his kids are doing great and all he wants to do is enjoy life. Ric opens up the door to his office to find the mayor's newest hire, ADA Darin Palmer laying back in his chair smoking a cigar with his feet propped on the desk.

"Well, well, well," says the man getting up from the chair. "If it isn't Slicky Ricky himself. Still getting by on other people's hard work I see." Referring to the tons of case notes Ric's assistants have left for him.

Ric takes a deep breath, closes his door and tells Palmer to get out. He may be forced to work with him, but he doesn't have to be in the same room.

Palmer gets up from Ric's chair and walks in front of his desk. "I just figured I'd put you on notice Ric. Your time here is running out. Mayor Floyd recruited me to do the job that you can't do. How great is it to come into a new job and be the lead prosecutor, jumping over people who've been DA for years?"

Ric leans back in his chair tapping his pencil on the table. Ric tells Palmer to enjoy his time as the mayor's puppet. As soon he can't deliver what he's expected to, he'll be out of here. Palmer laughs and says that he's always delivered, usually when Ric can't, all he has to do is look what happened in law school to get his result (Darin Palmer stole Ric's girlfriend).
At General Hospital, Carly is laying on the table in a hospital gown waiting to see Dr. Kelly. The happy couple have spent the last few weeks debating whether or not to learn the sex of their child. The two decided that it couldn't hurt to find out the truth. So here they are, anxiously waiting to learn the truth.

Nikolas notices how nervous Carly is and gives her a loving hug. Carly wishes her mom could be here with her, but since Bobbie is out of town, she jokingly admits she'll just have to settle for Nikolas. Nikolas takes her hand and kisses it. He promises everything will be ok and as soon as they learn what their having, they can go out and buy everything at the Million Dollar Pier shopping center.
Back at Kevin's, Kevin tells Lucy he isn't in the mood to hear any unsolicited advice. He tells her that unless she's there to be a friend she can get the hell out.

"I am being a friend Kevin," Lucy says emphatically. "Like it or not, I still care about you. I always have. I never stopped. I'm saying this to you as someone who was once the love of your life…Walk away. Walk away before you get hurt."

Kevin rolls his eyes and flops down in his chair. "You mean the way you walked away from me and right into Ian Thornheart's arms! Save your 'compassion' Lucy, it's beneath you."

A stunned Lucy reels from the venom laced statement made by Kevin. "I thought we were over this. You make it seem like I ran off with Ian on my own choosing. You pushed me away Kevin. You turned into someone I didn't even know. So yes, I went with Ian and I had a happy life but you know what, I missed you. And I wanted to start over with you, but you were too busy trying to break up Alan & Monica." Lucy gets close to Kevin and touches his face. "I'm saying this because I don't want you to get hurt. Monica will not choose you Kevin, she's going to choose her husband. Monica and Alan are destined to be together, it's written in the stars."

"Did the universe tell you that," asks Kevin sarcastically.

"Yes, yes it did. And it also told me that if you continue on with this path, you're going to end up alone…again." Lucy shakes her head and walks toward the door.

"You wanna know something Lucy," asks Kevin getting up. "I wish he would have died alone! At least then Monica could grieve and then move on with her life, instead of being torn in the middle of two men that she loves dearly."

Lucy looks upon Kevin with disgust, flashing back to memories of Kevin after his personality change in 2003. "Now there's the Kevin I remember. The one who was so filled with hatred and anger. The Kevin who ruined every shred of love that we shared." Lucy grabs the door handle. "Keep it up, and you won't have to worry about walking away from Monica, she'll walk away from you, just as I did."
Back at the hospital, Dr. Kelly Lee runs a sonogram on Carly. Kelly points out what's on the screen to an amazed Nikolas. Carly watches in awe as Nikolas sucks up everything she's talking about. She remembers Nikolas missed out on all of this because Courtney left town while she was pregnant.

Kelly puts a little more gel on Carly's stomach to run one final test. She looks at the screen and notices something quite interesting. "Are you both ready to learn what you're having?"

"Of course," Nikolas says. "Don't keep us in suspense."

Carly reaches out her hand for Nikolas to hold. "Come on Kelly, tell us."

"You'll both be happy to know that your boy is developing quite well."

Carly with tears in her eyes. Nikolas cries tears of joy as it sinks in that he's having another son. He hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Kelly smiles as the two hug. "And you'll also be happy to know that your daughter is doing just as good."

"What" says Carly in shock. "Our daughter?"

Nikolas mouth forms the shape of what he's trying to say, but no words come out. Finally, he forces sound out. "We're…we're having twins?"

Dr. Kelly confirms and gives them a picture of the sonogram. She points out where the boy is, and where the girl is. The floodgates open for Carly as she's unable to hold back her emotion. The proud parents to be wipe each other's tears and kiss passionately, eagerly anticipating their future.
Next…on Port Charles
- Kelly and Lainey talk about their upcoming dates
- After a conversation with Luke, Tracy takes a leave of absence from ELQ
- Bobbie books a flight back to Port Charles
- David comforts Lucy after her visit with Kevin


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It's only his first day in an episode and already I am loving Darin Palmer....It's a breath of fresh air to see someone other than Sonny/Jason knocking the sails out of Ric (sorry Jen)...I can't wait till Alexis meets him.

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I love Darin Palmer...a man who is basically taking the job of a longtime DA and doing it better...heh, sounds like me and my job

Twins...damn, you DID catch me off guard on that. Nice!

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I'm so happy to see that you're respecting all of the Lucy and Kevin fans out there. Will we see Kelly Monaco getting double duty as Livvie? Or wait wouldn't it be tripple duty since she was already a twin. I could be confused.

As much as I don't like Carly...I enjoyed reading that she'll be having twins.

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Good episode. Nikolas and Carly are having twins. Such a happy moment between them. Kevin and Lucy's argument was a good one as I was a avid view of Port Charles and was so upset when the show paired Lucy up with Ian. Ooo so you have Monica and Kevin?

I can tell that I'm going to like Darin Palmer already.

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