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PCE: Episode 85



Endgame- Episode 85
Saturday, September 29, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Jennifer Snyder
Tishy Smith

Lainey in a strange way was looking forward to her date tonight with Stan. She finished her rounds and was ready to head home so she could get ready. She signed out and was heading to the elevator as she came upon Kelly, who was also ready to leave the hospital.

“So, are you going out tonight?” Kelly asked her friend.

“As a matter of fact, I am. Stan and I are going out tonight.”

“Stan …?” Kelly surprised to hear that name cross Lainey’s lips.

“Yeah Stan … what’s wrong with Stan. He’s a nice guy, good looking ….”

“Oh there’s nothing wrong with Stan. I just thought him not your type.”

“And how do you know what my type is, Kelly?”

“Well, he does work for Sonny Corinthos, I mean, he’s a little dangerous for you, isn’t he?”

Lainey just rolled her eyes at Kelly as the two of them boarded the open elevator together. The two talked more about Stan as they rode the elevator down to the parking garage.

“So if you’re going out with Stan, then am I to assume you’ve given up on Steven?” Kelly asked hoping Lainey would say that she had.

“Steven is a nice guy and I like him, but I don’t get involved with co-workers, you know that.”

“So you’re okay with us going out tonight?”

“Sure.” Lainey lied.

“Good. I just wanted to be sure.” Kelly smiled.

Lainey returned a smile but underneath she knew that in the long run Kelly would end up hurting Steven. He’d be better off with her but it was a too late to go back on her word. “I hope the two of you have a good time tonight, Kelly.”

“Thanks. I hope you and Stan have a good time too.”
At the Quartermaine Mansion, Luke brings Tracy a cup of tea and kisses her forehead. Tracy tells Luke trying to be sweet doesn't make up for him disappearing for a few weeks. Luke covers, making sure to keep Tracy in the dark regarding why he left (to keep checking in on Bobbie on Sonny's island). Luke says he just needs to get away sometimes, but he's here now and that's all that matters.

Tracy bellows for Alice to bring her different kind of tea, saying she requested chamomile, not breakfast tea. Alice takes a sip and tells her it is chamomile. Luke apologizes on Tracy's behalf and asks Alice to give them some privacy. Tracy snaps at Luke not to apologize for her. She can speak for herself. Luke gives a look of concern to Tracy, who turns away, trying to mask her pain and fear of possibly losing Alan.

Tracy admits that Alan's heart attack threw her off her game and though she doesn't want to admit it, she doesn't think she can focus on business when her brother is laying in a hospital bed. Luke promises to support Tracy in whatever she decides to do, saying his only concern is her. Tracy thinks if she abandons ELQ, Edward will see it as a weakness.

Edward, who's been eavesdropping, interrupts and disagrees with Tracy. Family comes first. He says he has seen Tracy's leadership at ELQ since she maneuvered control earlier this year and thinks the company is better because of it. Edward tells her daughter he loves her, and that Lila would be proud of her putting her family above business. Tracy hugs her father, kisses Luke and says that at the next ELQ board meeting, she'll be taking an indefinite leave from the company.

AJ secretly listens as this is going on, smiling before walking away.
At the islands, Bobbie is on the phone with her guard, who asks that he arrange a flight for her to return to Port Charles. The guard, under strict orders from Sonny & Luke to watch over Bobbie in case the police show up, refuses to comply. Bobbie looks carefully at the guard, sure that she's seen him before. Suddenly it hits her that this guard has watched over Carly before, so Bobbie pulls out her trump card….Carly. She threatens to tell Sonny that he hit on Carly when they were married, professing his feelings for Carly, who promised not to tell Sonny. The guard doesn't think Sonny would believe that, but Bobbie convinces him otherwise. The guard, afraid of what might happen, caves and tells Bobbie he'll have the pilot prepare a flight back to Port Charles.

Bobbie thanks the guard, but reminds him this is to stay between them. After the guard leaves, Bobbie begins packing her things. She's hid from her problems for too long. It's time to own to what she's done.
Lucy storms into David's office at General Hospital and flops on the sofa in the room. She sighs loudly before tapping on the desk to get his attention. David stops writing his report, lies back in the chair and smiles.

Lucy begins venting about her encounter with Kevin, talking a lot and not letting David get any words in. David finally interrupts and tells her to take a deep breath. Lucy apologizes for ranting to David about Kevin, but he tells her not to worry. He tells Lucy that he's enjoyed getting to know her these past few months, even though it wasn't under the best of circumstances (David found out about Monica & Kevin's affair, then blackmailed Monica into resigning so he can become the Chief Cardiologist).

Inside, Lucy's conflicted about her feelings for David. She's done her research on the guy. She knows the kind of person he is, but his good qualities outweigh his faults. Plus he helped her track down Serena when he didn't have to. Lucy decides to take her mind off Kevin by asking David to lunch. David clears his schedule for the day and decides to spend time with her.
Next…on Port Charles
- Lucas finds himself attracted to Dante
- Maxie throws Dillon for a loop when she tells him she likes him
- Brenda visits an old friend…and runs into one she didn't expect to see


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It's going to be an emotional episode when Bobbie returns back to Port Charles.

I truly want this storyline to have some emotional pull....and for all to be revealed.

The upcoming episode sounds very good

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I loved the Kelly/Lainey scenes. You know the claws want to come out with Lainey, but I can picture it on their night out LOL

I love Bobbie conniving the guard, and as usual the Q's. More seeing them here than on the real deal.

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