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Brenda Visits An Old Friend - PCE: Episode 86



Endgame- Episode 86
Sunday, September 30, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler
Jennifer Snyder

Port Charles begins in the sunroom of General Hospital. Brenda walks up behind Ned and places her hands over his eyes, "Hey stranger. One of the nurses told me I could find you here." She whispers. Ned whips around and grabs Brenda in a bear hug. "Oh Brenda, you are a sight for sore eyes. I am so glad you are here."

Brenda flicks her hair over her shoulder and smiles serenely. "I could say the same for you, but you look like you haven't slept in a week." Brenda tilts her head and says quietly, "How is Alan?"

Ned sighs and replies that Alan is not doing well. Brenda asks how the family is doing and Ned tells her that they are doing as well as expected, considering the circumstances. He briefly tells her about Monica and Kevin, and how Tracy was arrested. He is worried about Edward and his heart. Brenda grasps his hand and squeezes it. She asks him if it would be ok if she visited Edward since the Quartermaines were like family to her. Ned agrees that it would be nice and tells her to stop over at the house that night.
Lucas walks up to the counter at the coffeehouse in the Student Union and orders a coffee. He had about fifteen minutes before his first class. He's not paying attention to the people around him and doesn't notice the person next to him. Lucas grabs his coffee and bumps into a strong, hard chest. "Oh, I am so sorry." Lucas exclaims as his coffee spills. "I didn't get you did I?"

Dante looks down and smiles broadly, "Naww, I'm good. How's it going?"

Lucas starts to walk away, Dante falling into step next to him. "Good. Just going to class. How about you?"

"I'm good." Dante pauses and waves to a couple of his frat brothers. "What class are you going to?" Dante says as he sips his coffee.

"I have Ethics and then American Lit. This semester I am concentrating on getting my required classes completed. I want to take it easy, you know?" Lucas confides.
Maxie sits down on one of the couches in the Student Union and pulls out a notebook. She glances up and sees Lucas getting coffee and she sighs. She is still filled with guilt from the night of the Frat Party. She knows that she will have that with her for the rest of her life. She's glad that Lucas doesn't notice her when he walks by with Dante Brennan, the student body president. She catches sight of Dillon, who's looking distracted as he rushes past. "Dillon!" Dillon stops and sighs, but she plows ahead and asks him how Alan is.

Dillon tells her than Alan is the same. He came to school to talk to his professors and now he is going back to the hospital. He doesn't have a lot of time and tells her that he really doesn't want to talk, especially to her. She asks him for just a minute, that she really needs to talk to him about something. He tells her fine, but when she hesitates and doesn't speak, he tells her goodbye and starts to walk away.
Dante smiles charismatically as his eyes boldly check out Lucas. "Guess you and I have some classes together. " Dante walks into the classroom, indicating that Lucas sit next to him.

Lucas sits down next to the attractive Dante. He is surprised by the tingle he feels growing inside him. He turns to him and easily falls into conversation. When the professor walks in and starts class, Lucas finds himself disappointed.
Back at the student union, Maxie grabs Dillon's arm. "Wait Dillon. You and I haven't talked in a while and I, well, I sort of miss it. I was wondering if we could meet at Kelly's and just, talk." Maxie says, biting her lip.

Dillon throws his hands up in the air and tells her that her timing is horrible. "Maxie, after everything you have done to me in the past year, why would I want to talk to you anyway? Just, leave me alone." Dillon again starts to walk away.

"Dillon, I know I shouldn't say this but I can't help it. You're my sister's ex-boyfriend but….I can't stop thinking about you. I want to spend some time with you." Maxie says in a rush.

Incredulously, Dillon turns back towards Maxie, "Ok, now I know I am dreaming. You honestly expect me to believe that you can't stop thinking about me? Somehow Maxie, I don't believe you."

"Well it's true Dillon. I can't help it Dillon. I think…I think I'm kinda liking you." Maxie confided. Maxie places her hand on his arm.
Dillon pulls his hand away sharply, looking at her dumfounded. He tries to figure out if she's been smoking something, but realizes she probably has. Without a word, he walks away in disgust, leaving a crestfallen Maxie to stare after him.
Ned and Brenda start to walk towards the ICU when he asks her what she is doing in Port Charles. She tells him about her job at Titan and that she is here to stay. She has already seen Robin and Jax, but she has yet to really settle in. She can't wait to sink her teeth into this job and do well.

Ned stops before the doors of the ICU. "So Brenda, you know I have to ask. Have you seen Sonny yet?"

Brenda plays with her necklace and firmly says, "No. And I don't want to either. In a perfect world, I would wish that he never finds out I am home."

The ICU doors open and Jason walks out. Brenda locks eyes with Jason and Ned chuckles, "Somehow Brenda, I don't see that happening." Bending down to kiss her cheek, "It's good to have you home Bren."

Ned walks out the door, leaving Brenda and Jason to catch up.
Next…on Port Charles
- Brenda asks Jason to keep her presence to himself
- Patrick finds a pregnancy test at the apartment
- Lulu and Lucky want to throw a party for Carly & Nikolas
- Mac doesn't react too well after Anna refuses to promote him


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I drew immediately to the Dillon/Maxie and Lucas/Dante scenes...

Does Dante know that Lucas has a liking for him?

Maxie definitely blew Dillon's mind with her confession to him....Now will he turn around and begin to slowly like her; that's what I am curious about.

Also love the Brenda/Ned scenes....

Excellent job, gang :)

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Brenda, Brenda, Brenda..to quote the SOAPnet marathon they had of her a few years back LOL

Love the instant attraction between Lucas and Dante, but a bit weirded out about the Maxie liking Dillon front. Sorry, but it just seemed too...uncomfortable. Maybe b/c I think Maxie is just doing it to save her own hide.

Overall, great eppy

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I love how you write your teens and that you guys give them a place that's there own. I like the idea of showing them at school.

I love Brenda and love that she's back in PC!!!

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When I would catch GH, I really enjoyed Brenda's character. I think that when Las Vegas gets cancelled (surely enough this might be the season) that Vanessa Marcil would go back to GH or Dancing With the Stars.

I also enjoyed Maxie and Dillon's scenes together.

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Lucas/Dante is so interesting and intriguing. And it is going slow which is good and I love it. You are handling it just right.

Brenda is so loveable on PC. I am not sure if I have ever loved her this much, LOL.

Dillion and Maxie was good. Maxie is good on PC as well and way better than on the real show.

Great job. :D

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