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PCE: Episode 87



Endgame- Episode 87
Saturday, October 06, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith
Jennifer Snyder

Jason stares at Brenda, appearing to be happy to see her. "What are you standing over there for? Come give me a hug!" Jason says opening his arms. Brenda slowly walks over and hugs Jason, he tucks her head under his chin and he squeezes tightly. Brenda rests comfortably in Jason's arms, though feeling a bit of awkwardness at the familiarity of it.

After they let go of the embrace, Jason admires Brenda and comments on how great she looks. Brenda smiles and says Jason isn't looking too bad himself. Jason tells Brenda how Alan's doing; Brenda says she'll pray he gets better. An awkward silence then ensues, neither one wanting to bring up the person neither are too keen on seeing right now. Brenda asks Jason if he'll do her a favor.

"Sure, anything for my favorite ex-wife," Jason remarks laughing.

Brenda smiles and tosses her hair back. "Of course I'm your favorite, it's not like you had any other wives…..legally anyway," she shoots back. She gets right to the point and asks him to not tell Sonny that she's back. She explains that she wants to focus on rebuilding her life back in PC, and doesn't want Sonny interfering with that.

Jason sympathizes with Brenda and agrees to keep this to himself. Jason tells her that things aren't too good between he and Sonny. Tired of his selfishness and arrogance, Jason finally told him off. Brenda lauds Jason for standing up to Sonny and promises to meet up with him again later. Shortly after leaving Jason, Brenda gets a call from Robin, telling her Dr. Kelly Lee had to reschedule Robin's appointment.
"Here's everything," Mac says throwing a file onto Anna's desk. "We're just about ready to close the file on the death of Brandon Wexler. I've heard that our suspect will be in custody within the next 72 hours." Mac shuts the door to Anna's office and sits in the chair in front of it.

"Thank you," Anna says sharply. "You can close the door on your way out."

"What's your problem?" asks Mac angrily."You have no reason to have a chip on your shoulder. You've got the good job. You get all the credit. You weren't the one ridiculed in front of others within the department. You weren't demoted so an outsider can come in and "fix" things." Mac pounds his fist on the desk. "Damn it Anna what else do you want? We're supposed to be family."

Anna looks up from her paperwork and leans back in her chair. "Whatever animosity you hold towards me for replacing you is your own personal issue. I didn't politic my way into this position. I was the best choice for the job." Anna gets up and pours herself a glass of water. "You act as if I did this on purpose. You're a great cop Mac."

"Then why don't you give me back my old position," Mac asks, trying to appeal to Anna's respect for their friendship. "You know I can do the job."

Anna puts her hand on Mac's shoulder and gently turns him down. She explains that she would definitely make him her equal if she could, but it's not her decision. She reports to the mayor and no matter how they got into this situation, she is the Commissioner and Chief right now. Mac, who's more hurt than he is upset, lashes out at Anna, accusing her of using this to further her own political agenda. He storms out of her office slamming the door.
Lulu walks into the sitting room in Wyndemere. She begins shouting for Lucky, and is asked by Alfred to keep her volume down, due to Spencer sleeping. Lucky comes from upstairs and thanks Lulu for coming over. Lucky explains that now that Carly & Nikolas know what they're having, he thinks they should throw a party for him at the MetroCourt. Lulu agrees that it would be a great idea and asks if she can coordinate the party with some of the staff at Deception.

Lucky thanks Lulu for all her help and asks if she wants to hang out with him and Sam today. Lulu tells Lucky that it's gonna take some time for her to get used to Sam. She says that she's uncomfortable knowing that he and Liz broke up because of her infatuation with Jason, and now he's dating Jason's ex-girlfriend and fiancée. She says that no offense, but to her, it appears that Lucky is obsessed with Jason. Lucky says there's no hard feelings.
Meanwhile, Patrick is tearing apart his apartment looking for his favorite shirt. He figures Robin may have washed it with her clothes last week on laundry day, and decides to look through her dresser to see if it's there. He carefully opens drawer after drawer, making sure he puts all of her belongings back the way they were. He doesn't want Robin to think that he just goes through her stuff while she's not home….but this time it calls for it. As he opens the last drawer, he finds his favorite shirt folded next to one of Robin's blouses. He smiles and takes it out of the drawer. He goes to close the drawer back but something catches his attention. He moves the pair of jeans covering part of the object he's focused on. Much to his surprise, Patrick finds an opened E.P.T. Pregnancy test box!

"There's no way….." he says to himself stunned. "Robin's not…pregnant is she?"

Patrick's mind begins to race a mile a minute. He takes out his phone and places a phone call. As usual, Noah's not around when Patrick needs him.
Next…on Port Charles
- AJ shows compassion for his mother
- Michael is attacked on his way home from football practice
- Lainey goes on her date with Stan; Kelly's on her date with Steven
- Robin avoids telling Patrick about her possible pregnancy

Two episodes will be posted tomorrow


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Patrick needs to worry about himself and stop waiting for others to help him.

Good job on the episode.

Nice looking logo. :)

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Great episode.

Jason and Brenda hugging and making nice? LOL I never thought that would ever happen! But they have a common bond now.

Patrick better not be an ass about this pregnancy.

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