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PCE: Episode 83



Endgame- Episode 83
Monday, September 17, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Tishy Smith & Jennifer Snyder

Bobbie is sitting on the lanai in the early morning, sipping some coffee and watches the sun rise. Sleep escapes her most nights, she’s lucky if she sleeps more than a few hours. She wonders how Noah is, how Carly and her pregnancy are coming. Most of all, she thinks about Lucas and the pain she has caused him. Tears form in her eyes as she thinks of her boy. She closes her eyes and sees Lucas’ life pass before her eyes. She wonders if her children miss her as much as she misses them.

In Port Charles, Noah pours himself a glass of orange juice and reminds himself to call Lucas. He has been trying to keep an eye on him. Since he is working the early shift, he decides to ask him out to dinner, make sure he’s doing ok. Noah knows Bobbie, wherever she may be, would like that. Noah downs his orange juice and scans the room. It’s so empty without Bobbie there. He hasn’t been able to find her and Luke seemed to have taken off as well. Not even Carly knows where her mother is.
Kevin sitting in the living room of his house, staring at a picture on the wall. Monica comes down with some of her belongings, ignoring Kevin. Kevin turns to an angry Monica and asks her is this how things are going to be from now on.

“I’m sorry I can’t give you what you want right now Kevin. I need to be by Alan’s side. He needs me, and I can’t allow myself to get sidetracked.”

“Why Monica? Because getting sidetracked would mean you would have to address our relationship…or do we even have one anymore?”
A sharp buzzing sound awakens Tracy from her slumber. As she opens her eyes, the presence of the 6 foot 5 muscular officer startles her.

“Mrs. Quartermaine” the officer begins, “you’re free to go.”

Tracy stands up, tosses her hair back and buttons her jacket. “It’s about damn time. And don’t you think I’m going to forget the way I was treated in here.”

“No offense, but with the way you were acting last night, you couldn’t pay us to bring to back here,” the guard sneers to Tracy.

”I’ll have you know I was a model prisoner…even though I was wrongfully arrested. That damn Monica. I should-“

“Hold on there spankybuns!” shouts Luke, running to Tracy’s side. “We can’t have you incriminating yourself in the presence of our wonderful, hardworking police offers.”

“Shut it Spencer” Mac says coming from his office. “You just get her outta here.”

Luke pulls in Tracy close and tells her not to say anything else until they get home. Luke thinks he’s home free until Mac calls him back to the desk. Mac says to Luke he knows he had something to do with Bobbie disappearing. He suggests to Luke that he bring Bobbie back home so she can be questioned regarding her involvement in Brandon’s death. Mac gives Luke one week to bring Bobbie back, or he’s going to publicly issue an APB out and name her as an official suspect in the hit and run death of Brandon Wexler. Mac’s warning seems to shake Luke a little, who tells Mac to just back off.

Luke exits the police station and heads back to the Mansion with Tracy, making sure she doesn't do anything that could land her back in jail. However...Luke can't shake the feeling that Bobbie's gonna get herself into trouble.
Bobbie rises out of her chair and goes into the living room. She flips on the TV to the Port Charles station to watch the morning news. The lead story was bout Alan’s heart attack. She listens in horror as the newscaster told what little information that they had about Alan’s condition and also about Tracy’s arrest for assault. When the newscast ended, she turned the TV off and sat in silence. After several minutes, she picked up the phone.

In Port Charles....

Glancing at his watch, Noah realizes that he has to get to the hospital or he will be late for his surgery. He picks up his keys and locks the door behind him. He never hears the phone ring or Bobbie’s voice on the answering machine calling his name.
Back at Kevin’s, he and Monica argue regarding her devotion to Alan.

“I told you that I am not ready to deal with this right now. I owe Alan this. He stood by me through the death of my daughter, through my breast cancer, through everything. It’s not a matter of me wanting to do this Kevin, it’s because I have to.” Monica puts down her purse and begins walking towards the closet.

Through more of their argument, it seems that Kevin is upset because Monica told him last night she's going to be staying at the hospital indefinitely. Kevin wants Monica to choose between him and Alan right here and now.

“I chose you didn’t I? That’s why we’re in this mess in the first place, because I chose you. After months of cheating on my husband I told him our marriage was over. That I didn’t love him anymore…even when I knew it wasn’t…” Monica lets her voice trail off.

“Even when what Monica? When you know it wasn’t true?!” Kevin yells. “I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life with you, why is that so hard for you to grasp.”

Monica’s anger is too much for her to hold in. She lets out a yell filled with pain and anger. “It’s so hard for me to grasp because I don’t love you!” she puts her hand up to her mouth, realizing what she just said. “I didn’t mean that." Monica pushes her hair back with both her hands. "I do love you…I enjoy spending time with you Kevin, but I’m not ready to go from one marriage right into another. You and I have fun. I can relax with you. I thought you understood me better than Alan did, but I’m beginning to see that I was mistaken.”

Monica steps closer to Kevin, who turns away from her. She tenderly touches his face, telling him that she does care about him, but she’s a wreck right now. And it’s hard to expect anything of her, that he wouldn’t expect of himself if this were Lucy lying in that hospital bed.

Kevin kisses Monica and pulls away, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry. I am afraid that I’m going to lose you. Our relationship wasn’t started with pure intentions. It was a dirty secret that blossomed into so much more and I don’t want to lose that. To lose my connection with you.” Kevin grabs Monica’s hand. “I know that your connection to Alan is deeper than anything either of us as has ever experienced, and I’m sorry for trying to make you choose. You have family obligations and I won’t come between them.”

A teary eyed Monica thanks Kevin for understanding and apologizes for her outburst. She kisses him on the cheek and grabs her bag, exiting the house to make her way to the hospital.

Kevin lets out a deep breath while walking over to his desk. He reaches inside and finds a picture of him and Lucy from a few years ago. After being overcome with memories, he flings the picture towards door, barely missing Lucy, who entered the house uninvited.
Next…on Port Charles
- Lucy asks Kevin to walk away from Monica
- Nikolas & Carly learn the sex of their child
- Alexis returns from her suspension
- Ric comes face to face with his old rival Darin Palmer


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This was an excellent episode. I loved Kevin FINALLY realizing that he couldn't force Monica to choose. Also loved the Tracy scenes...

I can't wait to see Darin Palmer........it's going to be a hit to Ric's ego :D

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Yet again, another great episode. I loved the development with Kevin and Monica, and I loved that you touched on Bobbie and Alan's friendship, with her wanting to know how he is.

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Oh I loved that ending. It was fantastic and my favorite part, especially when he threw the picture.

And, I am loving this Tracy stuff. You three write her so well, especially with what I have read so far.

Can't wait to see what comes next. :D

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Now if she would have gotten hit with the picture, she would have deserved it. That's what you get when you go into folks houses uninvited.

Good work.

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I wonder if finding out about Alan is the first step of her admitting what she has done, and of her guilt.

Loved the Monica outburst she gave Kevin. It is natural for her to be conflicted, and glad that Kevin realizes how she feels.

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