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Port Charles

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Sam's Mission Revealed; Jason Snubs Sonny - PCE: Episode 82



Endgame- Episode 82
Sunday, September 16, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Tishy Smith & Jennifer Snyder

Port Charles begins with Sam storming into the den of Wyndemere and grabbing a drink. Why is she feeling this way? Why does she feel like she needs to comfort Jason? WHY!!?? Especially after what happened last summer… Sam takes a deep breath and is hit with another memory. It seems like it just happened yesterday…Sam & Alexis fighting for their lives to escape Helena's compound when Jason, Ric, Liz and Lucky show up to save them. Sam's grip on her glass tightens when she thinks back…back to that night…..

During the escape, one of the explosions causes Sam and Liz to be separated from the others. Jason and Lucky find both Sam and Liz, who are trapped by fire. Jason tries to get through but the fire is too hot. Lucky is unable to move, frozen with fear and has flashbacks to the fire that allegedly took his life years ago. Helena watches the devastation and takes advantage of Lucky’s hesitation and shoots him. At the top of the staircase, Helena forces Jason to choose who he’s going to save. Sam or Liz.

When Jason doesn’t respond fast enough, Helena pushes Liz over the balcony. Sam watches the look and fear on Jason's face as he rushes after her to try and break her fall. Helena laughs and pushes Sam down the stairs….

Sam throws her glass at the wall, barely missing Helena, who enters from one of the tunnels.

"Control your temper" Helena snaps. "I can't have you ruining my plans."
Jason enters the coffeehouse for his meeting with Sonny. The irritation on Jason's face is very obvious. He didn't want to leave the hospital but as usual, Sonny doesn't care about that.

"What do you want Sonny? I need to be near the hospital in case something happens."

"Look, I'm sorry about Alan, but we need to focus on business. Alcazar's gaining support from his allies in Miami and we can't afford to look weak. I want you to take him out."

Jason angrily rolls his eyes, telling Sonny that he has other things he needs to focus on right now. Jason doesn't feel that Alcazar is behind the recent attacks, on the simple reason that Alcazar doesn't act this way. If Alcazar wanted to hurt Sonny, he'd go after him. Not kill Courtney, not beat him and Mike up in the park, scaring his children. Say what you want about Lorenzo, but that's not his style.

"What is wrong with you Jason? You question everything I do, you don't do ask your told, you've been off your game for months now. I understand that you've been going through some stuff, first with Sam and now Alan, but I need you 100%. I need you FOCUSED! Our business is being threatened. The people we love have been hurt because of this. I can't afford to have you half ass your job just because you're having some issues."

Jason breathes in, then asks Max, Milo and the rest of the guards to leave for a minute. Sonny looks puzzled as the others walk out of the room. When they're gone, Jason walks over to Sonny, grabbing him and pushing him against the wall.

"Let me explain something to you. I value our friendship and everything you've done for me, so I'm only going to say this once." Jason leans in close, never raising his voice above a whisper. "Don't you ever, ever speak to me like that in front of the others. Do you hear me? I'm not some punk kid you can bully around Sonny."

"You might want to take a step back Jason, and realize what you're doing. We don't need to be fighting with each other! This is what they want!"

"Most of our issues are your fault. You expect me to jump and your beck and call, well I'm sorry, that's not gonna happen anymore. I'm so SICK of this bullshit! Do you know how much I've missed because I put your wants and needs over my family? Do you know how much time I've lost with Alan because of this damn business?"

Jason's emotions begin to overflow. "My father is lying in a hospital bed right now, but instead of me being there supporting him, I'm here arguing with you. Did you even bother to stop over to the hospital and give your best wishes? Of course not!"

Jason grabs his keys and heads to the door. "I'm going back to the hospital. Unlike you Sonny, I actually care about my father."
Brenda steps off the elevator at Patrick & Robin's apartment building, excited to see her friend. It's been a while since they've last seen each other. Brenda knocks on the door three times.

"Hold on! I'm coming!" says Robin, putting down her laptop. She's spent the last 2 hours planning her schedule for the next week. Doctor's appointment with her gynecologist on Wednesday…don't forget. She opens the door and screams joyfully at Brenda!

The two longtime friends open their arms and scream happily, hugging one another and talking a mile a minute. Robin pulls Brenda over to the sofa and begins chatting her up nonstop.

"Wow, you look so different than the last time I saw you" Robin says playfully. "It's like you've turned into a completely different person."

Brenda laughs cheerfully. "I guess I have turned into a new person. Even I feel like I'm someone else."

Robin stares and Brenda and laughs again. She tells her friend that it's just so good to see her. She's glad she came for a visit, she really needed her now. Brenda implies she's not here just for a visit, but will be here for the indefinite future, careful not to reveal her new job at Titan. Brenda can tell something is bothering Robin and asks her if everything is ok. Robin apologizes for spilling this on her right away, but……..she thinks she's pregnant, and not sure whether she should be happy or not. Brenda hugs Robin and offers to be there in whatever way she needs her to be.
Downstairs in the lobby, Patrick is checking his e-mails on his PDA when he accidentally bumps into Blake Barrington.

"Dude, what where you're going" says Blake.

"Well maybe if you opened your eyes you would see" Patrick stops short when he sees who it is. "Blake? Is that you?"

Blake takes a step back and looks at Patrick. "PattyD! Man it's been forever since I last saw you."

Blake extends his hand for a handshake and hug. Patrick follows suit and seems happy to see his old friend. Through their conversation, it's revealed that Patrick & Blake attended college together and were in the same fraternity.
Back at Wyndemere, Helena has just entered the room with Sam.

"Get out of here Helena" Sam scoffs. "I don't need this right now."

"What you need is to remember why you're here. I didn't spend all of those months crafting the perfect plan only so you could be distracted by some stupid agenda you have against Jason & Elizabeth." Helena walks over to Sam and grabs her to get her attention.

"It's always about what you want isn't it? Well what if I don't want to do what you want anymore?" Sam turns and walks away."I'm remembering more and more each day. Each day I hate you more for what you've done to me. I am so sick of playing your games Helena. I will NOT do this anymore. I hate you for taking me away from the life I loved. I hate you for –"

Sam is cut off midsentence when Helena takes out a necklace with a crystal on it. "You were sent to do my bidding. Do you remember now Sam?"

"Yes" says Sam in a trance. "I'm here to serve only you Helena."

"That's a good girl" Helena says smiling. "Take this necklace and wear it as a reminder of why you are here. Remember your mission. Remember your goal."

Still in a trance, Sam places the necklace around her neck. She grabs her hair and flips it back. "Yes…my mission."

"What is your mission Samantha. Tell me, what is your goal?"

An evil smile begins to form on Sam's face. "My mission is to get Lucky to fall in love with me…then kill him."

Helena laughs evilly before asking Sam one more question. "And should anyone interfere with your plans?"

Sam turns to the camera and crosses her arms. "Kill them."

Helena sends Sam out of the room. After she's sure she's gone, Helena puts the accompanying crystal back into her pocket.

"Luke took away my Stavros, my Stefan. Now he will feel the pain of losing his son, the same way I did. And should Jason or Elizabeth get in her way….too bad. Hell hath no fury like a woman under my control."

Helena exits through the passageway she entered as Port Charles comes to an end.
Next…on Port Charles
- Bobbie learns of Alan's heart attack
- Noah misses Bobbie's call
- Tracy is bailed out of jail
- Monica doesn't give Kevin the answer he wants


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I was so happy to see Helena and of course being her Helenic self was a nice treat. However, I was surprised to read so much about SAM. I thought I was reading an In the Light episode but that's another blog/show (just kidding). Good episode!

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  • Members

I'm loving the Helena/Sam storyline.

I am waiting to see just how far you all can take this.

I am soooooo glad Jason told Sonny how he felt...Just hope he sticks with it and Sonny realizes all the mess he needs to clean up on his own at times

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Ryan you actually made me connect with Jason and root for him while he was telling Sonny off.....good job! It's something I haven't done in a very long time.

The Helena/Sam storyline is intreguing. It's classic GH/Cassadines all the way!

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Loved Jason finally getting a backbone and telling Sonny off. He really needed to stand on his own, and it was great.

The Robin and Brenda scene made me laugh....what were you trying to say, Brenda looks familiar? Like Kelly Cramer? ;)

The Helena/Sam scenes are good, too. Makes me yearn for some Livvie Locke!

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