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July 20, 2007: JAW-DROPPING TWIST!!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-Kate sits alone in her suite, looking at old pictures of Austin. She sips champagne as she cries over her lost child and the huge mistakes she made. She thinks to herself that Austin still turned out to be a splendid man, despite everything she did to control his life. And now.....he’s dead and she will never have the chance to tell him how sorry she is for everything that she did....

And how proud she truly is of him. Kate sits on her bed and presses the picture of Austin against her face as she sobs uncontrollably........alone.

-Meanwhile, downstairs in the bar at the Salem Inn, Nicole sits in a corner seat and goes through her third martini as she consoles herself. All she can do is mull over Eric and Austin’s last words to her. Nicole begins to think that she is the way she is and that nothing will change her. All she cares about is herself and, if anyone gets in her way.......family, friends, even the man she loved.......they do so at their own risk.

Nicole then looks up at the door and sees Kate walk into the bar. Nicole stares coldly at Kate as Kate slowly turns around and spots Nicole sitting in a corner by herself. Kate slowly walks over and places a martini that she just ordered on the table. Kate then leans in and, with tears still streaming down her face, quietly tells Nicole that they are exactly where they should be and have no one to blame but themselves. Only this time.....

Two of their dearest loved ones paid for their selfishness.....with their lives. Kate then slowly stands back up and walks off, leaving a sad Nicole to admit to her self....

Nicole: We sure did, I guess. We sure did.

A distraught Nicole takes the martini and sips on it quietly.

-At the hospital, Roman sits in Marlena’s room, holding her hand. Caroline quietly walks in and tries to convince him that he has been there since they all came home. He needs his rest just like Marlena needs hers. Roman tells Caroline that he just wants to make sure that his lady is back before he tells her the news about Eric. Roman is scared that it may make her revert back into her Samantha personality. Caroline tells him that she has him and she has her own strength to get her through. It’s what got Caroline through when she thought that Roman was dead all those years ago.

Roman sees what Caroline is saying and Caroline volunteers to sit with Marlena so Roman can go home and get some sleep. Roman tells her that he doesn’t know how he can close his eyes and not see his dead son but he guesses he’ll give it a try. Caroline gives Roman a hug only a mother can and Roman looks at Marlena once more before kissing her on the forehead and walking out of her room.

Caroline sits down next to an unconscious Marlena and hopes that this may be the end of all of their tragedy.

Outside Marlena's room, Sami’s look of shock and horror has made Orpheus panic and he starts to run for the elevators. Sami starts to sprint after him but Orpheus reaches the elevators and jumps into a elevator as the door starts to close. He then smiles evilly and blows a kiss at Sami at the door shuts right in front of her.

Sami bangs on the door, causing a small scene, as Will comes running around the corner towards her. When he reaches her, her tries to calm her down and have her tell him what’s wrong. Sami calms herself long enough to tell Will that she just saw Orpheus get on one of these elevators. Will is shocked, saying that he truly has a death wish after everything he’s done. Sami tells Will to not waste one second and for him to go find Lucas and Roman and tell them that she just saw Orpheus and that she is taking off after him.

Will asks her what does she think she can do to him. Sami tells him she hopes she can get close enough to snap his neck for what he has done. Then she demands that Will take off and, after he runs down the hall, a very determined Sami turns and jumps into an open elevator as the door closes in front of her.

Will rounds the corner and sees both Roman and Lucas resting on some couches in the waiting area. They both jump up and want to know what has Will all fired up. Will tells them that Sami saw Orpheus and took off after him. Lucas looks at Roman as pure hatred comes across Roman’s face. Roman pulls his gun out and then radios in for back-up as Belle walks into the waiting area and asks what’s wrong. Roman tells Will to stay with Belle as he takes off after Orpheus, with Lucas in tow. Both men sprint down the hallway as Belle and Will look on. Belle rests her head on Will’s chest as he hopes that his family will finally stop Orpheus......

Once and for all.

-At the police station, Bo and Hope get word that Roman called in for backup. An officer tells them it had something to do with Orpheus. Abe tells them both to go, along with Shane, as Maggie and Chelsea are still being booked. He needs to deal with some stuff at the station and will be along when he can. Victor insists they take Nico to help. Victor tells Nico to check in with word. Bo says whatever and rushes Hope and Nico along with him. Alice, Julie, and Kim wish they luck. Kim begs Shane to be careful. He promises he will and races off after Bo. Hope, and Nico.

-Will and Belle walk into another waiting area and find Carrie sitting there talking to Evan. They stand at the door as she tells Evan how sorry she is that he will never know his father. Austin was such a good man and she hopes that Evan will not hate her for being the cause of his death. Belle wipes the tears from her eyes as she and Will walk into the room and sit on either side of Carrie. Will begins to tell Carrie about Orpheus but Belle shakes her head no. She feels that Carrie is dealing with enough right now and doesn’t need the added burden. They just sit and comfort Carrie as she rocks Evan to sleep.

-Sami pulls a gun from her purse as she heads down in the elevator but then she starts coughing. She clutches her throat and can’t seem to breath. She staggers over to the elevator controls and starts pushing the emergency button but the elevator continues it downward descent. Sami looks up as the floors roll by and she continues to try and activate the emergency release so she can get out of there.

-When the elevator reaches the garage level, the door opens up to reveal an unconscious Sami lying on the floor as Orpheus walks into the elevator and stands over her. He looks grimly at her as he orders some of his men to take her away. Two men pick Sami up and walk over to a black van and place her inside. Orpheus looks around and then goes to take his seat inside the van. Just as he instructs his man to drive off, Roman and Lucas, who are now joined by Nico, Bo, and Hope, reach the garage area. Orpheus looks into the rear view mirror and smiles as the van takes off into the night.

Roman, Shane, Bo and Lucas jump into a waiting squad car as Hope and Nico jump into one of Victor’s private cars and they all take off after Orpheus. The chase is dangerous through the city streets of Salem as the three vehicles drive at speeds of up to 90 mph. As the van turns a corner, it barely misses hitting a parked car. While it slows down a bit, this gives Hope a chance to pull out her gun, point it out the window, and fire several shots at the speeding van. Nico looks at Hope and is very impressed, to which Hope looks back at Nico and smiles.

In the other car, Bo takes his wife’s lead and draws his gun as well, firing several more shots at the van. Orpheus orders his men to return fire and now there is a shootout on the dimly lit streets of Salem. The van turns off and Roman seems to have lost it for a brief moment until he spots it fly around the corner. He picks up the chase again as Hope and Nico follow closely behind.

The chase finally ends up in front of the Chancellor Building. The van is sitting quietly as both cars pull up and slam on the breaks. Lucas and Shane jump out, followed by Bo and Roman. Hope and Nico jump out and run up to the group as they all look around for Orpheus. Guns drawn, the group splits up and goes around searching the outside of the building. When Lucas walks up to the almost completely glass structure, he tries the door, but it is locked. He looks inside and begins to turn around but something catches his eye. He focuses in on a person standing in the middle of the hallway.

To his utter fear and shock......it is his beloved Sami, who is crying uncontrollably. Lucas tries the door and calls out to the others that he has found Sami. They all race around the building to see Sami standing completely still inside the glass building. Bo, Shane, and Roman look around and find a small bench . They both grab it and pick it up, getting ready to throw it through the window. But, just as they sling the bench backwards, a voice from over a loud speaker interrupts them, telling them that.....

Orpheus: I wouldn’t do that if I were you two. I don’t think you have the insurance to pay Katherine Chancellor for any new doors, do you?

The group turns and look around frantically and then Roman spots another black van sitting on the opposite side of the street. He then sees Orpheus get out of the van, slowly walk around the front of it....

And show the group a sight that makes their blood run arctic cold.

Orpheus holds in his hand the detonator to an explosive device. He stands near the driver side of the van as he instructs the group......

Orpheus: Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Time to play Orpheus Says. Orpheus says........GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THE BUILDING!!

The group look at each other and then silently walk slowly away from the building. Lucas walks backwards, looking at Sami and mouthing to her that she will be alright. A distraught Sami clutches her fist and shakes her head slowly. Lucas does not take is eyes off of her as the group make it back to their cars.

Then, Orpheus speaks, saying....

Orpheus: Good. Good. Nice to see that you all listen. Apparently my show aboard the ship wasn’t enough. Time for you to learn another lesson.

Roman: (Yelling across the street) Really? And what is that?

Orpheus: To remember just how dangerous I really am.

The events then happen in slow motion. Orpheus smiles evilly and looks towards the building. The group look at him and then tragically realize that Orpheus has wired the entire building to explode. Lucas turns and looks at Sami and then starts to run with all of his strength and speed towards the building. Bo sees Lucas take off and follows after him, along with Shane. Roman turns and looks at Orpheus and runs towards him, while Hope aims her gun and fires at Orpheus.

The van door opens up and Orpheus jumps inside. Lucas looks inside the building to see Sami mouth three simple words to him.......

I Love You.

As Orpheus dodges Hope’s shot, he looks dead at Roman as Roman leaps towards the van......

And Orpheus pushes the button on the detonator.

A red button on 1,000 pounds of explosives detonates as one as the glass building explodes, sending Lucas, Shane and Bo flying backwards. The force of the blast knocks Hope over the back of the car and Roman stands and watches in shock and agony as his precious daughter Samantha is killed in a powerful blast that sends glass and steel everywhere.

Orpheus closes the van door and the van starts up, with Roman reacting on pure instinct. As the van pulls off, Roman grabs hold of the driver side door and jumps on the side of the van, trying to grab the steering wheel and push the van into the river. The driver pulls his gun and bashes Roman again and again until he lets go, almost falling to the street before regaining his balance and running after it. When he realizes that he can’t catch the van, he stops in the middle of the street and slowly turns, with tears flowing down his face.

Roman starts walking back towards the building as Bo and Shane run over and stop Lucas from entering the burning remnants. Nico and Hope run up and try to hold back a hysterically sobbing and almost uncontrollable Lucas. Bo holds him from behind and, with tears coming down his face, tells Lucas that....

Bo: I know! I know what you’re going through! Oh God, Lucas.........I know.

All Lucas can do is bury his face in Bo’s chest as he cries out........


Shane watches as Hope wipes tears away from her face as Nico turns and looks at Roman, who can only stand in the street and watch the remains of the building burn. Roman then flashes back to another tragic moment in his life and now feels that life does go in circles.

First Marlena.........now his darling Samantha.

As Bo holds Lucas and Hope and Nico look on, Roman turns and starts to walk away while Shane calls in for some help. The burning building is in the background as Roman takes out his gun......and drops it on the ground. He then takes out his badge and, without even looking at it.......

Flings it into the Salem River. He slowly walks up the dimly lit street, saying to himself only one thing. With tears streaming down his face, he makes a promise.......

Roman: Orpheus......no matter where you are.......or where you go........I’ll find you. And when I do.....

May Almighty GOD have mercy on your soul!

The scene then pans upward as we see Roman walking into the night by himself as Bo and the others comfort Lucas and the scene slowly fades to black.




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It was hard enough to believe you killed off a person like Eric or even Austin, but SAMI?! I am not even sure how to react LOL

I love it, though. You guys aren't afraid to kill off major characters like that so that's fantastic! And Roman's line at the end was just chilling.

Wonderful, astonishing episode. Can't wait for Monday's!

Keep up this wonderful work, guys! :D

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Killing off Sami!! What a stupid move IMHO(if she's dead dead and out)!!! Sami is a very important character to DAYS and Ali Sweeney is one of DAYS best actresses. I hope Sami isn't really dead. That said, I've really been enjoying SALEM LIVES until now. I was mildy upset with the killing off of Eric & Austin, but this is so shocking and wrong (imho).

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We knew it would be shocking and even upsetting. Just keep on reading. The story is just heating up.

We love Ali too but sometimes the story is too good to pass up. Plus, cast cuts were needed. I just don't think people expected this but it was a can't miss opportunity to set up some big stories. We promise you all won't be disappointed with what is coming :)

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Wow. I really don't know what to say. It's well written as always. But, wow, I have been thinking all day on what to say and am still stunned. Not sure what to really say

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Daring and gutsy. Orpheus has really lost it, going after Roman's family so full throttle after the boat. Two children now dead.

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