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July 19, 2007-WELCOME HOME...OR NOT!!




-Alice and Kim are at Salem airport, waiting for the arrival of their loved ones. Just then, Hope comes running out of the gate. Alice and Kim are overjoyed and Hope embraces them both at the same time. Other family members follow suit and begin to embrace Alice and Kim as well. Kim then sees Shane and wheels over to him, telling him she was so worried when she heard about the ship going down. Shane reminds her it takes more then a sinking ship to take him out. Kim embraces him and says she doesn't know what she would've done if she lost him. Julie and Maggie both embrace Alice. Julie says there is something she should know. Alice says they can all catch up at home. Doug comes over and greets Alice. Alice tells Doug she is glad he is ok. Doug nods before coldly looking at Julie and saying he has to go. Doug walks off as Alice asks what that was about. Julie is silent.

Philip is worried about Victor learning of his involvement with Orpheus since he already questioned him. He is determined to make sure Victor never learns of what he did. Frankie approaches Greta and offers to give her a ride home. She thanks him. Victor comes over and says he knows it's been a difficult time for all so he won't press for her to meet him tonight but asks if she would come over in the morning. They really need to talk. Frankie doesn't understand. Greta tells him it's business. Greta tells Victor that would be fine and tells him to have a good day. Victor smiles as she returns a smile before leaving with Frankie.

Chelsea is worried about Billie. Bo and Hope both promise they will update her as the situation warrants. Kayla comforts Steve over Jack. Steve tells Kayla he is fine and that Jack is fine too. He can feel it. Steve then looks over and sees Chelsea and is reminded of learning that she is his daughter with Hope from Orpheus. Kayla sees that something is upsetting Steve and asks if he is ok. Steve says he is fine...as long as he has her. They kiss.

Meanwhile, Max sees Forrest/Fred with Abby and wonders when the guy will ever leave her alone. Forrest thanks Abby again for keeping her promise to him about not revealing his identity. Abby says it's ok. He saved her life and has been there for her. It's the least she can do. Forrest asks if she has a place to stay with her father missing. Abby explains that she is going to stay with her great-grandma, Alice, who lives with her aunt Julie and uncle Doug. Forrest is glad she is being taken of and asks if she will need any further medical assistance. Abby says she has a physical therapist but had made little progress prior to being kidnapped. She and her doctors fear that she may never recover. Forrest explains he knows many specialists and could make some calls. Abby smiles and says that many specialists were called. Forrest begs her to let him try. It's the least he can do for her kindness toward him. Abby explains he has done more for her, including saving her life. Forrest asks her to let him try to play hero again. She smiles and embraces him, as a concerned Max looks on. Forrest then offers to see her home. Abby says she would like that and they both go to tell Alice he is taking her home while a worried Max says he needs to talk to Chelsea.

Roman tells Caroline he is going to get Marlena to the hospital so Barbara can examine her. Caroline says she will come too. Sami, Lucas, Belle, and Will also wish to come. Carrie asks to come as well. She just doesn't think she can go home right now. Sami takes her hand and says she understands and promises they will get through this. Carrie then sees Nicole staring at her nearby. Carrie holds Evan close as Nicole turns away and leaves. The EMT's wheel Marlena's gurney away as Roman and the others follow. Meanwhile, Kate stands alone nearby. She looks at a picture of Austin and wipes the tears from her eyes before walking off. Cal watches Marlena being wheeled away with her family and seems upset. Katherine comes over and asks if he is ready to go. Cal nods and says he is. He has alot to deal with anyway. They leave.

Abe approaches Lexie and asks her where she is going to be staying. Lexie says she just called for a room at the Salem Inn. Stefano comes over and begs Lexie to come with him. Lexie tells Stefano she wants nothing more to do with him and tells Abe she doesn't want to be around him or her mother. She adds that she would like to see Theo but needs to be alone right now. She tells Abe she will call in the morning and he can bring him to her at the Salem Inn. Abe agrees. Lexie walks off. Abe asks Stefano what is going on with Lexie. Stefano smiles and suggests that Abe and Celeste examine their own behavior and perhaps they will figure it out. Stefano then leaves as Abe wonders what he is talking about.

Celeste tells Abe they need to go get Theo. It's been so long since he has seen them. Abe agrees but adds that he is worried about Lexie. Celeste is too and also tells Abe that they need to discuss what happened on the ship. Abe tells Celeste to drop that. It's over and done with. He then tells her to come on so they can get Theo and walks off. While alone, Celeste fears that it's not over and done with and that it's only just beginning.

Anna sees Carrie leave with Marlena and the others. Tony tells Anna that she can't be afraid to comfort her own daughter. Anna says it's been so many years that she just doesn't know what to do and say. Tony tells her to just relax and be herself. That is all she can do. She loves Carrie and she just has to show that to her. Anna smiles. Tony suggests they get a room at the Salem Inn and get some dinner. Anna says she is fine with dinner but would like separate rooms. Tony seems a bit put off and reluctantly agrees, not wanting to force the issue. Tony asks Cassie if she would like to join them. Cassie says she is going home with grandfather. Tony nods and says he will call her later. Tony and Anna leave as Stefano joins Cassie. Cassie asks Stefano if he is ready to go home. Stefano says he is and asks for the pleasure of his lovely granddaughter to join him for dinner. She smiles and agrees as they leave.

Max approaches Chelsea and fills her in on what he just saw from Forrest/Fred and Abby. Max admits that he is scared for Abby as she is getting in real deep. Chelsea says she feels the same, especially with her so vulnerable. Max tells Chelsea that Abby hasn't even spoken with him once since she was found on the ship. She is too sucked in to "Fred" and whatever his issues are. Chelsea says she can't do this anymore, recalling her promise to Abby to follow Forrest's wishes, and tells Max that there is no "Fred Allen" and admits that man is the presumed dead Forrest Alamain, Lawrence Alamain's brother. Max explains that Forrest is dead but Chelsea counters with the fact that he told her he was Forrest. She begs Max not to tell anyone as Abby's life could be in danger, as well as many others. Max thinks she is right, especially based on what he knows of the Alamain's and Lawrence.

Just then, several officers show up. Bo and Shane ask what is going on. One of the officers says they have a warrant to arrest Maggie Horton and Chelsea Brady. Everyone is stunned. The officer asks Bo if he knows the women and tells him to point them out. Bo asks what the meaning of this is. Another officer explains that someone called in a tip and left evidence that proves Chelsea is the one that killed the two men that raped her and that Maggie set fire to Chez Rouge, who own restaurant. A third officer explains that a gun with Chelsea's fingerprints was sent to the station, missing the exact number of bullets that were used in the murder, and a video tape of Maggie confessing to Julie Williams about her role in the fire was sent in as well. The officer warns Julie charges could be pending against her and Victor Kiriakis as well.

The officers insist Bo point them out and apologize for putting him in this spot. Bo realizes he has no choice and points them out. Maggie and Chelsea are cuffed and dragged away. Victor promises Maggie he will help her fight this. Bo and Hope promise Chelsea the same. Kim calls Frankie and tells him they need him at the station. Steve watches Chelsea dragged off and can't believe this is happening to his daughter. Kayla asks what he just said but Steve says he can't believe this is happening to them so soon after returning. Max is upset as Chelsea is the one person who could help him with Forrest. Hope asks Bo who he thinks sent the evidence. Bo says it could only be two people...Stefano or Orpheus.

Julie fills Alice in on what is happening and asks her if she is ashamed. Alice explains she will not judge her or Maggie but thinks they have to make amends and make up for their wrongful actions. Alice tells Julie she forgives them and isn't concerned about bad press or anything like that. Family comes first and everyone is human and capable of mistakes. Julie agrees to fix things and embraces her, thanking her for forgiving her and Maggie. She only hopes Doug will do the same. Victor thinks they all have to get to the station to handle this. Bo says it could be awhile as both Maggie and Chelsea need to be processed but they need to get down there to see how bad this is. Hope agrees and says they should get down there ASAP. Bo and Hope then lead everyone off.

-At the hospital, Barbara tells Roman that Marlena is still sedated and does need her rest. She will do a full examination in the morning. Roman thanks her. Barbara leaves. Roman takes Marlena's hand and prays that she has really returned to him. The family needs her and so does he as he can't deal with all this without her.

Outside Marlena's room, Caroline returns and tells Lucas, Sami, Belle, and Will that Carrie wanted time alone with Evan so she took them to a waiting room. She is still not doing too good. Sami thinks that is to be expected with the circumstances. Caroline offers to go get everyone coffee. Belle says she will come along to help. As they leave, Sami wonders if she should check on Carrie. Lucas tells her to relax. He will go just in case her dad needs her nearby for something. Sami thanks him and kisses him as he leaves. Just as Sami is about to say something to Will, a surgeon walking nearby catches her eye. She stares at his face and wonders where she has seen his face. The surgeon mask lowers a bit as he turns toward Sami. The two of them lock eyes. Sami can now get a better glimpse of the man and is shocked by what she sees.

Sami: Oh my...no...it can't be.

Will asks if Sami is ok. Sami doesn't answer and looks at the man again. The man's eyes seem to turn to ones of worry.

Sami: Oh my...ORPHEUS?!

The scene then freezes on a split-screen of Sami and a disguised Orpheus and then fades to black.




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