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July 18, 2007-COMING HOME!!!




It is a new day and the cruise ship survivors (with the exception of the still missing Jack and Billie) are now at a airport as Victor is awaiting word on a favor he has called in to help them all get home to Salem...

-Victor’s cell phone rings. He answers it and, after a brief pause, breaths a sigh of relief. He smiles, as Maggie looks on, and he says into the phone....

Victor: It’s good to hear your voice once again.

Bobby Ewing (Salem Lives Guest Star Patrick Duffy): I’m just glad that most of you all made it off that ship alive. Question though, Victor.

Victor: Go ahead.

Bobby: How did Orpheus get a cruise ship into the middle of Illinois?

Victor: (After a brief pause) Don’t ask. Did you inform J.R. of what is going on?

Bobby: Yeah. We’re trying to take care of some things here before we head to Salem. Someone has been trying a hostile takeover of Ewing Oil and the person is using Westar Oil as a front company.

Victor: Stefano, you think?

Bobby: Either him or your boy, Orpheus. After what you told me before you all disappeared, this man sounds very, very dangerous.

Victor: He is. But he has made several mistakes. One of which was to screw with my family.

Bobby: Well, you can have Orpheus......for now. My brother and I have a score to settle with Stefano. After what that bastard did to our daddy.....

Victor: There is that famous Ewing temper of yours, again. Patience, my friend. Together, we’ll get to the bottom of all of this.

Bobby: Exactly. Victor. I’m sending the Ewing Jet to pick you all up and take you all back to Salem. J.R. and I will follow in due time, as soon as we get this takeover bid under control.

Victor: Will do. Take care of yourself and your family, my friend. We’ll talk soon.

Bobby: Yes we will. Take care.

Bobby and Victor hang up the phone as Maggie asks Victor if that was THE Bobby Ewing. Victor confirms that it was indeed. Maggie tells Victor that he wasn’t lying one bit when he said he had very powerful friends. Victor looks at Maggie and tells her that the Ewing Brothers are just the tip of the iceberg. He’s about to call in some very serious markers and there are some people who are going to pay.........

And in the only fashion he knows how. A very determined Victor looks over at Stefano and walks off as Maggie stares at both men with fear and dread in her heart.

Maggie then looks over at Julie, who watching Doug from a distance. Nico stops Maggie and tells her that Julie is not in the best state of mine. Maggie nods, saying she knows. Maggie approaches Julie, telling her that it's all going to be ok. Doug loves her and he will understand. Julie turns around and says she doesn't think he will. They both really screwed up and Julie admits Maggie was right all along. They should've told the truth. Maggie says it's no time for regrets. They just need to try to make amends and hope for the best. Julie and Maggie embrace as Doug watches from nearby.

Meanwhile, Victor, who is informing everyone that the Ewing jet is on its way, sees Philip and approaches him. Victor asks how he is doing. Philip says the best that can be expected. He is just grateful that he is ok. Victor thanks him for that but tells Philip there is something on his mind that is bothering him. He asks Philip what happened to him after he collapsed and woke up in the cruise ship boiler room. Victor knows he was drugged but does not know what happened to Philip and recalls that Philip did not appear drugged. Philip insists he was and that he passed out shortly after. A few hours later, he received a phone call telling him that his father was behind held against his will and he was directed to go to the cruise ship alone.

Victor nods and then asks how Philip knew he was in the boiler room when he came to rescue him. Philip says he simply overheard some guards talking about a prisoner. Victor recalls Greta finding out much the same way. Philip asks if there is a problem. Victor smiles and says it's nothing to concern himself with. It's something he can handle. Victor then walks off as a panicked Philip looks on.

Frankie asks Greta how she is holding up. She says she is fine, given all that has happened. Frankie asks if something went down between her and Victor as she has been a little off since they found them. Greta says she is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Abe tells Celeste he is worried about Lexie. She was so angry with Stefano and he thought they finally had her back. Now, she is distant and seems angry with him. Celeste says she noticed that and thinks she is also angry at her. Abe notes that he has approached Lexie about what may be going on but she just walks off. Celeste says they will just have to wait for her to open up...hopefully sooner, rather then later.

Tony is with Anna. Anna looks at Carrie and tells Tony she wants to comfort her but she doesn't know what to do and say. Tony tells her to just do what comes natural and to speak from the heart. Tony goes over to talk to Lexie. Anna is about to go over to Carrie when Sami, Lucas, Will, and Belle walk over to her, asking her if she and Evan are ok. Anna loses the nerve and walks off. Tony asks Lexie if she is ok. Lexie tells Tony she thinks he may be the only one who understands what she is going through. She embraces him. Tony asks her what is going on with her. Lexie says that now isn't the time. She will tell him when they get home.

Carrie tells Sami, Lucas, Will, and Belle that Evan is fine for being through so much. Belle tells her that Marlena has been checked out and is exhausted mentally. She has been sedated. Carrie nods. Sami promises Carrie that she has people there for her to help and it will get better. Carrie thanks her but doubts it will ever get better. She then sees Nicole glaring at her. Sami turns and gives Nicole a cold look. Nicole turns away. Sami tells Carrie not to worry about Nicole. She is no longer a threat.

Kate walks by a silent and stoic Nicole. The two exchange cold glances as Kate tells Nicole no one is going to feel bad for her. Nicole says the same to Kate and reminds Kate they have something in common. They both helped set off a chain of events that got someone they love killed. Kate's eyes fill with tears as she walks off. Nicole fights back tears and then says that the truth hurts.

Hope asks Chelsea how she is doing. Chelsea whispers to Hope that she knows Billie isn't her real mom but she does care about her and hopes she is alright. Hope knows. She tells Chelsea to be careful as now is not the time for the truth to come out. Chelsea nods as Kate comes over, telling Chelsea it will all be ok. Billie will come home safe as she is a very strong person. Kate tells her they just need to be there for each other.

Max watches Forrest/Fred continue to comfort Abby. Frankie asks if Max is ok. Max nods but says he isn't sure Abby is. Frankie asks about Fred. Max says he doesn't know much other then Chelsea is suspicious of him too. Max admits to Frankie he has a bad feeling about Fred.

Roman sits by Marlena, who is laying on a gurney. Caroline comes over, asking how she is doing. Roman says she is still sedated. She is so exhausted mentally and that is why she was in and out of consciousness before they sedated her so she could rest. Caroline just hopes the "real" Marlena is back. They all need her more then ever. Roman agrees. They embrace as Cal watches nearby, seemingly upset over what he is seeing. Katherine puts her hand over his eyes and tells him to guess who. Cal takes her hands down and says he doesn't feel like joking around. Katherine asks if everything is ok. Cal answers that it's just been a rough few days and he has alot to digest. Katherine understands and says she is there to help and tells him to remember that. Cal smiles and says he knows. They are married, afterall. They kiss and then embrace as Cal looks back over at Roman and Caroline.

Steve asks Bo what the chances are that Jack made it. Bo says it's been so long that it doesn't look good. He isn't ready to lose hope yet. Kayla urges Steve not lose hope either, as does Hope. Steve nods, saying he knows his brother. He is still put there and so is Billie. They just need to hang on to that and just wait for updates. Bo says that is the best way to go and they will continue to monitor things in Salem, as well.

Victor then announces that the Ewing jet has arrived. Everyone begins to line up for boarding as a man dressed in a black top hat, a black trench coat, and black jeans watches. The man stands to the side. The camera then pans up to show that the man has a mustache and beard and is also wearing tinted glasses. The man then walks further away from the boarding area and removes his glasses...IT'S ORPHEUS!!!

Orpheus watches everyone board and smiles, saying he has some nasty surprises in store for their homecoming.

Orpheus: It will be a welcome home they never forget!!

Orpheus then puts his tinted glasses back on and walks off as the screen fades to black.



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The beginning made me laugh so hard. I loved it! I am a huge Dallas fan having the Ewing brothers on made me chuckle.

Oh, I do hope that Billie and Jack are ok! I hate this suspense. Great episode allaround, it tied things up yet opened new territory as well.

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