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#67 Monday, July 9




John Silva is requested to supenoa Sharon

Drucilla and Phyllis, upon being busted by Jack, try to come up with a weak attempt to cover up the fact that they are scoping information from them. Jack chatises Phyllis for going as low as teaming up with her ‘common’ enemy to get the goods about their project. Brad, Sharon and Jill, hearing the commotion, come upon the scene and are not at all surprised that they are trying to gather information in order to get the upper hand against them. Sharon, is even more stunned that Dru would even be helping Phyllis to begin with. As everyone is arguing, Neil comes into the athletic club and zooms in on the commotion.

Stopping at Crimson Lights to get coffee and to have a friendly ear, Michael makes his way to the counter where Kevin is working. Kevin tells Michael that he really needs to see Gloria. Waving his hand, Michael tells him that he has far more on his plate than to pay Gloria a visit. Seeing that Michael is obviously stressed, Kevin picks his brain in hopes of finding out what is troubling him. Loosening his tie, Michael tells Kevin that Lauren already issued out divorce papers on him without any warning. Sighing, Kevin starts to slam her, but is immediately cut off by Michael. He tells his brother that despite what she did, he will not hear anyone bad mouth her. Kevin apologizes but tells him that if he wants to have a life with Fen in it, he’ll need to do whatever to get that message across to Lauren.

Jill stops by the Chancellor mansion to drop off a few things, in hopes not to see Katherine. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get her wish when she sees Katherine coming into the living room. When Katherine sees Jill, she immediately tells her about a photograph she found of Philip. Not in the mood to talk, Jill hastily tells Katherine to get to the point. Handing her the photo, she asks if Jill knows anything about it. Quickly looking at it, Jill tells Katherine all she sees is a picture of Philip. Before Katherine can ask any other questions, Jill tells her mother that she came to drop a few things and is leaving. As the door slams, Katherine sits on the couch, still intrigued by the photograph.

At the athletic club, Phyllis and Dru, after getting an earful from Jack and his crew, begin to bicker with one another; accusing each other of getting busted. At this point Nick comes in and stands next to Neil, who hasn’t moved from his spot of watching his wife and her nemesis going at it. After a few minutes, both men walk over to their wives. Drucilla, upon seeing Neil, quickly begins to tell Neil what happened. Phyllis does the same with Nick. Neil and Nick, staring at one another, start to laugh at the fact that their wives got busted by Jack. Both women try to reason why they had to scope out the competition. Neil, still laughing, tells them they should never go into the spy business.

Storm Logan meets up with Brad at his house to discuss the upcoming divorce proceedings. Brad immediately talk about wanting to get as much as possible from Victoria for all that he’s ‘been’ through. Waving his hand, Storm says that he has another matter that needs discussing. When Brad asks what it is, Storm immediately tells him that he’s very well aware that he’s been spending time with Sharon Newman. Brad quickly tries to explain that they are just friends. Shaking his head, Storm tells him that he knows exactly ‘what Sharon is to him’ and that was the initial cause for his marriage falling apart. He tells his client keep away from Sharon until after the divorce is final, or expect it to come back to bite him in the ass.

Across the way, at the Newman Ranch, John Silva is always discussing the ‘dos and don’ts’ to Victoria about the divorce hearing. He asks her if she’s seeing anyone currently. When Victoria raises an eyebrow in curiosity, John says that if she is seeing someone to end it or else have it brought up in the case by Storm. Victoria assures John that she is not seeing anyone. As they are talking, Victoria tells John that although she is not seeing anyone, Brad, however, is not so innocent. John asks who he’s with and is surprised to hear that Sharon, the very woman that caused the rift, is still very much a part of his life. Victoria tells John that she wants Sharon brought front and center in the case. John asks her if she’s sure she wants to have her dragged into the proceedings. Nodding, Victoria tells John that the ‘bitch that stole her husband’ deserves to have the spotlight on her.

At the athletic club, Paul, who has met Lauren, wonders how she’s holding up now that the case of Gloria has ended. Sighing, Lauren tells Paul that she has started divorce proceedings on Michael. Looking at Lauren, he asks if that is the best thing for her to do. Lauren admits that although she loves Michael deeply, she can’t stay married to a man that keeps secrets from her. Paul tells Lauren that she might want to be careful as far as to Finmore; pointing out that Michael will never allow the boy to be out of his life. Tears begin to fall from Lauren’s eyes, and a compassionate and concerned Paul embraces her. It’s at that moment that Maggie, who is walking in, spots the two of them in their embrace.


  • Victoria tells Victor and Nikki that she plans on winning the divorce suit.
  • Sharon receives a subpoena to appear at divorce court.
  • Michael threatens Lauren with a custody battle when she says that is going through with the divorce.


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Ooh! Paul & Lauren! Yay!

Interesting development with that photo of Phillip...wonder where this is going...

Go Victoria! Get the slut! :lol:

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Go Victoria!

I'm really liking the Michael/Lauren storyline Venus. It's my favorite for sure.

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