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#68 Tuesday, July 10




Brad tells Sharon they need to stay away from one another

Upon seeing Paul and Lauren embracing one another, an unsettled Maggie decides to walk in on the scene. When Paul sees her standing there, he immediately smiles and tells her that he’s glad to see her. Maggie, looking at Lauren, questions if everything is okay. Lauren, wiping her eyes, tells Maggie that she just needed a listening ear for a moment. Grabbing her purse, she thanks Paul and quickly walks out. Once alone, Maggie, makes her way to their table. Paul, who follows behind her wonders why she is quiet. Once their waiter arrives with menus and leaves, Maggie wonders if she can ask a question: how close are Paul and Lauren.

At Jabot, Brad and Sharon run into one another in the break room. Smiling, Sharon tells Brad that she had a ‘wonderful time with him’ over the holiday. Brad admits that he always has a wonderful time when they are together. Excited at hearing him say this, Sharon opts to make plans for the two of them to have dinner together. Unfortunately for her, Brad tells her that they will need to step back from one another for a bit. A confused Sharon asks for a reason. Taking her hands, Brad tells her that until the divorce if final, and for the sake of her not being dragged in the middle, they need to be a part. A heartbroken Sharon reluctantly agrees.

At the athletic club, Colleen and Lily are meeting up with a trainer to renew their memberships for the gym. Colleen is happy that Lily is joining again as a support system for her. Lily tells Colleen that she will do anything to be there for her friend. As they are filling out their renewal forms, Lily asks if Adrian apologized for his cutting comments about her bathing suit. Rolling her eyes, Colleen tells her that although he apologized, in his voice, she can tell that he still finds her body image a problem. Lily tells Colleen to shake it off and prepare for a wonderful night of dinner later on.

Lauren stops by Michael’s, giving him the chance to spend the day with Fen. Once inside, Michael tells Lauren that they really should sit down and talk about her wanting a divorce. A firm Lauren tells him that there is nothing to talk about. Michael places a sleeping Fen into the spare nursery and returns to continue their discussion. He tells her that he will not just agree to a divorce without the two of them at least sitting down to talk. Lauren blasts Michael, asking him if he wanted to take the time to talk to her when he was going behind her back covering up crimes and lies for his family. A heated Michael tells her that the matter with Gloria was different and that it was something that he had to do. Tossing her hair a little, Lauren tells Michael that divorcing him is something that she ‘needs’ to do. When she turns to walk away, an angry Michael grabs her arm and threatens to fight for custody of Fen if she goes through with the divorce.

At dinner at the athletic club, Daniel and Lily are talking softly to one another, while across from them, Adrian is asking Colleen how her day has been. Colleen tells him that she had a busy day, however, was glad to make arrangements to get back into a workout routine at the club. When the waiter comes to take their orders, everyone, except Colleen orders a full meal. When it is her time to order, she opts to have a grilled chicken dish, with a side salad. Lily smiles at her friend, proud that she is taking the first steps of slimming down. Colleen’s positive mood however, turns sour when Adrian asks what happened to her usual ‘huge’ order of pasta and shrimp. Colleen tells him that she wants to eat a little bit sensibly. Her feelings become hurt when he comments to her that it was about time she ate ‘wisely for a change.’ Both Lily and Daniel watch in silence as Colleen quickly wipes away a tear getting ready to fall.

Victoria is sitting in the master study when both Victor and Nikki come in, laughing together. When they see their daughter, both sit across from her, full of questions about John Silva’s visit to the house. Victoria tells them that he instructed her not to involve herself in any type of romantic relationship. Victor agrees, pointing out that if Brad’s ‘hotshot LA lawyer’ has any ammunition to use against her, he will. Nikki chimes in her two cents that Brad will do whatever to insinuate that they had something to do with the dissolve of their marriage. Victoria smiles and tells her parents that she is determined to beat Brad at his own game. A curious Victor asks his daughter what she has planned; Victoria merely smirks saying he’ll find out soon enough.

Sharon, who was winding down her day at Jabot, is preparing to leave when she gets a knock on her door. When she opens it, a gentleman is standing at the other end. He immediately asks if she’s Sharon Newman. When she says that she is, and asks why he wants to know, he quickly shoves an envelope in her hands and tells her to have a nice day. Closing her eyes, Sharon is nervous as to what she has been given. Opening the envelope, she is stunned to see that she has been subpoenaed to appear at Brad’s and Victoria’s divorce case. Snatching her purse, a furious Sharon makes her way to the one person that set ball in motion.


SHARON: You had me subpoenaed ? Are you serious?

VICTORIA: Are you or are you not the home-wrecking bitch that slept with my husband. Because if you are,

then that’s why you’re being summoned.

ADRIAN: How many times do I have to tell you that I am sorry for the way I acted at dinner tonight?

COLLEEN: You can say it for as many times as you like, Adrian. It still doesn’t change the fact that you said some

very hurtful things to me.

LILY (to Daniel): Adrian was such a jerk for the comments he made to Colleen. How can anyone say things like

that to someone they love?

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