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#66 Friday, July 6




Katherine comes across something from Phillip's past.

Phyllis is checking her watch, impatiently waiting for Drucilla to meet her at the athletic club. Peeking around the corner, she sees that Jack and Jill were conducting a meeting with Brad and Sharon. The minute she spotted them, she knew that it had to be about their new cosmetic line, Genesis. Sighing heavily, she shakes her head, fearing that Dru would trip her up in trying to get some information about their project. When Drucilla finally arrives, Phyllis barks that she’s late. Dru tells her to pipe down and for them to get started in getting what information they can. The two women make their way around to a location where they are able to hear the group’s conversation.

Across the way, Jill and Brad are discussing some of the layout of how Sharon’s photo shoots should go. As they are talking, Sharon asks Jack if he had a good 4th of July. Jack, trying to make peace with the woman who betrayed him, tells her he did. At a silent moment between them, Jack thinks he hears Phyllis bickering with someone at a distance. Shaking it off, Jack asks Brad if he has some of the different designs for their cosmetic line logo. Brad tells them that the representative that he is meeting with will get back to him within two days. Jack, still sensing that Phyllis is there, excuses himself to check things out.

At Indigo, Neil is going over an order when Olivia stops in. Smiling at his sister-in-law, he asks her how she’s settling in. She tells him that all is fine and she can’t wait to see some more of her friends. Neil asks if she has decided if she wants to be in Genoa City for good. Nodding her head, she tells him that Genoa City has always been her home and that she feels that it is time to return to what she knows. She also admits that while she was doing medicine out of the country, she just kept feeling that her family needed her, therefore, she decided to come back. Hugging her, Neil tells Liv that the family are more than glad to see her again.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine, upon requesting Esther to bring down some boxes from the attic, is sifting through the mementos. Cane comes from the kitchen with a pitcher of lemonade. As he sits beside her, he asks her what she hopes to find. Shrugging a little, she tells her that she just felt like looking through of Philip’s things that she’s kept. Rubbing his forehead, Cane points out that he hopes she’s not doing this as a way to find some sort of way to make amends with Jill. Katherine notices an envelope and pulls it out of the box. When she opens it, she discovers a picture of what looks to be a woman standing next to him. Taking the picture from her, Cane tells her that something is familiar about the female, however, due to the slight blurriness, can’t truly make it out. Katherine takes the photo and stares at it, curious to know who it could be.

Victor and Nikki are checking out the stables of the Newman ranch, when Nikki notices that things haven’t been kept in order for a few days. Shaking his head, Victor thinks that it might be beneficial if they hire on a new ranch hand. Nikki tells Victor that it might be a good idea and wonders if he has anyone in mind. Victor says that he will put out a request in the paper and conduct interviews of those who are interested. Looking around a bit, Nikki moves closer to Victor and asks him if he would like to take advantage of the privacy they have in the stables. Victor smirks a little and plants a kiss on his wife.

Back at the athletic club, Phyllis and Dru are bickering at one another, while trying to attempt to get some dirt about Genesis. The two argue off and on, not realizing that someone has come up behind them. Both women stop talking when they hear a familiar voice asking them what they think they are up to. Turning around, both Phyllis and Dru are looking up at a curious, but slightly ‘amused’ Jack.


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