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#65 Thursday, July 5




Lauren slaps Michael with divorce papers

Victor is reading in his study when he hears a rap on his door. Miguel comes in and asks if he can talk to Victor for a moment. Putting his book down, Victor asks Miguel to tell him what’s on his mind. Rubbing his hands together, the loyal servant and family confidant asks Victor if he can have a some time off of work. Sensing that something may be troubling him, Victor asks if everything is okay. Miguel admits that after seeing so many folks at the ranch enjoying the festivities, he began missing his family and friends. Nodding his head, Victor tells Miguel that he can take as much time off as he needs.

At the Genoa City state prison, Kevin is awaiting to be allowed to visit Gloria. When the guard leads him to the patrician to talk to her, Kevin notices how fatigued looks. Once the guard leaves, Kevin asks Gloria if she’s getting enough sleep. Gloria admits that being in jail un-nerves her. Kevin tells her that he misses and loves her. She tells him she feels the same and asks him about Michael. Kevin admits that Michael has been having some unsettling news since the case closed. When Gloria asks what has happened, Kevin informs her that Lauren had divorce papers drawn up.

A unshaven Michael glares at the petition for divorce; still flustered that Lauren wasted no time in serving him with them. As he stands outside of Fenmore’s he wonders if he truly wants to get in to it with her at her place of business. Taking in a deep breath, Michael opens the door and walks in. He notices that Lauren is finishing up with a customer and once they are gone, he approaches his wife. Holding up the papers, he whispers that he wants to talk to her; now. Not wanting to create a scene, Lauren and Michael go into the back office. Lauren tells Michael that she held true to her word that once the case was over, so was their marriage. Rolling his eyes, Michael tells Lauren that she didn’t even have the decency to let him know. Lauren snaps that he now should know how she felt when he ‘forgot’ to tell her about his involvement in his mother’s schemes against the Abbott family.

Nikki, Phyllis and Drucilla are in deep conversation at Newman Enterprises, dishing about some of the concepts that Ji Min has put into place for Chaos. Phyllis tells both women that Ji Min was more than pleased when she presented their promotions for the products. Dru tells Nikki that she’s more than ready to ‘represent’ NVPs new baby. As the two are talking, Nikki asks Dru how Neil feels about her dedicating her time to being spokes model. Dru tells her that Neil is actually happy for her. Phyllis, hearing their conversation, tells Dru that Neil will have to soon get used to seeing her less once their line gets into full swing.

At Crimson Lights, Olivia is picking up some pastries and coffee to take back to the Winters home. Looking around, she is in awe at how some things have changed since her return. As she’s awaiting for the cashier to come back with her food, she hears a familiar voice saying her name. When she turns around she is overjoyed to see Brad standing behind her. Giving him a big hug, she asks how he’s doing. Shrugging, he tells her things couldn’t be better. He asks if she is visiting or staying for good. Olivia lets him know that she will be returning back to Memorial Hospital in the next few days. Hugging her, Brad tells her that he’s very happy that she came home.


  • Phyllis and Dru try to get the goods about Jabot’s new line, Genesis
  • Olivia tells Neil she’s staying in Genoa City for good
  • Victor talks to Nikki about hiring a new ranch hand
  • An old photo among Philip’s things intrigues Cane and Katherine


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