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#64 Wednesday, July 4




Victor and Nikki host their annual Newman 4th of July Pool Party

Victor and Nikki are overseeing the final touches to the backyard when Nicholas comes by to see if there is any help needed to kick of their annual Newman pool party. Nikki tells him that things look fine, but she just wants to make sure that her guests are very well satisfied. Victor asks if Nick asked if Sharon is coming by with Noah. Nick tells his father that Noah is already at the house getting his swim gear on, but planned on calling to ask if Sharon would like to come. Victor checks his watch and tells Nikki that he’s going to stop by the Carlton home and see if he can pick up Abby for Noah to play with. Nikki tells Victor to hurry back before all the guests get there. Kissing his wife, he heads out to get Noah’s playmate.

Victoria, who left a few things at Brad’s decides to quickly pick them up before heading to the pool party. When she arrives, Brad curtly tells her to pick up her belongings and leave. Narrowing her eyes, Victoria makes mention of the big shot lawyer he hired on to represent him in the divorce proceedings. Brad scoffs telling her that he wasn’t surprised that she let her father do her lawyer selection either, choosing John Silva to go for the jugular. Before Victoria can comment, Brad’s cell phone rings. When he answers it, he makes it a point to let his soon-to-be ex hear who he’s talking to. Once off the phone, Brad and Victoria begin to argue about Sharon, who he received the call from. The conversation is silenced when Victor appears asking to take Abby to the Newman pool party.

Nick, who goes inside to make his phone call, is pleased when Sharon answers her phone. He asks her if she’s willing to celebrate the July 4th with them at the annual pool party. Sharon tells Nick that as much as she would love to come to celebrate, she already has plans. Nick, curious as to what she has going on, asks what plans she has made. Sharon is hesitant at first, but admits that she has plans with Brad. Not wanting to lecture her, Nick tells her that she should keep in mind that with the upcoming divorce between Victoria and he, she could accidentally get caught in the crossfire. Knowing that Nick is not trying to judge, Sharon thanks him, but lets him know that she knows what she is doing and she will be fine.

As guest mill out back, Lily and Daniel are making their way to the refreshments, while Colleen and Adrian are thanking Nikki for the invite. Colleen tells Adrian she’s going to talk to Lily for a second, and finds her best friend nibbling on watermelon. Daniel, taking cue to leave the two girls to chat, makes his way back over to where Nick is standing. Lily asks Colleen if she has her bathing suit on, to which Colleen nods yes to. Colleen points out that she feels a bit awkward but Lily tells her that Colleen looks fine in it. Smiling, Colleen decides to sit by the pool for a bit. As she’s stepping out of her shorts and top, Adrian, who is watching makes the comment about how tight the swimsuit looks on her body. Not knowing what to do or say, Colleen grabs her clothes and makes her way back into the Newman home.

Back at the Carlton home, Victor tells Abby, who has bonded down the stairs, to wait outside for him for a moment. Once out of earshot, Victor barks at Brad for airing his frustrations within earshot of Abby. Brad tells Victor to take his words and stick it Victoria tells Brad that he better be prepared to lose a lot once they go to court. Sniffing, Brad tells Victoria that he can’t wait to see what she’s got and huffily tells them to leave.

Lily, who is looking for Colleen finds her sitting on the couch in the Newman living room. Realizing that she’s upset, Lily coaxes Colleen to tell her what has her bothered. Wiping tears from her eyes, she tells Lily that Adrian pointed out how tight she looked in her swimming suit. Lily tells Colleen that she looks fine and that nothing is wrong with her being in her bathing suit. Colleen tells her friend that it is not the only time that Adrian has made comments about her body. Lily tells Colleen that Adrian is being a jerk and that if he can’t see what a good thing he has, then it’s his loss. The two girls start to laugh a bit before making their way back to the pool party.

Brad and Sharon both are enjoying a wonderful picnic together by the park. Sharon asks Brad how things are going for him. Brad tells Sharon that all he wants to do is enjoy the day with her; not talk about his latest problems with Victoria or any of the Newman clan. As they are eating, Brad asks Sharon if she would like to see the firework show when it starts. Checking her watch, she tells him that it is set to start in the next few minutes. Gathering their belongings, they make their way to the center of the park where many spectators are awaiting for the fireworks to begin.

At the Genoa City airport, one woman is happy to be returning to place she remembers and loves. As she gathers her belongings from the conveyor belt, she makes her way to a taxi cab. As the cab driver is helping her with her belongings, he asks her if she knows her destination. Sliding into the cab, she tells him where she would like to be dropped off. Flipping open her cell phone, she places a telephone call to Memorial Hospital. As she’s talking, she tells the Human Resources representative that she is all set to meet them the following morning. Once her phone call is complete, she opens her wallet and stares a picture of her loving family. Smiling to herself, Dr. Olivia Winters murmurs that it’s good to be home.


  • Phyllis, Nikki and Dru go over more ideas regarding Chaos
  • Michael confronts Lauren about starting divorce proceeding without his knowledge
  • Miguel request some time off from Newman


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