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NEWS ALERT: The Return of a Winters




Olivia returns to the family and home she remembers most

Tonya Lee Williams will make her return to GC this Wednesday, just in time to help celebrate July 4th with family friends, when she returns as Dr. Olivia Barber Winters.

For the month of July, Olivia will find herself thrown in the middle of an upcoming storyline involving Nick and Phyllis. That storyline will slowly draw in a few of her family members as well, as things progress. Along the way, she will have encounters with some of her old friends, one including Brad Carlton.

Williams is looking forward to working with the cast she knows and loves, and can't wait to see how her involvement in the upcoming storyline will come about.

Viewers and fans can see the return of Olivia this Wednesday.


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YES! The Winter's family has lacked something serious since Tonya departed a few years ago. Excellent news Vee :)

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I am very glad about her return. I wish she would come back to the real show though. She really is needed. I feel like LML is using to much white out in her scripts ;)

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