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#63 Tuesday, July 3




Jill's attitude towards Katherine rides Cane's last nerve

Nikki and Kay start off their day by meeting up at Gina’s for breakfast. Kay notices the glow that Nikki has and wonders what has brought it on. Nikki smiles and tells Katherine that things are getting better for Victor and her. Curious, Katherine asks how so. Nikki tells her that Victor has been truly pampering her and showering her with love and attention. Katherine lets her dear friend know that she is happy for the two of them. Nikki turns the tables and asks her how things are going for Cane and Jill. Shaking her head, Katherine tells her that while she’s growing closer than ever to Cane, Jill, on the other hand is a whole other matter.

At the Genoa City mall, Colleen and Lily are shopping for bathing suits for the upcoming Newman pool party. Colleen taking a glance at herself in the mirror frowns at what she sees. She tells Lily that she wishes that she could curb some of her appetite and shed a few pounds. Scoffing, Lily tells her that she looks beautiful. Things fall quiet and Lily takes the time to apologize to her best friend for the comments that she made to her. Both girls hug and continue on shopping. Lily is going through a rack of petite swimming suits when she overhears one of the sales associates asking Colleen if she wants to see some of their ‘specialty’ swimsuits. Colleen tells the sales associate that she’ll ask for help if she needs any.

At the Carlton home, Brad is thinking of his options of who should represent him in his divorce with Victoria. He was well aware that his dear old ex-father-in-law would do whatever to get Victoria the best; therefore he needs to have the same. Thinking of a moment, he remembers seeing a story about Taylor Forrester’s arrest, recalling the name of the lawyer who represented her during her trial. Stephen “Storm” Forrester. That was the name of her attorney. Grabbing the phone, Brad places a call to see if he can get him as his attorney.

Victor, who is happy that Nikki is away for breakfast with Katherine, sets him mind on helping his daughter win her battle against Brad in the upcoming divorce proceedings. Going into his office, he opens up his Rolex and pulls the telephone number of the one man who has been a constant representation to the Newman family. Once the person he has contacted answers the phone, Victor is thrilled to hear his familiar voice. Victor immediately asks him if he is willing to take on a case; his daughter’s divorce. On the other end, John Silva, having been gone from Genoa City for such a long time tells Victor that he is more than willing to help an old friend.

Cane is at Chancellor Industry gathering up his things to call it an early day when Jill knocks on his door. Smiling, Cane tells his mother to come in. The two begin to talk briefly. Jill asks Cane if he is free to have lunch with her. Cane tells her that he made plans with Katherine, but he’d love it if she’d come join them. Jill’s whole demeanor changes and she tells him that she’ll be glad if Cane would for once spent time with her instead of always wanting her to be with Katherine. Cane tells Jill he is growing tired of her attitude towards him in regards to his relationship with his grandmother. A hurt Jill tells Cane that she can’t forgive Katherine for what she’s done.


  • The Winters family welcomes home Olivia Winters
  • The Newman Annual pool party gets under way
  • Adrian’s comments toward Colleen breaks her heart
  • Brad and Sharon spend their 4th of July together


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