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A SHOWDOWN! Sabryn vs Ashely Episode 11




Monday July 2, 2007


Written by: ML Cooks

In Westwood ParkDcp_0319.jpg, Ashley's House.

ashsmall-2.jpgAshley is on the phone talking to her sister Alexis, while at the same time cleaning under neath her nails with a butcher knife.

"Remember I was telling you about that guy I was seeing... Ryan?"




"It turns out that Ryan is not even his real name, and was cheating on me and used me for sex."


"I can't believe that. Are you ok?"


"O yea I'm fine. If I can't have Bryan. I'm going to make sure no one else gets him either."


"You be careful. Maybe you should come here to New York and visit. A little vacation is what you need."


"Soon. Listen I gotta go. Love ya and take care." They hang up and Ashley puts the butcher knife in her purse and leaves her house.image003.jpg


S.G.Fashion Outlet,Pasadenastreet.jpg downtown Pasadena,

nattysm-1.jpgNatalia grabs Marks hand and pulls his body next to hers and slides her tongue in his mouth. Mark's girlfriend, Dahlia walks out of the dressing room and sees Natalia kissing her man.

"Mark what the hell is going on?"

mark_mortimer_5.jpgMark pulls away from Natalia.

"Dahlia, Natalia just started kissing me. She came up to me introduced herself, I put my hand out to shake, and then she just started kissing me."


"You were kissing her too. You only stopped because I said something. It did not look like you was trying to stop her from kissing you."


"Dahlia, trust me it was not like that!"


"Go to hell!" She says as she walks out the store. Mark walks outside and follows her.

Natalia walks over to Ria


"You go girl. You ain't playing no games are you?"


"I get it from you. They say first impressions are everything. I know I made one on Mark. And you know what I'm not done yet." Natalia pulls out her cell phone and makes a call...

S.G. Headquarters dtownpapasena.jpg

The song "Love Don't Live Here No More" By Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans fades on the stereo system.


"So what are you saying, you don't love me no more Sabryn?"


"Are you deaf? Like the song said, you abandoned me, so love don't live here no more!"


"You can't just fall out of love with in one night. Love is not a switch you turn on and off."


"Yes it is. If it was simple enough for you to cheat on me and lie to me about it, then it is simple enough to not love you no more within a matter of hours. You made it very easy Bryan. My love for you is gone, done, canceled! You have betrayed me, lied to me only Lord knows how many times! You had your mouth and other body parts on and in that cheap skank and then have the nerve to do the same thing to me with no regard!..... You dirty Bastard!..... I hate you and I never want to see your face again! So don't look back, get the hell on!"


"I love you Sabryn and that's not going to change."


"You didn't love me enough to not of had an affair behind my back. So their can't be too much love there. Now this conversation is over." She picks up the phone and calls security.


"I am not going anywhere with out you Sabryn. You didn't give me a chance to talk or explain anything!"


"Actions speak louder than words Bryan! You cheated on me! Explain things to your on the side Bitch! Tell her she's no longer the part time lover. Ashley can have you full-time because theirs a vacancy. I quit!"

Bryan is grabbed by two security guards and is dragged out of Sabryn's office.

"No Wait! Sabryn, I love you. Let me talk to you!" Bryan is thrown out the building.

Sabryn sits on her couch and buries her face in her hands and cries her heart out.

Suddenly the door slams shut and Sabryn looks up wiping away tears. It's Ashley.....

High Klass Hair

Kevin sucker punches Dondre in the jaw. Sharan runs up from behind Kevin and pushes him outside.

dondre.jpgDondre( getting a grip on things, rubbing his jaw)

"Yeah, get yo' punk ass outta here before we bang."


"You won't do nothing" He touts back as he goes outside.


"Kevin I can't believe you hit him."


"What you mean? Sharan he is trying to take you from me. I'm not having that. I have to check that before it gets out of hand."


"No Dondre is not. He told me himself he is not attracted to me. And besides even if he has feelings for me other than friendship, he's wasting his time. I love you! Don't you know that? You have my heart, so don't let Dondre work you like that. And baby he can press charges on you for assault."


"Baby, I'm sorry" He says as he holds her."Are you going to be ok?"




"I need to get to work. Just be careful ok?" He tells her as he kisses her. Kevin gets in his Lexus and heads to Ivory Inc. Sharan walks back inside her shop.

"Are you ok Dondre?"


"Yea, I think my jaw is on swoll mode though."

Sharan goes to the break room and fixes an ice pack. She tells Dondre to sit in one of the barber chairs so she can apply the ice pack to his jaw. Dondre sits back and enjoys the pampering from Sharan.

"You went to a lot of trouble for this little breakfast this morning Dre. Especially for someone who claims they don't have a thing for me." Dondre doesn't respond, so Sharan continues,

"Dondre, I'm going to ask you again, and please be honest. Do you have feelings for me other than friendship?"


S.G. Headquarters

Sabryn (standing up off the couch)

"What they hell are you doing here!?"

Ashley(walking towards Sabryn's desk)

"I just wanted to let you know that Bryan may love you, but I love him."


"Ok. Good for you. Did you want a prize or something?"


"You know,I am surprised you run your own company with that smart ass mouth you got."


"I bet you are surprised. I don't imagine you know much of anything. I run a fashion house, this business is not about making friends. So next time don't worry about my mouth or my company."


" oh don't worry I won't. As long as you stay away from my man."


"Clue! Bryan was mine to begin with and now that I know he's a hor, you can have your hor and now he can assist you at those blue light specials at K-Mart. Two hor's deserve each other."

Ashley puts her purse down and walks up in Sabryn's face.

"You know, that sharp tongue of yours is going to get you into trouble, maybe even hurt."

Sabryn(arching an eyebrow)

"I doubt that. Trust me I am not worried. I have not failed or lost at anything thus far and trust,.. the fact will not change. Now you are in my personal space and you need to back the hell up!" She says as she pushes Ashley out of her personal space.


"Don't touch me! Keep your hands off me!" Ashley says pushing Sabryn back.

Sabryn then slaps Ashley across the face.


"Bitch!"Ashley slaps her back....Girl Fight!!


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Just what this show needs!

A wicked catfight! Good job.

I loved imagining Ashley Jones

in real life saying "Smart ass


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