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Dondre's plan blows up in his face Episode10



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: ML Cooks

In one of downtown Pasadena's SkyscrapersApr18_0003.jpg, resides the headquarters, of the fashion house, S.G. by Sabryn Genet.

sgenet.jpgSabryn is in her office which is on the The 4th floor of the building. Sitting in her revolving chair she looks out her floor to ceiling windows that has a nice view of the city. Sabryn is reminiscing of the events that occurred last night at Bryan's. She sheds a slight tear. Her personal assistant, Nick.jpgGilbert walks in and closes the door behind him.

She looks at him and immediately gets up and hugs him as she lets out more tears.


"It's ok sweetie."


"It hurts so bad."


"I know. I know all about it." He says as he holds her tighter.


"Once again I was lied too. I was deceived. I got my heart broken again. WHY!!??

Another man has cheated on me. Bryan played me like a fool. Gilbert he promised me wouldn't hurt me. But yet he did. How could I be so stupid?"


"Well you know what they say, you live and learn."

Sabryn (wiping away her tears)

"Your right and I have learned a lot. TRUST NO ONE! That's for damn sure. The world is full of liars, and cheaters and people wonder why I am so cold hearted. I can't let no one get close to me Gilbert. Never ever again."


"I can understand that but don't become a recluse. Don't end up alone and miserable. I mean protect your heart of course but don't shut your self down."

Their conversation is interrupted by a

"Can we talk?" Sabryn and Gilbert look over by the door way to see its........

In Midtown Pasadenaoldtownpasadena.jpg, at Sharan's High Klass Hair

Dondre finishes setting up the breakfast table for Sharan.

dondre1.jpg"Perfect. Let me go brush my teeth before the sweet lady arrives." He says pulling out his tooth brush and heading to the back.


sharansmall.jpgSharan pulls up in her car, with- Kevin! They both get out the car


"Let me go inside. The intruder might still be inside. Call my dad for me."

Kevin slowly walks in side the beauty shop and is surprised to see the breakfast table.



"I can't believe you got the nerve to show your disgraceful face to my office. If your not talking any business that relates to benefiting my company, I suggest you leave now!"

Gilbert steps out of the room.


"Sabryn please don't do this. I love you!"


"Please my ass! You are so pathetic! Love should have brought your ass to that party last night! You love your self."


"Sabryn I am sorry!"


"You said a mouthful their. Indeed you are. A sorry Bastard!"


"Sabryn, please can we talk civilized?"

Sabryn( Pausing to think about it, then begins to nod her head)

"Yes, we can talk"

Bryan( Surprised)

"We can?"


"Sure can and I have a lot to say, about my feelings for you."

Bryan continues to be stunned.

High Klass Hair

Kevin and Sharan both look at the breakfast table.


"What is going on?"


"Didn't you say Dondre called you and told you that somebody broke in?"




"It don't look like no one broke in."


"You right."


"It looks like Dondre has something up his sleeve."

Just as Kevin says that Dondre walks out from the back and he stop dead in his tracks upon seeing his lady, but she brought Kevin.


"Wasn't expecting me was you Dondre? I guess we know who sent those roses Sharan?"

Back at S.G.


"Well I'm glad you want to talk Sabryn so I can explain things." He says as he is about to sit down.


"No, don't sit. You won't be here that long. You see, I'm going to do the talking. You had a year to talk to me but all you fed me was lies and b.s. and I am not for that no more. It's time you listen to me for once. Loud and clear." She pulls out a remote and presses a button and a big screen TV slides down from the ceiling. She pushes another button and two speakers slide down on each side of the big screen. The song "Love Don't Live Here No More" by Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans begins to play.


"Listen carefully to the song while I call security. Its very simple Bryan. It's over and I mean that."

High Klass Hair


"So Dondre where is this break you called Sharan about? It doesn't look like anything is wrong....Wait.. I take that back. Yes it does. It looks like you planned to romance my woman for breakfast."


"That's until you showed up."

Sharan and Kevin are both caught off guard with Dondre's bluntness.

Kevin laughs

"It's a good thing I did, and those pink roses , please man don't wast your money no more. They went straight to the trash"He says lying to Dondre.


"Nigga please. I don't do pink and if I did send roses they would be red you dummy."

Kevin begins to get agitated .He walks up in Dondre's face.


"I see the way you be looking at Sharan. Let me help you out playa, lay your eyes elsewhere. Sharan is mine and we love each other. So stop the attempts to take her from me."


"You straight trippin dude! I don't attempt anything. I get what I want and I do what comes natural to me to make it happen. If I want Sharan, which I do, I will simply take her from you."

Kevin sucker punches Dondre in the jaw.

S.G. Fashion Outlet

natty3.jpgNatalia approaches the sexxy man who's girlfriend walks inside the dressing room to try on an out fit.


"How are you sexxy? Oops, I mean I'm Natalia, the manger here, may I help you with something?"

It's nice to met you Natalia, I'm Mark." mark.jpgHe puts his hand out to shake but she pulls his body next to hers and plants a kiss on him just as his girlfriend dahlia2.jpgwalks out the dressing room.


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I just checked out your series and I have to say that I love Sabryn, she was always one of my favorites on Y&R. I think that you have me confused with another Matt because unfortunately I didn't make the logo. I would love to take credit for it but it wasn't me.

I'll keep reading! Can't wait to see what happens between Sabryn and Gilbert.

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