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Secret Lovers Exposed, Episode6



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Episode :6

written by : ML Cooks

Story Consult: Grand Marquee

Inside the 662005s_city_hall_pasadena.jpgPasadena City Jail. Treachery


"You wanna do what?" ...Taken aback with Ty's blunt statement.


"I wanna make love to you. Let you feel me in side of you, let you feel my passion. I want to make you feel they way you need to feel, happy, complete and satisfied."


"You are a bold man Mr. Christopher."


"But you like it though."

Jenn( trying to fight an upcoming blushed filled smile)

"What makes you say that?"


"You're still here aren't you? I mean you came all this way to come and see me. So there must be something you like about me."


"No... I just came to ask you about what happened tonight at your hotel."


"I'll tell you what should have happened, we should have been making love in one of those rooms. Jenn, I can give you everything. I'm rich."

Jenn (Flattered)

"Maybe be someday Tyler." She says as she smiles and leaves the jail.


"Yea, someday soon. Mike is really gonna piss his pants now." he says with a smirk on his face.

Back in Westwood Park, westwoodpark.jpgBryan's House

sgenet.jpgSabryn's loud banging begins to wake Ashley up.

"You better open this damn door! I see you're car here!" Sabryn spits out. Ashley comes out from the bedroom and asks

ashsmall-1.jpg"What's going on baby? Who is that woman banging on the door."

bryansm2.jpgBryan, being caught up thinks ( O my damn. I am about to be exposed. I don't know how to get out of this.) He opens the door and upon seeing Sabryn, she sucker punches him dead in his jaw.

Outside of Kevin and Sharan's House


"Kevin are you OK?"


"I'm fine, just a little startled." Kevin looks around to see if he sees any one or cars.


"It's like that car came out of nowhere."


"It did didn't it. I'm going to call my pops."


"This sure has turned out to be a crazy night." They both get out of the car cautiously .

Kevin pulls out his cell phone, as Sharan in hale her pink Roses.

"Baby I'm going inside to take a shower and put these roses in some water. I don't know who sent them but they are so beautiful." They kiss and she walks inside their house.

Lauren is laying on her bed with a picture of Daniel laying next to her. Lauren continues to wipe the tears from her eyes. Her phone rings.

"Lauren,... it's me Jenn."

"Hey Jenn." Lauren says as she sniffles.

Jenn can sense that her good friend is upset

"Lauren, sounds like you been crying. Are you still upset over Daniel?"


"I'm so hurt Jenn. Daniel has broken my trust time and time again. He has tried to be a good person but Ty has got an evil influence on him. Ty's influence causes Daniel to lie to me and he's strung out on drugs. I am tired of going in circles with him I can't do it more Jenn."

Jenn( Taking in Lauren's negative words of Ty)

"You deserve so much better. You don't need Daniel. You are a great person. I know its going to hurt but in time the pain will go away." Just as she says that. Jenn can hear a loud gunshot on Lauren's end of the phone.


"Lauren, what was that? Are you OK?"


"Sounded like a gun shot."


"Lauren stay there, I'm going to call Mike for you." They hang up and Lauren debates if she should look out the window.


2570193985.jpgAbe pulls up to his son's car.

"Son are you OK?


"Yes pops. I was about to get out of the car when a car out of the clear blue drove up and just rammed my car door off."


"Did you get a look at the car or the license plates?"


"It happened so fast the car was already down the street and made a right."

Abe looks down the street, as Sharan comes out side

"Son, this is has been a strange night. I'm going to have a cruiser sit outside the house tonight. I want you to be careful."


"I will." Abe looks at Sharan

"Sharan, did you happen to get a look at the car or the plates?


"A very brief look. It was an all black car, or a very dark color. The car had no lights, so I could not see the plates. I know the windows were tinted too."


"Interesting. Who ever did this know what they are doing and they don't want to get caught. Has anything else strange happen to you two tonight?"


"No." ( Not thinking of the roses)


"I'm going to drive around and see what I can see." Abe embraces his son, then they hear a gunshot and a car screeching off just as Mike arrives. Abe tells Kevin to walk Sharan inside his house. Abe,.. and Mike now go down the street and makes that right. the sound of the gunshot. They see Daniels car.


Sabryn rushes inside of Bryan's house when she hears the gunshot. Bryan rubs his jaw as Sabryn looks at Ashley. Ashley wearing lingerie, gives Sabryn a nasty look.


"Bryan who in the hell is this?! Your cheating on me?!".......


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