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The Lady in Black shoots her accomplice,Episode5



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Episode 5

Written: by ML Cooks

Sept06water.jpgOut side TC HOTEL

Mike closes the door on his cruiser, with Tyler in the back seat. Mike walks back inside the hotel. Jennifer walks over to him


"What is going on? Why did you arrest Ty?"


"A person fell from the fourth floor, that's all I can really say right now. It's an ongoing investigation. Listen, I'm going to the station to book Tyler. Why don't you go home? It's going to be a late night." He kisses her on the for head and walks back to his cruiser without Jenn saying a word. She gets in her car and drives to the house they share in Westwood Park.

policebadge-1.jpgPolice Chief Abe Williams walk over to Natalia and Sabryn.

"Ladies, I know its getting late and your probably stressed out so please go home and get some rest. Thank you for your statements and we will be in touch." Abe walks away


"Sabryn, can we talk?"


"No!" Sabryn bumps in to Natalia as she walks out of the hotel to find her man Bryan.

Ria walks over to Natalia after seeing Sabryn push Natalia.

"Girl are you ok? Are you going to let her do that to you? What is going on?"


"I'm ok. She was just being a Bitch. Nothing I cannot handle. One day Ria, I swear that bitch will eat her words."


"Ok Natti girl, well you call me in the morning, I got something to tell you." She whispers in her ear " Girl, Dondre beat my nana' up" Natalia begins laughing, as Ria leaves the hotel as well with her fiancee Karim.

2570193985.jpgPolice Chief, Abe Williams stops Daniel as he is trying to leave the hotel.

"Mr. Cosgrove..A word with you please?

Daniel slowly turns around to face the chief.


"I understand you may know about some drug activities going on here?"


"No sir I don't"


"That's funny because you look high and I can smell the stench of marijuana on you."


"I don't know what you're talking about chief."

Abe( giving Daniel a piercing look)

"Is that so? Prove it to me, come down to the police station TONIGHT and take a drug test."

Daniel(getting nervous)

"You just can't order me to take a drug test out of the blue. I did nothing wrong chief. I didn't kill no one."

Abe(intrigued with Daniel's's last statement)

"Kill? Now who said anything about murder.?"


"Look chief I just wanted to let you know I had nothing to do with nothing."


"Come down to the police station for a drug screening tonite and That's an order! You are now a person of interest with what transpired tonight." Abe walks away.

matt2.jpgChris immediately walks up to him

"What's going on Daniel? First someone falls from the fourth floor, then Tyler gets arrested and now you are a person of interest. "


"Damn it I don't know. I don't know what is going on. I lost Lauren, and maybe now my freedom." Daniel pulls out his cell phone as he walks out side of the hotel and into his car.


pasadena2-1.jpgIn Sierra Madre, a small suburb of Pasadena which sits in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, ]The Lady in Black is smoking a weed-1.gif, watching Sharan on a tv screen in her mountain resort.In a moment with drugs, she sees i87255259_86766.gif Her moment is interupted witha phone call on her cell phone.


Its Daniel on the other end.

"I'm out. I can't do this no more. Ty has been arrested and now the police want me to come down to the station to take a drug test, which I'm going to fail and that's going to make me look suspicious in the crime."


"So your telling me your backing out of our deal?"


"I have lost Lauren because of you and Ty and now my freedom might be next. I can't do this no more"


"You can add your life to that list." She hangs up the phone, puts her blunt out and gets in her black mercury marauder and heads back into Pasadena."I hate Men!"

Back at TC hotel.


"I don't know who would of sent the pink roses. This has been one crazy night."


"It sure has. Lets go home. I am very tired and I would like a night cap before we go to sleep baby"She says as she holds him


"That's sounds nice." They walk out the hotel, along with Sharan's pink roses which conceals a secret camera that the Lady in black has set up.

Mike locks the key to Ty's cell, 662005s_city_hall_pasadena.jpginside the city jail.


"I'm going to make sure that you are in here a long time."


"And I'm going to make sure you lose your job after I sue this damn police station."

Mike goes to the hospital to get some info on the body that was pushed from the window.

Jennifer walks into the precinct and walks over to Ty.


"This is a bit of a surprise seeing you down here."


"Is it? I saw Mike arrest you. You didn't have nothing to do with that woman being pushed out the window did you?"

Ty( turning the tables on her)

"Do you think I did?"


"I hope you didn't.'


"I'm a lover, not a fighter.


"Is that right?"


"Let me prove it to you."


"How do you want to prove something like that to me?"


"I want to make love to you!"

Sabryn pulls up to Bryan's house which sits in the Dcp_0319.jpgWest wood Park housing complex. She bangs on the door.

Inside, the loud banging awakes Bryan, who is laying in the bed with another woman. Bryan looks at his watch. He then looks in the peep hole in his door and sees its Sabryn.


"Damn. I was supposed to meet Sabryn at the hotel party. That banging is going to wake up Ashley and I'm going to be caught."

Kevin and Sharan pull up to there house in West wood Park.

The lady in black is down the street still watching their every move.

Kevin opens his door, as the Lady in black puts the pedal to the medal and rams off Kevin's car door and keeps on driving. The Lady in Black makes a right, and she can see Daniels car parked out side of Lauren's house. The Lady in Black parks her car and gets out to creep towards Daniels car.

Inside of Daniels car, Daniel is drinking heavily on a bottle of whiskey. He has a gun laying on the passenger seat. He looks at nightviewofwestwoodpark.jpgLaurens house and begins to sob.

"I messed up again. I lost Lauren and my freedom." He downs some more alcohol, as he drinks, thblackrose.gifthe Lady in Black, wearing a black glove, reaches in the passenger seat window, grabs the gun and shoots Daniel point blank.i72008653_64233_2.gif The lady in black flees the scene leaving gun shot victim Daniel to die........


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