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Lauren slaps the dog Sh!t out of Daniel, Episode4



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Written by: ML Cooks


A puddle of blood surrounds the body of the person that seems to have fallen from the fourth floor of TC Hotel.natty3.jpgNatalia and Sabryn both start screaming out in pure shock.

There screams are heard in side the ball room and the grand opening of TC Hotel has come to a complete stop.

Mike is the first one to run towards the screams out side, drawing his gun.

"Everybody stay back!" Mike commands.


Mike sees the body laying next to Sabryn and Natalia. He immediately tries to calm them both down, at the same time scopping out the scenery to see if he is in any imminent danger.


untitled4.jpgInside the ball room

Ty tries to comprehend what is going on in his mind. A man that never looses his suave cool, regains control of the situation.

"Excuse me everyone! May I have your attention please.!" The guest in the ball room gets quite and listen to,

"I don't know what is going on, But I will get to the bottom of this. Please stay calm and relax. Drinks are on me. Help your self. DJ play the music." Ty walks over to Daniel.

The DJ plays "I'm A Flirt" by R.Kelly, feat T.I.&T-Pain


"What the hell is going on?"


"I have no idea. I was in the bathroom and-" Ty just walks away with out letting Daniel finish. Ty walks outside to see what has happened at his hotel on its opening night.

Lauren walks up to Daniel and before Daniel can even have a chance to explain, Lauren slaps the dog sh!t out of him. So hard is the slap across Daniel's face, saliva from his mouth flies out his mouth and lands on Ria.


"Oh hell to the no! I don't play that!" Ria takes some tissue and wipes her face.

"That's trifflin'! Just nasty! I might have to go get tested now! I don't know what is in that man's mouth or what is coming out!" Karim grabs her firmly.

He whispers in her ear

"Will you shut the hell up, your making things worse!" Ria gives an "are you crazy?" look.

" I will not! I am not part of any drug activities, but yet I get spitted on." Ria begins to take her earrings off along with her shoes.

"I don't want to have to whoop no body's ass up in here tonite!" Karim grabs Ria and drags her away from the scene.



"What is going on out here?" he says as he approaches the trio.


"That is a good question Mr. Christopher. Some one has just fallen from the fourth floor. I'm going to need you to step back inside." Ty stares at the body, who's identity is concealed because a black ski mas is covering the body's face. Ty goes back inside just as Mike's call for back up is being answered.

Ty's first instinct is to go to the fourth floor to see what he can see, and he does just that.

Pasadena's police chief policebadge.jpgAbe Williams, the father of Karim and Kevin, walks over to the body and pulls the ski mask off. It's a woman!


"Mike take the two ladies back inside, get everyone's names and numbers and check out the rooms." Mike, Natalia and Sabryn walk back inside the hotel as Abe's CSI team put the dead woman in a body bag and take her to the morgue for forensics and begin to investigate what has happend.

Mike, Sabryn, Natalia, Kevin, Sharan, Ria, Dondre, and Karim look at the confrontation between Lauren and Daniel.


"Why did you slap me?" He says rubbing his reddened cheek.

Lauren slaps him yet again.

"The second slap is for being a dummy! The first one was because you lied to me yet again Daniel!"


"What the hell are you talking about? Please don't make a scene"


"I asked you to please don't lie! Did you do that? NO! You are standing here before me high. You told me you was done doing drugs! You also said you were done working for that snake Tyler and that everything was legal!"

Upon hearing about the drugs, Mike looks around the room to look for Tyler. He doesn't see him and decides to check out the fourth floor of the hotel.


"Those were all lies!" Tears begin to form in her eyes. She continues." I can't trust you Daniel! With out trust we have nothing! We keep going in circles and I cannot take it no more. My body is tired of hearing all the lies!"

Daniel(trying to interject)

"Please Lauren just hear me out!"


"NO!. I am done listening to you. No more rehab or second and third chances. I am tired of you playing games with my heart! You have proven to me that you don't really love me. You love yourself and your drugs and I don't want to be a part of that! I have stood by you for a long time and enough is enough Daniel. It's over! I don't never want to see your face ever again.!"

Kevin grabs his best friend, and takes her off the scene as Lauren breaks down in tears.

offcerbadge.jpgOfficer Mike Dietz walks into room 420 and sees Tyler looking around


"What do you think you are doing?"

Ty(Keeping his composure)

"Trying to find out that the hell happened at my hotel."

Mike(not believing him)

"Right. I bet you were. You can leave the looking to myself since I am the poilce."


"I understand that MIKE..but I want you to understand that I own this building we are in. Someone has fallen out a window." Mike interjects..

"The person could have been pushed. This is a crime scene and you are tampering with evidence."

Ty (laughing)

"That's absurd. I was not tampering with any thing. I have no reason too. The only thing I would like to tamper with is that beautiful woman of yours, turn this crime scene into a love scene. I would tape the love scene and send that to you for evidence." Ty boldly says with a smirky smile.

Mike is stunned and at the moment, speechless at Ty's blunt approach.

Back down stairs.

Sharan walks over to Sabryn whom is standing by her lonesome close to the bar.


"Are you ok?" Sharan says as she gives her good friend a hug.


"I'm just in shock. I was telling that wench Natalia something and the next thing I knew a body lands right next to me."


"What is the world coming too? Bryan should be here with you, where is he?"


"That's a really good question." Sabryn gets her cell phone from her purse and walks away from Sabryn to call Bryan.


Sharan walks back over to Kevin who is talking with his dad, the police chief.

"How you are doing Chief Williams?"


"Good Sharan. Stay right here I need to ask you a few questions as soon as I interview Karim."

Karim kisses Ria

"I'll be right back." Ria rolls her eyes at him as he walks away with his dad.

Ria looks over at the bar and sees Dondre.

Ria( excusing herself to Kevin and Sharan)

"Tyler said the drinks were free and Lord knows I need one." She says walking over to the bar to meet Dondre.

Back in room 420


"I see you don't pu$$y foot around."


"Life is too short." .


"So is yours sir." he spits back pulling out his handcuffs arresting Ty.

"You are under arrest for tampering with evidence at a crime scene."


"You won't find any proof that I had anything to do with this. Your only arresting me because your insecure when it comes to Jenn. Your scared that I'm gonna take her from you."


"Save it for your jail mates. You don't worry me. Its called love Mr. Christopher. Jennifer loves me and you can't change that."


"You sure about that?" Ty cooly replies as they head down stairs.


"It's a fact."


You'll be so sorry for this."


"Is that a threat Mr. Christopher?"


"Nope...just a fact!"

Ria stands behind Dondre at the bar, ordering a sex on the beach. Ria doesn't notice her part time lover is gazing at Sharan.


"That was a close call when Karim saw us at the elevator."


"Thas fa' sho'. What did he say?


" He asked the usual who, what, why's and where's. Don't worry about Karim. He won't find out about us."


"Yea..well keep it that way. I told you up front I don't want no drama."


"No Drama big daddy. Besides, I like this creepin' around we doing. It's so exciting.."

Dondre smiles.

"You betta get back to yo fiancee before he start worrying about you. You know we can't have that."


"I'm going to miss you papito."


"You mean you are going to miss the "big D""

Ria laughs

" I'll call you before I lay it down" She says as she walks back over to the Williams family.

Dondre tells Chris to fix another double shot of img10161021129.jpg


"I see Ria can't get enough of you."


"Naw man, it's just the D. I am more interested in Sharan. She's so beautiful. I mean don't get me wrong Ria is sexxy as hell, but it's like Sharan got that 'sista soulja' appeal. I love it. Sharan is the type of woman I want to settle down with."


"I don't know Dre. That's going to be pretty hard to pull that one off. Sharan and Kevin have been in love for quite a while."


"But she not wearing no ring is she?"


"I don't believe so."


"I'm gonna make it happen. And you can bet that"


A hotel bell boy brings a dozen of roses.jpgpink roses to Sharan.

"These are beautiful. Kevin thank you."

7b242170-5c79-48a1-9b6f-186930590d9.jpgAt the bar,


"You sent her roses?"


"Naw man. I don't do the pink."

Kevin( puzzled)

"Don't thank me, I would have sent red roses."


"If you didn't send them, then who did?" She says as thblackrose.gifThe Lady in Black, reappearing on the scene finally, is watching Sharan,.......

on a tv screen, inside a house on the out skirts of Pasadena........


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