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#33 Wednesday, May 16




Phyllis airs Sharon's dirty deeds for the whole world to see

Phyllis is in the Newman break room sipping on some coffee and looking over some reports and she can hear commotion outside. Sharon and Brad get off the elevator to find a swarm of media. They swarm to Brad and ask him some questions regarding the Jabot scandal since he was a former employee of the company as was Sharon. Both decline to comment and go into the break room and shut the door. Brad demands to know why she suddenly decided to spill the beans about the affair. Sharon snips at her and calls her a few choice words. Phyllis laughs and tells them to both go to hell and that it wasn't her that spilled their dirty little secret. She heckles them and says, she would have loved to have been the one though. She asks Brad how Viki is taking the news. Brad tells her to shut up and wipe the smirk off her face. Phyllis then goes to the door and opens it and says she doesn't have to take this. They follow her out into the lobby where the media is. Sharon grabs Phyllis by the arm and Phyllis screams at her not to touch her and once again tells her she is glad the secret of their affair is out, so now everyone knows just how much of a hypocrite and a slut she really is. The media hears every word. The media then swarms on Brad and Sharon demanding details and Sharon and Brad are left stunned and scurry out of the lobby.

Victor comes threw the front doors of the ranch and sees Victoria in her mother's arms on the couch. He inquires as to what is wrong. Viki stands up and says that he can now do his "I told you so speech", she tells him Brad cheated on her, with Sharon. Nikki asks Victor if he now can see through Sharon's act and see how much of a predator she is. Victor is stunned and threatens to go confront Brad. Viki and Nikki tell him not too, they need to figure out what needs to be done but they all agree, Brad and Sharon must pay for what they did to this family. Nikki tells Victor, that she regrets the day Nick ever brought Sharon into their lives. Victor snaps at Nikki and says, Bradley Carlton is the real predator here and that he will regret the day he ever hurt his daughter. Victor consoles his daughter and says don't worry my dear, with a serous Victor Newman look in his eyes, we'll figure out what to do.

Gloria, Michael and Kevin all stand in the doorway as Lauren stares the down with a bag packed and Fen in his car seat. Lauren blasts all three of them for what they have done. She demands to know why Michael, again has kept secrets from her and has risked his job, his life with his son and his life with her. Michael tells her he did what he had to do to protect Gloria. Lauren tells him that she is through with the lies. She won't do it. Michael then asks her what she is doing. Lauren picks up Fen and the bag and says she's booked a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Fen and she will be staying there for the time being. Michael begs her not to go and Gloria says she is the reason for this and she shouldn't blame Michael or Kevin. Lauren looks coldly into Gloria's eyes and tells her to stay away from her son and that she is through with her and her sons. Michael pleads with Lauren, but Lauren walks out. Gloria tries to comfort Michael but Michael snaps at her and tells her to go to hell and goes to his room.

Nick is at home watching the news as a story regarding the affair of Brad and Sharon is being read. Phyllis then walks in the door and Nick looks at her and tells her thanks to her all of Genoa City now knows that Brad and Sharon had an affair. Phyllis tells Nick that she got carried away but that Sharon and Brad just get under her skin so much. Nick tells her he is tired of her games, he blasts her for putting it on public display like that. He tells her that he won't defend her when the Newmans comes after her for knowing all along and not telling anyone, and holding it over everyone's head. Phyllis pleads with Nick and the she made a mistake but, that's what she does, makes mistakes and that he knew that when he got together with her. Nick tells her that he did not sign on for this. Phyllis starts to cry as Nick goes upstairs and sits down on the couch and hangs her head in her hands and sobs.

Next on Genoa City

JACK (to Sharon): You lying, two faced whore. You knew how damaging this could be to my campaign and you didn't tell me?

PHYLLIS (TO Victoria): You have no idea how sorry I am. Everything got out of control

(Victoria slaps Phyllis)

VICTORIA: You're damn right they did.


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