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#32 Tuesday, May 15




Jill publicly gives Gloria her walking papers

The town of Genoa City is in a buzz the following morning, as news hits about the arrest of Gloria Fisher Abbott. The minute Jill steps off the elevator of Jabot; she is immediately swarmed by reporters demanding to know what Jabot plans to do in regards to Gloria. Trying her best to shoo them away, she is rescued by Ji Min, who announces to the reporters that they will discuss everything in a press conference. Once inside her office, Jill tells Ji Min that she needs to call Katherine. The more help they have in getting the sudden press conference together, the better.

Across town, Lauren is reading the Genoa City Times, completely stunned at the news she’s reading about Gloria. She doesn’t have to guess where Michael or Kevin are; they are definitely with their mother. Taking a look at the newspaper again, she debates on whether to go to the police station or to await their arrival. Either way, Lauren was about to find out what in the world Gloria could have been thinking when she decided to ruin so many lives.

Jack and David are at Newman Enterprises, discussing ways that they can avoid serious damage to the campaign, thanks to Gloria’s skin cream contamination. Both agree that the best plan of salvaging his campaign is to get the press to focus on Gloria’s hate towards Jack and how she went to great lengths to destroy him. David feels that once the press knows how devious she is, they will paint Jack as the victim. Jack tells David to do whatever he can to get the press back on his side.

At the police station, Michael and Kevin are allowed to see Gloria. She immediately runs to them, tears filling her eyes. Kevin tells Gloria that if they need to raise the bail money, he will be more than willing to put up Crimson Lights as a way to get her out of jail. Michael tells Kevin that he will take care of everything; including legal representation. He leaves Kevin and Gloria to talk to one another. Moments pass when Michael returns with Maggie Sullivan. She informs Gloria that bail has been set and she is free to go home.

Brad makes an appearance at Sharon’s house. Sharon asks him why the sudden need to come by. Brad let’s Sharon know that Victoria confronted him about the two of them. She asks how Victoria found out; Brad tells her that only one person would be more than happy to spill the beans. Sharon begins to talk trash about Phyllis. Brad says he will do whatever it takes to make Phyllis pay for her underhanded schemes. Sharon wonders what Brad could possibly have in store.

Randall and Victor are at the Newman ranch talking about the Jabot skin cream case. Victor feels that this is the right information they need to cripple Jack. Randall questions if this will truly break Jack’s spirits and break up his campaign? Victor points out that he knows that Jack is doing all he can to keep his name squeaky clean, therefore, they use whatever they can to discredit Jack; and the one sure fire way is by bringing up his dirty dealings where Jabot is concerned. He wants to depict Jack as being a man who would resort to the most devious tactics to get what he wants. Randall asks where they should begin. Victor pulls out a file of all things Jack Abbott.

Lauren is immediately full of questions when Gloria and her sons arrive. Gloria, in full denial mode, tells Lauren that someone had to have ‘framed’ her for the skin cream contamination. Michael tries to reassure his wife that he will do whatever he can to defend Gloria; pointing out that strong evidence is needed to make a conviction, and a DNA test alone doesn’t necessarily mean that she was the one to contaminate the cream. As they are talking, Kevin, who has turned on the television, announces that Jill and Ji Min are holding a press conference. Rushing to take a seat, Gloria is more than curious as to what the two of them will have to say concerning her arrest and Jabot.

Jill and Ji Min are answering questions from the media about the arrest of Gloria. Katherine, who is on the sidelines, is proud that the two of them are holding their own against some of the damaging questions being thrown their way. One reporter asks if Ji Min had any reservations in taking Jabot shortly after the contamination. He informs the reporters that when he took Jabot, he was well aware of what had happened, and hoped to have succeeded in getting the company’s reputation back on track. Another reporter asks Jill what Jabot plans on doing about Gloria Fisher, now that she has been exposed. Not hesitating one bit, a furious Jill looks straight into the camera as she announces that as of this moment, Gloria Fisher Abbott is no longer an employee with Jabot Cosmetics.

In Montana, Nikki is relaxing when she hears a knock on her door. Slipping on her shoes, she heads for the door. When she opens it, she is more than surprised to see her daughter standing on the other side. Nikki asks Victoria what she’s doing in Montana. Before she can get the words out, Victoria bursts into tears, and locks on to her mother in an embrace.

Next Genoa City

Sharon: What are we going to do, Brad? Everyone in Genoa City now knows about our affair!

Victor (talking to Nikki and Victoria): Bradley Carlton will pay dearly for playing with the Newman family. You mark my words; he will regret messing with us.

Lauren: All of this time, for all these months, you stood idly by, covering up the crimes of your mother.

Michael: Lauren please, you have to listen to me….

Lauren: NO! You listen to me…. It’s OVER!


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