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#34 Thursday, May 17




Victoria slaps Phyllis into shape for her actions

Cane is walking to his office when he is attacked by the media. They want to know if this latest Jabot scandal has had any affect on his growing relationship with his biological mother, Jill. Cane doesn’t feel comfortable with the press and rushes into his office.

Nikki walks down the stairs to find Victor in the living room. Victor asks his wife if Victoria is still sleeping. Nikki says that their daughter decided to head into the office for the day. Victor is shocked and Nikki admits she was worried as well, but Victoria was determined to continue life. Victoria couldn’t stay at the ranch all day or she would go crazy. With the media at Newman over the affair and Jabot’s scandal, Victor is worried of what Victoria will experience at the office.

Phyllis walks into Victoria’s office, claiming that she was told to come see her. Victoria tells Phyllis to come inside and shut the door. After the door is shut, Victoria asks Phyllis what family means to her. Phyllis is confused by the question. Victoria tells Phyllis that she thought of her as family and was hoping Phyllis felt the same way. What kind of person holds such a secret as an affair from a family member? Phyllis begins to apologize as Victoria cuts her off, saying that she is not finished. Phyllis will speak when Victoria tells her to!

Sharon comes in from sending Noah to the bus. She tries to call Jack, but gets his voicemail. Sharon leaves a message, telling Jack that she needs to talk to him as soon as possible. Her wish comes true when the doorbell rings and Jack is at the door. Sharon welcomes him inside and sees that he has a newspaper. Jack shows Sharon the paper with the affair as the headline. Jack asks Sharon when she was going to tell him.


Cane hears a knock on the door and tells whoever it is that he will no longer take questions and to go away. Katherine pokes her head inside to see if Cane is okay. Cane welcomes his grandmother inside. He apologizes and tells her how horrible his morning has been with the reporters’ questions. He is not used to all of this attention and he doesn’t like it.

Nikki wants to do something about Brad for hurting their daughter. Victor assures Nikki that Bradley Carlton will get what he deserves at some point in time. Nikki hates the fact that Brad still has a job at Newman. Victor gets a call from someone and is very mysterious about saying anything in front of Nikki.

Phyllis stands up from the chair, telling Victoria that she doesn’t have to take this from her or anyone else. No one talks to her that way. Victoria also stands and chews Phyllis out, saying that her decision to blackmail Brad and Sharon about the affair, have not only cost her Nick’s trust, but it also made Victoria look like a fool. Victoria tells Phyllis that she doesn’t like being labeled a fool. Again, Phyllis tries to apologize, saying that things just got out of control. Victoria has heard enough and slaps the taste out of Phyllis’ mouth!

Sharon takes the newspaper out of Jack’s hands and tells him that she was going to tell him. She was hoping that she would get to him before the papers exposed it. The reporters work fast in this town. Jack is furious about what Sharon has done. Sharon tells Jack that they weren’t even together when she and Brad slept together in New York. Jack doesn’t give a damn when Brad and Sharon slept together. The fact is that they did and this will ruin his campaign. The media will look at Sharon as nothing but common whore.


Katherine tells Cane not to allow his newfound attention to turn his opinion away from being a Chancellor. There are good things that come with that name despite the media attention. Katherine asks how his job has been going so far. Cane presents his ideas for the new Jabot building. Katherine is impressed. Cane admits that although he loves architecture, he is becoming bored, just designing. He would rather get his hands dirty. Katherine has the perfect idea.

Phyllis holds her face as she cannot believe Victoria just slapped her. Furious, Phyllis calls Victoria a bitch and goes to attack her sister-in-law. Nicholas arrives just in time to break up the fight between the two ladies. He asks them what the hell is going on.

Victor hangs up the phone as Nikki asks who was on the phone. Victor tells Nikki that it was something he has to take care of. He needs to leave for a while. Nikki reminds Victor that their daughter is going through a lot right now. She needs the family, and that includes Victor. Victor promises to be there for Victoria, but he has business to deal with. Nikki asks if the phone call had anything to do with Jack’s campaign. Victor kisses Nikki on the forehead before leaving the ranch, not answering his wife’s question.

Tears are starting to fill within Sharon’s eyes. Jack tells her that he will not let her tears get to him. What she has done is unforgivable. Sharon apologizes and tells Jack that she will explain to the reporters everything. Jack tells Sharon not to say a word to anyone and keep her mouth shut. Sharon believes that it will look good if Jack’s fiancé says something regarding the affair. Jack tells Sharon she is no longer his fiancé! Jack storms out of the house, as Sharon chases after him, tripping and falling to the floor. She breaks down by the door.


Katherine tells Cane that she could find him something at Chancellor Industries. Cane reveals that he has been checking out things at Chancellor and he is interested in overseeing construction. That way, he could be out on the grounds, seeing everything firsthand. Katherine feels Cane is qualified, but worries how Jill may take this sudden change in decisions. Cane tells Katherine that he will speak to her.

Phyllis tells Nick that Victoria slapped her for no reason. Victoria would hardly describe keeping the truth about Brad and Sharon’s affair “no reason.” Nicholas tells Victoria that Phyllis is not to blame for the affair. She needs to take her problems up with Brad and Sharon. Victoria never thought she would see the day when Nick chose a woman over his family. Victoria tells Nick that he is just like their father and then storms out of the office.

David walks into the athletic club to find Jack at the bar. Jack assumes that David heard the latest scandal to come out of Genoa City. David believes they can get past this one. In fact, he knows they can. Jack tells David that it should be easier as he has cut Sharon out of his life for good. David tells Jack that is a bad idea. Jack is confused. David tells Jack that if he dumps Sharon, that shows that he is not willing to work things out and it may discourage particular voters. David advises Jack to stay with Sharon, at least until he is elected senator. Afterwards, it doesn’t matter.

Victor arrives at one of the unopened NVP spas. He calls someone and tells them to come inside, that he is there. Victor sits down on the couch after pouring himself a drink. The door opens and footsteps are seen walking into the spa. Victor looks up and thanks the person for coming on such short notice. He is hoping their information will bring down Jack Abbott once and for all. The camera pans up and reveals Victor’s visitor as Mamie Johnson!


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