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#022 Tuesday, May 8th



#022 Tuesday, May 8th

Carol makes a threat of her own to B.P., saying that she can bring him down with a snap of her fingers and he won't be able to do a thing about it. B.P. advises her against making threats, because it only will make the situation worse. Carol opens the door and asks him to leave, but he refuses to until she gives in to his demand. Carol stops and thinks for a second and then agrees to put B.P. on the board, only with the assurance that he will leave Cody alone. He says that he' ll hold up his end of the bargain and leaves her office. Once he's out of her office, Carol calls Norm and says that it's time to bring out the big guns.

Gregory comes over to Lynette's house on her night off to check on her. She invites him to sit down and talk for awhile. He asks her if she's making any progress and she says that Jim is finally starting to understand why she starting working, but is still distant. Gregory tells her to not give up, because losing a marriage is a terrible thing. Lynette asks if Gregory is married and he responds by saying he got divorced a year ago. Lynette says she won't let things go that far, but Gregory says that sometimes things can go bad very quickly and no one can stop it. Lynette says that she fealrs what could happen, but tries not to think about it and keep a positive attitude. Gregory says that if things don't work out between her and Jim, that he'll make sure he's around to help her cope and takes her hand.

Yvette is shocked when the woman she met on her trip shows up at her door. She invites the woman in and offers her tea, but she refuses it saying that she is only here to clear the air about something. The woman then sits down and starts to tell Yvette about how Andrew McGregor (Yvette's father) lived in the Upper Peninsula town of Markham years ago, before he was married or had a dime. She says that he was an upstanding citizen, until he decided that he wanted to move up in the world. He got involved in a real estate scheme that promised to save several people from foreclosure, they would put him on the deed and he would make sure they were protected. But instead of protecting their homes, he sold them without the residents knowledge and several people lost their homes. Yvette still wonders why he was sending money to the town, but the woman says that she doesn't have any clues why he was doing that.


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