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#021 Monday, May 7th



#021 Monday, May 7th

Carol is nervous waiting for Cody's bookie at her office, when a man suddenly bursts into the room. The man introduces himself as B.P. Charles and Carol asks if he is the bookie and he says yes. Carol immediately says that she's ready to pay off the debt, but B.P. says the price just doubled. Carol asks what he is trying to pull and he says once he found out who Cody's family was, he figured it would be wise to make the most of this. Carol says that he's only getting what he's owed and not a penny more. B.P. says if she value's her son's life, she'll do what he asks. Carol asks what else he could want and he says he wants stock in Donahue and seat on the board of directors. Carol tells him that she won't give in to such an outrageous demand, but he says that it's the only way to pay off the debt. Carol is terrified about what could happen and contemplates giving B.P. what he wants.

Trish informs Cody that Carol is negotiating with the bookie right now and Cody is pleased. He says he wanted to fix the situation on his own, but Trish says Carol had to do something because things were becoming too dangerous.

Anna approaches Henry about managing some of the new stores in Minnesota, but Henry says that he's not prepared to move that far. Anna says that his salary would go up and he would have more benefits, so the move shouldn't be that big of a problem. Henry says that he's still not interested. Anna says she has a pretty good idea why and Henry asks what she's talking about. Anna snaps that he only wants to stay around so he can be near Trish. Henry laughs and asks if Joseph put her up to trying to get him out of town and Anna says that Joseph didn't tell her a thing, she was just trying to offer a good job to one of her better employees. Anna remarks that she never even mentioned Trish, he's the one who brought her up. Henry says that he's not going to discuss this with her, because it's not appropriate. Anna says that there are a lot of things that are inappropriate, but it doesn't stop people from doing them. Henry says he knows that was suppose to be some sort of crack about him. Anna tells him that he can perceive the remark however he wants, she doesn't care.


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