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#023 Wednesday May 9th



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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#023 Wednesday May 9th

Norm meets Yvette at the bar in Number 37

Norm: You had better have a good reason for pulling me out a business meeting.

Yvette: Rest assured, you'll find what I have to say very satisfactory.

Norm: All right, let's hear it.

Yvette: It turns out that our little trip paid off. The lady I talked to in Markham dropped by my house earlier and she said a mouthful.

Norm: Go on.

Yvette: It turns out that my dear father started his career committing mortgage fraud.

Norm: (sarcastically) Nice.

Yvette: I'll say.

Norm: Did you find out why he was sending so much money to that address?

Yvette: That part I haven't figured out yet.

Norm: Well, I'm sure it was connected to something shady.

Yvette: My mother sure is in for shock when she hears about what her upstanding, model of citizen husband did.

Meanwhile at the Donahue mansion, Cody begs Carol not to give in to B.P., saying that such a lowlife has no place in the company. Carol says that she's made up her mind and is going to d whatever she has to keep her family safe, even if it means compromising business principals.

Cody: Mom, this guy is involved in all sorts of illegal things, even money laundering. If you put him on the board, you're going to be associated with all of that.

Carol: At this point, I have no other choice.

Cody: It is all through the papers that I owe him money, if something happens to me, the authorities will know who is responsible. He's not going to take that kind of chance, the feds are already after him and he'd only make it worse on himself by harming me.

Carol: I cannot take that sort of chance, Cody.

Cody: I know that you are afraid, but you have got to trust me on this. If you don't give into his demands, he won't have anything to gain by coming after me.

Carol: Think about what you're saying, this could be life or death.

Cody: I know what I am saying, so please just trust me on this.

At McGregor, Joseph comes into Anna's office looking a little upset.

Anna: What's wrong?

Joseph: I still haven't found that disk that went missing from the Novi store

Anna: I didn't think you were still worried about it, after all, it was encrypted.

Joseph: If it fell into the wrong hands, they'll figure out how to break the code.

Anna: You mean if someone like Carol got a hold of it?

Joseph: Who else?

Anna: Oh, she's always out to get us. It's not like we won't be prepared for any stunt she pulls, we've had enough experience.

Joseph: Well, we certainly don't want anything floating around that could give her any ammunition.

Anna: Chances are that the disk is probably tucked away in some file cabinet, it will eventually turn up.

Joseph: When it comes to Carol, we can't leave anything to chance.

Meanwhile, Teddy is in an office typing at a computer. On the monitor, a message reads "CD Rom duplication complete".


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