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#23 Wednesday, May 2




Amanda Gibson arrives with justice in mind.

Kevin spots Lily, looking down at the coffeehouse. He comes over with a latte as an attempt to cheer her up. Lily practically bites Kevin’s head off before rudely telling him to leave her alone. Kevin takes the advice and returns to the bar where he takes the order of a beautiful young woman. Kevin introduces herself, and the woman does the same, saying her name is Amanda and she is new in town. Kevin gives her a drink on the house as a welcoming present. Amanda takes the drink and thanks Kevin. She apologizes for having to dash, but has an important meeting. She tells Kevin that is going to look forward to returning, leaving Kevin all smiles.

Daniel returns to the apartment and is followed by Amber. Amber tells Daniel to never walk away from her again. They’re friends! Friends don’t do that to each other. Daniel reminds Amber that she insulted his wife. What friend does that? Amber apologizes for what she said about Lily. She doesn’t see the big deal though. Daniel says that Lily does see a big deal and it’s ruined their marriage. Lily enters and freaks when she sees Amber. Lily wants Amber out immediately and the ladies get into a little argument. Daniel ends it by telling Amber to leave. Once Amber is gone, Daniel asks Lily if they can talk.

In the Newman break room, David is baffled at Jack and Sharon’s wedding bells in the Chronicle. Phyllis enters and gives her two cents on the matter. David gets up to leave when Nicholas walks in. Phyllis goes for a kiss from her husband, but he stops her. Nick wants to talk about Phyllis’ lie and how it’s ruining the Newman family. Now that he knows, he’s acting differently towards Victoria and Brad. Victoria is starting to sense something. Phyllis tells Nick not to blame her for his feelings. He chose not to tell Victoria. Not wanting to continue the argument, Phyllis decides to leave the room.

Jack and Sharon are in the conference room admiring their wedding bells when David barges in, asking what they were thinking. Jack and Sharon are confused. The media already knows about their engagement. What’s the big deal? David says the announcement is not the problem. Jack is making decisions without confirming it with David first. Jack tells David that his personal life is none of David’s concern, but David sees it differently. When Jack leaves for a meeting, David uses this time to his advantage to get inside of Sharon’s head, saying all the ways that she could be the cause of Jack’s failed campaign.

At the courthouse, William Bardwell is busy at work when his secretary tells him that he has a visitor. In walks Amanda, the woman from Crimson Lights. William asks what he can do for her and Amanda introduces herself as the daughter of Jabot Cosmetic’s victim, Emma Gibson! She informs William that her father recently died and the stress from her mother’s death is likely the cause of it. Amanda wants justice brought to whoever was responsible.

Next on Genoa City

KEVIN (to Amanda): I didn’t catch your last name earlier.

AMANDA: It’s Gibson. My name is Amanda Gibson

JACK (to Sharon): What exactly did David say to you?

VICTOR (to Randall): Jack Abbott is a snake and he needs to be stopped.


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