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#14 Thursday, April 19




Katherine gets an earful about Amber

Things are hard for Phyllis at Newman Enterprises. Trying to keep her mind off of the fact that Nick didn't come home, Phyllis keeps herself busy by working on a concept for Clear Springs. Unfortunately, her concentration is broken when Nick walks in the office. Phyllis immediately approaches her angry husband, but stops in her tracks when Nick hold up his hand for her not to come any closer. She asks why he didn't come back to the house last night. Scoffing at her question, Nick raises an eyebrow, asking her, what difference did it make if he did or if he didn't.

Colleen heads back to the table that Lily is sitting at. She begins to talk about how Adrian is going before the dean to resign from his job. When Lily doesn't focus in on what Colleen is talking about, she realizes that her best friend's mind is on something or someone else. She immediately asks her if she's thinking about Daniel and his looking at porn. Lily tells Colleen about how he pushed her away from making love with her. When Colleen tells her that he could have been merely tired, Lily snaps that Daniel is too far into porn to be tired; he's tired of her and might be craving finding someone that looks like the women on the web.

Brad and Sharon run into each other in the hallway of Newman. Each of them are tense about seeing one another. Sharon quickly makes a beeline for the break room, and Brad follows right behind her closing the door. Sharon tells Brad that they are on a path of destroying many lives, and that the best thing for them to do at that exact moment is to stop being around one another. Brad doesn't agree, but when he sees how upset she is, he relents and tells her he'll do whatever she wants.

In Phyllis' office, Nick and her get into a heated exchange of words, so loud that Jack, who is on his way to talk to Phyllis is startled. Opening the door, Jack immediately asks what's going on. Nick glares at Phyllis and tells her in front of Jack that he will be staying that the athletic club. Pushing past Jack, Nick slams the door behind him. The minute he's gone, Phyllis breaks down in tears, blurting out that everything is her fault. Jack, not knowing what she means, simply hugs his former wife.

At the coffeehouse, Lily quickly shelves her problems and focuses in on Colleen's delimma. When Colleen tells her that she has to find a way to keep Adrian from ending his career because of their seeing one another, Lily quickly offers up a suggestion of her own: enroll into another college. Hugging her friend, Colleen quickly rushes to GCU to stop Adrian from making his fateful decision.

At Genoa City University, Adrian prepares to meet with Dean Tate, to discuss his decision to withdraw as professor of art history. He's about to knock on her door when his cell phone rings. Looking at it, he realizes that it's Colleen calling him. He slowly places the phone back into his coat pocket and knocks on Dean Tate's door.

Jack, still at Phyllis' office, continues to console her the best way he can, without pressuring her to talk about her problems with Nick. The two are talking when someone knocks on the door. Phyllis tells them to come in, and as the door opens, they see that it is David Chow. David immediately apologizes for interrupting, however, needs to talk to Jack. Jack sensing something is wrong, tells David to just tell him what's going on. David informs him that since Nikki backed out of the race, someone else filling in the spot: he will have an opponent after all for the race of Senate.

Daniel comes to Fenmore, in hopes of picking out a little gift for Lily, when he sees Amber coming from one of the fitting rooms. She is more than thrilled to see him, and immediately gushes about how once Cane starts fully becoming a Chancellor, she'll never have to work hard again. Playing along with her, Daniel starts listing all the things that Amber will be able to do now that she's a wealthy wife. Amber tells Daniel that no matter what, she's got her man and will soon have all the money that goes along with him.

Across the other side of Genoa City, Katherine is taking some time to clear her head after her emotional talk with Cane. She's so absorbed in her thoughts that she doesn't hear someone calling her name. When the person calls out to her again, Katherine snaps out of her moment and looks up to see Stephanie Forrester walking in her direction. Katherine is immediately surprised to see her friend and asks her what brings her to Genoa City. Stephanie tells her about having a quick business meeting with Lauren Fenmore. The two women begin talking about family when the topic of Cane's marriage to Amber Moore comes up. Katherine marvels about how enchanting the young woman is, to which Stephanie immediately chokes up at. Stephanie tells Katherine that Amber is anything but enchanting, and begins filling her in on all the dastardly deeds the girl has done to her and her family while in Los Angeles. Katherine can't do anything but listen to every sorid detail.

Next on Genoa City

Neil (coming into the break room): Victoria, is everything alright?

Victoria: I'm afraid of going through another miscarriage.

Brad (in the elevator): It wasn't a problem at all voting for Neil.

Dru: I know why exactly why you voted for my husband, Brad.

Amber (at Fenmore's): If Cane or anyone else ever knew that I was well aware of my knowing he was Jill's son....

Daniel: Cane would hit the roof; but not as fast as Jill or Katherine would.

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Another good eppy. As a person who dont too much of Amber crimes, I sure would like to hear them. I see Dru is not on very much. I hope that changes soon


I though the deans name was Dean LaMont?

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