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#13 Wednesday, April 18




Lily's hurt by Daniel's distance

Nicholas confronts Sharon and Brad at the club. He asks how they can continue to interact with each other knowing what they did in the past and how much it would hurt innocent people if it ever became known. Sharon tells Nick he has no room to talk, reminding him of why their marriage ended. Brad decides to take Nicholas to the side and talk privately. Brad tells Nicholas not to threaten him or he’ll be sorry. Nick says that Brad will be the one sorry if Victoria ever finds out. Brad’s free ride on the Newman Express will be over! Things nearly get physical between the two men, but Vicky shows up just in time to break it up. She wants to know what is going on. Brad waits for Nicholas to spill the beans, but Nick covers and storms out.

Cane politely asks Jill to give him and Katherine time to talk things over. Not wanting to upset her son, Jill leaves without saying a word to Kay. Once alone, Cane asks Katherine for her side of the story. Kay explains her past with Jill and how she stole her husband from under her. The hatred built up over the years. Kay also tells Cane that she had a horrible drinking problem and would blackout at times. She knows that is not an excuse, but assumes that is what happened the night she made the plan to have Violet Montgomery kidnap Cane. Katherine tries to restrain herself from breaking down, but is unable to. Cane comforts his grandmother and tells her that even though what she did was terribly wrong, he forgives her. Her demons have eaten her up and that’s more punishment than anyone could want. The grandmother and grandson embrace as Jill watches from the doorway in disgust.

Colleen and Lily are at Crimson Lights studying for upcoming finals. Adrian shows up and takes a seat on the other side of the restaurant. Lily asks if Colleen and Adrian discussed what they’re going to do about JT. Colleen is worried that Adrian will take drastic measures to keep their secret. After Lily leaves, Colleen meets with Adrian in private. Adrian tells Colleen that he’s made a decision regarding their problem. He’s sick of hiding their relationship. The charade ends tonight as he arranged a meeting with the dean to quit GCU!

Lily returns to the apartment and finds Devon doing homework. Lily asks where Daniel is and Devon says that he had a night class and said he would be home later. Lily’s computer is still in the shop so she decides to get onto Daniel’s. When Daniel comes home and sees Lily on his laptop, he freaks. Noticing that Lily saw nothing, Daniel covers by saying he was stressed out about his grades. Lily offers to help him study and do some extra studying of their bodies, but Daniel says he needs a shower. While Daniel is upstairs, Lily gets back onto his laptop and starts searching through his history. She finds more porn websites. Later, Lily and Daniel are getting ready for bed. Lily wants to make love, but Daniel tells her he’s too tired and rolls over to sleep, leaving Lily baffled.

Next on Genoa City

LILY (to Colleen): I can’t compete with those plastic bimbos. If that’s what Daniel wants, what’s to say he won’t leave me for one of them?

PHYLLIS (to Nicholas): You didn’t come home last night.

NICHOLAS: Were you expecting me to?

KATHERINE (to Stephanie Forrester): Amber Moore is a delight and I’m glad my grandson found her.

STEPHANIE: Hold on for a second, Kay. Amber Moore is your grandson’s wife? Amber Moore is the biggest gold-digger to crawl out of Death Valley.


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