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Episode 58






(EXT:London, England Edmund's Castle)

---Edmund sits in his study, taking down notes. He stops for a moment and remembers Loretta, thinking back on when they were newlyweds. Suddenly, CC begins invading his memories and all he is able to see is CC walking off with his wife. He shakes himself out of it, standing up from behind the desk. He remembers implanting Sophia's mind with Loretta's memories of CC, completing his work. He comes back to the present, cracking an almost sweet smile. He hurries out to the hall and walks up the main staircase, heading toward Sophia's room. He quietly creaks open the door and sees her, looking as beautiful and peaceful as ever in her bed. He walks up to her and sits beside the bed, watching her sleep.

"Wake up my sweet. It's time....."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---CC sits at his desk, frustratedly looking over the figures he's been given. He buzzes Kathleen and informs her to call a board meeting and to include Lily in it as well, since they're going to talk heavily about Gina Jeans. Kathleen obliges. Angela knocks on CC's door and he calls her in, with more than a hint of irritation in his voice.

"I'm sorry......bad time?" she asks.

"Of course not, come in.......I'm sorry if I sounded...."

"It's quite alright CC- no need to explain. I take it you were looking over the latest figures...."

"Yes and needless to say, I'm not happy...."

"I didn't think you would be. Actually, I was trying to set up something up with Gina this week, but with Ted being out of town and all, I'm kind of on overload...."

CC agrees, saying that she's overextended right now, since she's doing all of Ted's work in addition to her own. Angela tells him that it was nice having Kelly around to pitch in for a couple of days, but since she's going to be focused on the hotel from now on, she ended up with 3x the work she was doing just 2 weeks ago. CC laments that while Angela is a brilliant businesswoman, he expertise generally lies more in marketing than finance. Right now, marketing strategies aren't what's plaguing Gina Jeans- it's finances and budgetary issues.

(EXT:West Palm Beach, Florida- Captain Joe's)

---Mason, Mary, and Pearl arrive at the restaurant. They are seated and try to wait patiently for Sherri. Mason begins to get nervous, thinking that she stood them up, but Sherri walks up to the table just as Mary calms him down.

"Sorry I'm a little late...." she says.

"It's alright- I was just saying I was afraid you weren't coming at all...." Mason says.

"To be honest, I almost didn't. You've gotta understand- I've got a lot on the line here....."

"I'm not quite sure I follow that.." Pearl says.

Sherri explains that Mark threatened her if she ever spoke a word about the delivery. She says that when Mary came out of her coma, Mark found her and made it clear that she was not to ever have any contact with her. Pearl asks when it was she last heard from Mark and she tells him it was actually very recently. He told her that Mary had gone home to her ex from years before and revealed herself to be very much alive.

"It was almost sick, the way he explained it.... He kept saying that had he had control over the situation, that none of this would have happened. He even went so far to say that he wouldn't have fought so hard to save you if he knew things would turn out like this. He was very hurt that you still didn't want to be with him when you woke up. I know you had a relationship beforehand, and things weren't so great between you when you went into the coma...."

"We were divorcing...."

"Yes. But you have to understand, from Mark's point of view, you were still very much his wife for those 4 years that you were sleeping. He spent every day with you, every hour he was awake, every ounce of himself 100% dedicated to saving and preserving your life."

Mary can relate in a way, having patients that she went through similar situations with. She tells Sherri that though she was very grateful to Mark for all he did, there were many things that had happened in the past that he couldn't undo. She looks at Mason, who realizes she's speaking of Mark's raping her. Sherri tells her that she's misunderstanding her- while she can see where Mark's coming from, it's quite clear to her that he's as unstable as they come and that Mary most likely is better off without her. She asks Pearl how Nurse Hodges is and Pearl tells her she's great, spry for her age. Sherri smiles and says that sounds just like the Nurse Hodges she remembers.

"As nice as this little saunter down memory lane you're taking is for you, I'm really quite anxious to find out what took place in that delivery room twenty one years ago. Because something tells me that it's not as black and white as Mark would have Mary believe...." Mason says, staring Sherri down.

Sherri looks back at him nervously, as Mary scolds him for his behavior.

"It's alright, Mary. That is why we're here, after all. You have a right to know the truth...."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

----The board meeting commences with Gina, Lily, Angela, CC, and Joann in attendance. CC goes over the grim sales figures for Gina Jeans. Gina tries to get defensive, saying that everything will turn around as soon as the spring line is rolled out. CC shoots back that she's way over budget right now for the line and cuts are going to be made.

"That's fine. Angela, Lily, and I will sit down and work it all out for you..." she says.

"Actually, I've taken Angela off Gina Jeans. She's carrying enough of a load as it is with Ted out of town. I'm assigning Joann to Gina Jeans...."

"What? JOANN? What does she know about Gina Jeans? It's MY division. Mine and Lily's. She's worked for this company for all of 2 months and I'm expected to consult with her on something I've put 15 YEARS into?"

"That 15 years, Gina, will all be for NOTHING if these profit margins remain as stagnant as they are.... You'll be consulting with Joann on everything involving Gina Jeans, effective immediately. The budget, creative decisions, marketing campaigns- you name it, she's going to be in on each and every decision made over there. Is that clear?"

"Clear? I'll tell you how..."

"Yes, Mr. Capwell. It's clear. We have no problem working with Joann and look forward to her input. Welcome to the team."

Lily says, walking up to Joann and shaking her hand.

Elizabeth walks into the meeting, asking what's going on.

"Well, look who decided to show up to work!?! Didn't they teach you in business school that you don't buy companies and jet off for parts unknown for days on end?" Gina taunts.

"Hello to you too Gina." she turns away from her. "CC, I actually thought we could go over a few things that went on while I was a way, catch me up a bit if you will....?"

CC looks at her, remembering their last encounter. "Have Angela go over it with you." he says, coldly.

"I wanted to talk to you, CC, if you don't mind..."

CC nods and tells her to set something up with Kathleen. They hear a commotion outside.

"I don't care about their meeting. I have something I've got to give to MY WIFE!!!"

"Timmons..." CC says "What the hell could he want? His WIFE?" He turns his attention to Gina.

"Well don't look at me....."

Keith comes bursting through the board room door, with Kathleen following close behind him. "I'm sorry Mr Capwell, I tried to stop him...."

"I'm so sorry to interrupt your little pow-wow, but Lizzie-Bit left this in the car. It looked important, so I thought I'd run it in....I'm sorry, pumpkin, I know we said we'd never bother each other at work......"

"Pumpkin?" CC says "What's going on here?"

"You haven't told em?" Keith asks Elizabeth.

"Told us WHAT?" Gina exclaims.

"Well we might as well tell em, sweet cakes, they're gonna find out sooner or later. You're looking at Mr. & Mrs. Keith Timmons right here....."

"WHat?!?!?" CC says.

"That's right, Mr & Mrs Keith Timmons, Keith & Elizabeth Timmons, whatever you wanna call it. We're hitched. Tell em, honey."

"It's true," Elizabeth says, uncomfortably.

"Aren't ya gonna say anything CC? Like congratulations? After all, this makes us........practically......FAMILY!"

(EXT: West Palm Beach- Captain Joe's Restaurant)

----Sherri recounts the time and energy that Mark put into Mary's recovery. She remembers being very young, only an intern, and quite impresses with the passion Mark put into saving his wife. She thought it so noble at the time, so basic that a man would fight tooth and nail for his wife's survival. She says that it was always his intention to save them both. She remembers a time early into Mary's coma when Mark should have delivered the baby, as Mary's health had taken a turn for the worse. He believed in his heart that he could save her without having to induce labor. Sherri remembers him working tirelessly, round the clock, trying all kinds of different medications and even resorting to natural healers to control her infection, so he wouldn't have to deliver the baby. But unfortunately, the infection was too far advanced and finally, she was able to convince him to induce labor. He refused, locking himself in Mary's hospital room and not allowing anyone else to work on her. Sherri remembers how frightened she was at the time, not just for Mary, but for Mark. She could see that his behavior was unhealthy and wanted to do something. She recalls that she and Mark had bonded, and he'd taken a shine to her at the time. She spoke with him through the door, pleading with him and reasoning with him, telling him that he'd never forgive himself if he came this far and ended up losing them both. Though he was fearful that the baby would never make it as early as it was, he agreed it was Mary and his daughter's best shot. She says the two of them then performed the surgery together, she as his assistant. It took hours, as he was quite meticulous on every little detail, not leaving one thing to chance.

"And finally, after all the work, she was born. Your little girl was delivered......but something wasn't right, I knew that right away."

"What do you mean?" Mary asks.

"Well, Mark was so worried about the baby being born prematurely, that it was too soon. According to him, you were only at 5 and a half, maybe 6 months. But the baby.....the baby was....." She stops, obviously getting nervous about what she's going to say.

"Was what?" Mason presses

"The baby looked to me to be......full grown. She looked like a healthy, normal little girl, like a baby would look after being fully developed.......At 5 1/2 months, the baby should have been tiny, organs likely not functional.....but your girl.....she was 6 lbs 10 oz, and took her first breath all on her own, something we weren't expecting....."

(EXT: London, England- Edmund's mansion)

----Edmund sits by Sophia's side, reading a book. He hears her start to moan and get antsy. Her face starts to twitch and she slowly opens her eyes. The camera takes on her viewpoint, as she looks at a blurry Edmund. Sophia gets her composure and things are brought into focus.

"Good morning" Edmund says.

She continues looking at him confused. Suddenly, she seems to realize who he is. Her face slowly changes from that of confusion to contention. She smiles.

"Good morning darling"

THE END................for the WEEK!


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Oh I am loving Sophia storyline! I can just hear her. That storyline is so well written.

Loving the corporate intrigue at CC Enterprises. I can see where Angela would be overworked, makes sense. Perfect to have Keith come in and announce that he and Elizabeth are married. Priceless!

Loved the episode!

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Very nice!!!!! I could see that board meeting and all the characters while I was reading it. I'm sure Lizzie Bit was not planning on announcing her recent marriage quite that way, but it was great! Loved the Dr McCreepy who continues to treat/brainwash Sophia, but most of all I loved 2 days of Mason and Mary. So Mark (the doctor) was wrong about how far along Mary was. 5 months would be 20-23 weeks along and due dates are at 40 weeks. Babies are considered premies at less than 36 weeks, so based on what I know, I am thinking the baby was born at about 36 weeks, maybe 37. So that is about a 15 week difference from what Mark thought. Very interesting. I am racking my brain trying to remember the sequence of the Mark, Mary, and Mason triangle. I am sure that is a clue as to whose baby it was, but for the life of me, I can't remember when she was with each of them. Well, I will have to go read the synopsis and see if that helps.

Great Job!!!!


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Just got caught up on the last 3 episodes. Lots of action going on with all the characters. Can't wait to see what Sophia says when she starts to speak to Edmund.

I can't remember the timing for Mason and Mary exactly either. They were together in there fantasy land tent before the rape so that would go along with the baby being further along than Mark had been saying. Question now is where is said baby girl?

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Good to see more of the Mason & Mary story. I was beginning to think Lane was taking a winter Shakespeare sabbatical on RTSB instead of his usual SB summer escapes........... :rolleyes:

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It is good to see Sophia back in the story....even is she is calling the wrong man "Darling". :unsure:

And I love the way Keith broke the news of his marriage to Lizzie. :mellow:

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