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Episode 57






(EXT: Baja Mexico- DAWN)

----Eden sits on the dock alone, with an afghan from the car wrapped around her, dangling her legs over the water. She looks at the empty B6 slot and watches as another team of divers jump into the water. Julia watches her from afar, holding two paper cups filled with steaming coffee. She walks up to her friend and takes a seat next to her, handing her the coffee. Eden wipes a tear from her face as she takes it from her.

"Thought this might help keep you warm. Who knew Mexico got this cold, even if it is February?"

"Thanks. I appreciate it. You don't have to stay with me, you know."

"Yes, I do. I'm not going to leave you like this. Besides, it's not as though I have much that can't wait right now in Santa Barbara. Any word on Cruz?"

"None. This is so......frustrating, you know. All I can do is sit here and wait. But what am I waiting for exactly? Them to find signs of his death? His clothes? His body?" Eden stands up and begins to walk away a bit. "It's so morbid. I keep thinking, he can't be dead, there's no way. I know, I'd feel it. But then.......but then.......I can't leave. I can't move- physically. It's as though something inside of me is telling me to wait, to stay here, the answers are here. But Julia...." her voice begins to crack. "I'm not sure I want answers........because if.....if.....Oh God Julia, what am I gonna do?"

She begins to sob and Julia walks directly up to her, to comfort her.

(EXT: California Highway- The Mexican Border)

---Adriana grows impatient as she and Steve wait to go through customs.

"What, do they gotta know everybody's entire life history here? It's only Mexico, it's not like were travelling to Israel!"

Steve laughs at her frustration.

"You think it's funny? My dad's life could be on the line here...."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh....it's just......you're cute when you're angry...."

"Cute? You think this is cute? Because the longer we sit her, I promise you, the CUTER I'm gonna get...."

"Look, you think I like waiting in this line princess?"

"Why does everyone call me that?"

Steve gives her a look. "Ok, Ok, I guess I can see where they get it...."

"Oh you guess?"

"Listen, buster...."


"You've known me for like, 5 seconds, so I don't think you have any room to..."

"Drive you into another country? Probably not. But I'm doin it...."

Adriana realizes she's acting like a brat, considering what Steve is doing for her. Adriana asks what he suggests they do to pass the time and he says they ought to try getting to know one another. She announces that she'll go first and asks Steve how long he's been in Santa Barbara. He claims not long at all, that he's kind of lived all over the state. Adriana asks him where he's from and he says he actually is from California originally, having bounced from San Francisco to Santa Monica to San Jose to San Diego to Sacramento to Long Beach, etc... Adriana asks why he moved around so much and he tells her he was always going from foster home to foster home. She asks about his real parents and he claims he was told his mom died when she gave birth to him. Adriana asks about his father and he tells her he's been in jail as long as he's been alive, though he's never had any contact with him. Steve clams up a bit at how personal the conversation has gotten and changes the subject, telling Adriana he ought to call her friends and tell them where she went, as they must be worried about her. Adriana tries to press him a little more but he brings her finger to her lips, and directs her to her phone. She looks at him, half tenderly, half annoyed, and begins dialing the phone.

(EXT: West Palm Beach Hospital)

---Pearl, Mary, and Mason arrive at the hospital where Sherri works as she's about to get off from her overnight. Pearl pulls out a sheet of paper he put notes on, saying which floor she works on. On the elevator up, Pearl instructs Mary and Mason to stay behind while he approaches Sherri, saying that if she feels ganged up on by the three of them, she most likely won't talk. They agree to back off. They arrive on the fourth floor and Mason and Mary head to the coffee & snack room while Pearl looks for the employee lockers. He's disapointed when there's no sign of Sherri and asks a nurse at the station if Nurse Rhodes is still around. She asks who wants to know & Pearl gives her his name. She tells him that Sherri got off about 5 minutes before, though she hasn't seen her leave.

"Sherri who?" a woman says, walking up behind him.

"Sherri Rhodes- you know her..."

"I'm Nurse Rhodes. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Actually, yes, there is." Pearl digs in his pocket for a picture of Mary. "Recognize this woman?"

Sherri stares at the picture. "What is this about? What do you want? Who sent you here?"

"I just wanna asks you a few questions about her and her baby, that's all...."

"If you think I'm dumb enough to fall for this, you're sadly mistaken. All of that happened years ago. You can tell your 'client' Mark that he can go to hell and to leave me the hell alone...."

Pearl tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him to cut his act, that she knows one of Mark's lackeys when she sees one. Sherri says that she's moved on from that part of her life and asks Pearl once again to please tell Mark to leave her alone. Pearl tries to insist that she has everything all wrong, but she starts storming toward the elevator.

"That man has done enough damage to my life."

"He's done enough damage to all of our lives," Mary says, walking up behind her. Sherri turns around and is startled to see her former patient in front of her. "Hello Nurse Rhodes. I'm Mary Duvall."

"I know who you are.............So he was telling the truth after all, you did make it......"

"Yes, I did- everything was pretty fuzzy when I woke up, needless to say, but I survived. Thanks to Mark. And Nurse Hodges. And everyone who was there, working for my recovery, including you..."

"I'm just glad things turned out the way they did and you're okay. I know I just said some harsh things about Dr. McCormick....but honestly, Ms. Duvall, I've never seen a doctor so passionately try to save his patient. He worked day & night, coming up with new treatments, ideas, to bring you out of your coma...."

Mary reiterates that she appreciates all of their efforts, but she's not really there to thank her. She needs some pieces filled in about what happened during the birth of her child and through Pearl's efforts, they were able to track down Nurse Hodges, who told them that Sherri was in the delivery room.

"Yes, I was."

"Please, then, please, I'm begging you, for my own piece of mind..... I need to know what happened that day....."

"Look I don't know if I should...."

Mason interrupts her. "Please. We've come a long way to see you- this child could very well have been mine, and we have every reason to believe that Mark would do something underhanded if that were the case. We need your help..."

"Alright, I'll help you. I'll talk to you. But not here, not now."

"Why not now?"

"It isn't safe, necessarily. Mark knows exactly where I am, and always seems to have people keeping tabs on me. There's a restaurant, on A1A, seafood called Captain Joe's. It's right on the waterfront, by the piers, you can't miss it. Meet me there tonight, 5 PM. I'll tell you everything you want to know."

She heads into her elevator and as the door shuts, Mary puts her hand in to stop it, and thanks Sherri once again.

(EXT: Baja, Mexico- PIERS)(Be sure and listen to the music......especially Sherri & the other C&E refugees.....)


---Eden continues sitting, by herself, staring into the water below her. She thinks back, remembering the dinner she had for Cruz just before Christmas and the two of them making love. She thinks back further, to their wedding day, her in her enoumous white Satin gown and he in his old-fashioned tuxedo, marrying in front of the water, with all of their family and friends present. She remembers swimming into the cove when she was able to walk again and first coming back to him from her ordeal with Cain. She comes back to the present, with her eyes welling with tears.


In the distance, Julia stands at the end of the pier and watches as the divers signal that they've found a body. Julia watches, horrified as she sees them bringing up something resembling a human, burnt beyond recognition.


Eden brings her head up, and sees Julia standing at the end of the pier. She looks to see what she's watching and sees that the search team has found something. She begins to stand up when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around to see Santana. Eden begins to get emotional, which makes Santana well up as well. Santana gives Eden a big hug.


Julia, watching the boat with the search team heading toward shore.


Adriana and Steve pulling up into the marina, in his car. Adriana goes flying out, running through all of the officers, looking for her mother. She spots Eden in the distance, hugging Santana and begins to run toward her.


The search team head, getting off the boat. Eden & Santana see him speaking with Julia and Eden stands frozen as they begin walking toward them. Adriana spots her mother again, and begins walking swiftly toward her. Eden notices that the man with Julia is holding something in his hands. He walks up to her and the action goes silent, besides the background music. He shows her the object he's holding- a plain, gold ring. She's shown taking it from him and staring at it, her face squenching up, her eyes tearing. She collapses to the ground, sobbing with the ring in her hand as she realizes what it means. Adriana runs up to her mother and holds her. She's shown asking what's wrong and a distraught Eden shows her daughter the ring. Adriana looks at Julia, Santana, and the search head's sad, stony faces looking back at her. She again brings her attention to her mother, who's clenching the ring, sobbing. She hugs her mother tightly, as a single tear drops from her eye.

THE END..................for today


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Hey great great episode. Loved the montage at the ending. Great song.

Absolutely a great job and well put together. As they say in the soap business the writing was great, but the direction was a highlight in this episode.

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I agree with Steve. Another great episode and having Eden be the one left behind is going to be very interesting. One thing I didn't think about before is that Adriana has not been through this before. That will also be an interesting dynamic as Eden not only deals with the loss of Cruz, but also her daughter, who is sure to spin out of control at least for a little bit. Kinda interesting that Santana showed up when she did. Since Dr McCreepy has recent expierence faking death, he gets my vote for the mastermind behind Kirk. Definately an interesting set up. Thank you for the Mason and Mary update. That has got me wondering all kinds of things like what the heck are Mark and Nurse Rhodes up to? There was no indication yet that the child was at their apartment so where could that child be? I suppose the kid is old enough to live on their own, but I wonder if it is in Florida or somewhere else. Also, since she and Mark have something going on, pretty much everything she says to Mason, Mary, and Pearl will be a lie. Of course, it will probably take them a while to figure that out. I really hope that they do find the child and that it is Mason's. Samantha and Julia will have major adjustments if it ends up that way. Can't wait for the next episode.


PS - Love that you have some action in our lovely state and I have the feeling there really is a Captain Joe's on A1A. LOL

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As sad as these latest happenings in this kidnapping storyline appear, the scenes where Eden was running the gamut of emotions on the dock were exceptional - very vivid and heartstabbing (with the accompanying C&E theme music twisting the knife quite nicely :wacko: ).

p.s. Suggest earmarking this episode as a possible submission for Marcy Walker's 2007 SONBC Emmy nomination. ;)

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