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Episode 56




GET SB ON TV!!!!!!!!

(EXT: Baja, Mexico)

---Eden and Julia continue driving down the road, heading toward what they think is the marina that Cruz is at. Eden is troubled when she sees emergency vehicles and police cars speeding in the other direction.

"Julia, something's not right.......why would all these police cars be heading away from the marina?"

"I'm not sure.....maybe it's unrelated...."

Eden notices a cop car in an upcoming gas station and directs Julia to pull over. They jump out of the car and run into the gas station, looking for the officer. Julia asks him what all the commotion is about and he mentions a disaster at the marina.

"But the marina's the other way...." Eden says.

"There's marinas in both directions lady."

"Oh my God. Does any of this have to do with an international kidnapping?"

"I'm not at liberty to...."

"My husband was heading up the investigation, officer. He could be in trouble. Please, tell me what you know....."

"Honestly, lady, I don't know much, but it does sound like the case this is related to...."

Eden asks him how far down the road the other marina is and he tells her about 20 miles. She and Julia race to the car and head off.

(EXT: Coffee Shop)


---Adriana sits with Samantha and Rafe, impatiently waiting for word on her mother. Rafe tries to ease her worry but she's inconsolable. She insists that her mother should have called by now and the longer she goes without hearing from her, the worse it gets. Samantha can relate, saying she hasn't heard from Mason since he's left town and she can't help but worry about what's going on with he & Mary.

"Your dad could be getting back with his ex. Big deal. My father could be DEAD for all I know. It's not the same thing."

"You're right, it isn't, I'm sorry, I was only trying to...."

"Well don't try Samantha, I don't need anyone cheering me up. What I need is my dad to come back, safe and sound....."

Adriana excuses herself to the ladies room. Rafe apologizes to Samantha for his niece's behavior, saying she's just tense. Samantha reminds him that she's known A for her entire life, so she knows she gets prickly when she's worried, not to mention a little unpredictable.

Meanwhile, Adriana literally bumps into a guy on her way to the restroom.

"HEY!" he says to her.

"I'm sorry, I should be watching where I'm going......"

"It's alright, don't worry about it. I couldn't help but overhear ya talkin with your friends in there. That sucks about your dad."

"Yeah. Thanks, I guess..." Adriana can't stop looking at the quiet, soulful looking guy, and his piercing blue eyes.

"I'm Steve. Steve Hall."

"Adriana Castillo, nice to meet you."

"Likewise. So, Adriana Castillo, anything I can do to help? Make ya feel better? Put a smile on your face?"

"You could drive me to Mexico."

Steve cracks a smile but Adriana continues looking at him. "You serious?" She keeps looking. "Where in Mexico you talkin, anyway? How far?"

"Just Baja- that's where he is....."

Steve ponders it for a minute and ends up agreeing to take her down there. He asks when she wants to go and she suggests they leave right away. They begin making a bee-line for the door when Steve stops and asks Adriana if she's going to go and tell her friends where she's going.

"I can call them from the road, please, let's just GO!"

The two of them head for his car and take off.

(EXT: Mexican Highways)

---Angel and Marta continue driving down the Mexican highway. Angel asks Marta again about her ordeal and she claims everything was fine, especially after she gave them the information they needed. Angel asks what she's referring to and she tells him how she told them about the entire investigation so they could use it as a cover for her kidnapping.

"YOU did that Marta? You put that idea in their hands?"

"I was trying to survive, papi, doing what I had to. I knew I was disposable to them at that point and I had to think of a way to make myself useful. They would have killed me otherwise. I guess we're not the only ones that Officer Castillo has messed up over the years...."

"Hush up, Marta. Cruz wasn't responsible for my being in jail- I did that all on my own. Yeah, he was the one that sent me there, but he wouldn't have been able to do that had I not committed any crimes. He doesn't deserve this...."

"And I deserved being separated from my father for all those years?"

"No, mira, of course you didn't. You were innocent in all this. But you can't go on hating Cruz and the Castillos for something that really wasn't his fault. It should be me you're mad at, not Cruz."

"But I love you daddy."

Angel offers that he loves her too and should have put her first from the moment she was conceived, which he didn't. He says he was a different man then, but that prison changed him. He also insists that he no longer blames Cruz in any way for his own misfortunes- Cruz was only doing his job. He admits that, since the investigation began, he's gotten to know Cruz and like him.

"Which is why I can't believe that I.......that I......... allowed this to happen."

Angel gets a crises of conciense and promptly turns the car around.

"Papi, what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna make this right.......Or try, anyway.

(EXT: Mexican road)

---Eden and Julia continue speeding down the road, hearing the sounds of police sirens as they go.

"I have a bad feeling about this Julia, a really bad feeling...."

They approach the marina and see that the entrance has been sealed off, with cops swarming the place and people not being allowed in. They jump out of the car and approach the blockway. The officers inform them they cannot let them through, but Julia informs them she's from the Santa Barbara DA's office and the crime scene could be related to a case they're working on there. The cop asks for identification and she shows it. He says she can pass, but not Eden. Julia tells him that Eden is the wife of the man in charge of the investigation and she'll be going in with her whether he likes it or not. The cop insists that his superiors have given him strict orders.

"Then you can give you 'superiors' my direct line and they can contact me personally if they have any kind of issue. But make no mistake, she's coming in with me...."

He lets them pass and they begin running toward the main source of all the commotion. Julia starts asking around, looking for the guys that were supposed to be backing Cruz up in the investigation. They find out that they're by the main site of the explosion, B6.

"Explosion? Oh my God!"

Julia and Eden race up to the site and can see the refuse distantly in the water, as well as divers and all sorts of helicopters casting lights on the water. Julia is directed to the person heading up the investigation and she and Eden ask what's going on, and where Cruz is.

"Who are the two of you?"

"I'm the Santa Barbara district attorney, and this is his wife, Eden Castillo. We had reason to believe he was being set up and came as quickly as we could to try and warn...."

"You're the wife? You should come with me...."

"Why? What's going on? Where's my husband?"

"Please, just come over here with me."

"I'll do no such thing, you can tell me right here. Julia is a close friend and my sister-in-law, you can talk in front of her..."

"I'm sorry, ma'am. I am. We have reason to believe he was on board the ship when it exploded."

"That can't be- that can't be right, there's no way....."

"Witnesses report seeing a hispanic man, 5'9, dark hair & complexion, well-built, wearing a flannel shirt, tight jeans, and a sport coat- looked like an investigator- board the ship before it took off.....I'm sorry Mrs. Castillo. Your husband is gone."

"No. It can't be . Please, there must be some mistake, he couldn't have been on there.... maybe he got off...."

"I'm sorry ma'am, but all witnesses that we've interviewed so far said nobody was seen going on or off or even near the ship before the explosion. I really am very sorry. The divers are looking for remains now. We did everything we could....."

"EVERYTHING YOU COULD? EVERYTHING? My husband would be alive right now had you done everything you could, how can this be happening? You were supposed to be backing him up, watching him, what happened? WHAT HAPPENED?~!?? HE CAN'T BE DEAD- PLEASE !!! What happened? WHAT HAPPENED?"

She sobs and Julia takes her in her arms, trying to calm her down and show support. She's shown comforting her.......through binocular lenses.

The camera zooms in on Kirk, watching them with his binoculars. "Oh, he's gone Eden, you can count on that. But not to worry. Kirk will make you feel all better."

He laughs as the camera goes back to Julia, comforting a distraught Eden.

THE END............for TODAY

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