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Since Episode 55 OH-SO-OBVIOUSLY was meant to be a cliffhanger Friday, I'm being a poop and making you all wait another day for the next one. That, and I have the day off tomorrow and no car. I'll adjust the schedule accordingly.

In the meantime, time for some NEWS!!!! Drew Hamilton, an SON member and SONBC enthusiast (that's the nickname of our blog network), has kicked off the 2007 SONBC Awards, just in time for Emmy season. Basically, he's doing it like the Emmys, where each blog pre-nominates 2 actors in each of the major categories & submits scenes from the actor's best episode of 2006. Only episodes that were posted in 2006 count, so the eligibility goes up to my New Year's Eve episode (was actually posted New Year's Day, but was intended as a 2006 episode). I've consulted Mel, my co-host, and Wendy about the pre-nominations, and am going with my gut, along with their input. But I still need some help! The only episodes I've submitted are for Best Show & the 2 Best Supporting Actress contenders. I have NOT decided on the episodes for the performers submitted in the other categories. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Again, only episodes up to the New Year's Eve show are eligible.

Without further adieu, I give you the 'Return to Santa Barbara' Pre-Nominee roster for the 2007 SONBC Awards.

Best Younger Actor: nobody on RTSB is eligible.

Best Younger Actress: alisareyes.gifG117047.jpg

Alisa Reyes as Marta Ramirez and Heather Lindell as Samantha Capwell

Best Supporting Actor: oltl_watkins_1.jpgbrainard.jpg

Tuc Watkins as Keith Timmons and Michael Brainard as Ted Capwell

Best Supporting Actress:


Harley Jane Kozak as Mary Duvall and Carmen Duncan as Pamela Conrad

Best Lead Actor:


Lane Davies as Mason Capwell and Jed Allan as CC Capwell

Best Lead Actress:


Judith McConnell as Sophia Capwell and Nancy Lee Grahn as Julia Wainright Capwell

Best Storyline: The Takeover of Capwell Enterprises/Introduction of Elizabeth

Best Show: Episode 26: The Mud Fight!

For my Supporting Actress entries, I submitted EPISODE 9 for Harley Jane Kozak (Julia finds out that Dr.Beckman is really Mary!) and for Carmen Duncan, I submitted episode 31 (New Year's Eve).

Again, any help you guys could offer me in choosing episodes for the other categories would be greatly appreciated! See you tomorrow, for Episode 56!!!!


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Great choices Greg.

As soon as I finish up mine, I will try and see if I can do some looking for you and help you with the ones you need.

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Sorry I am still having major issues with all the computers, but I was able to catch up this morning. You are doing a great job with all the storylines and the cliffhanger was as good as any that ever graced the small screen. Love that they are doing a SON Emmy event. I will try to get back to you later today with my suggestions.


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THANKS TERI!!!! And welcome back! I miss you when you're not around- hopefully, you can listen or even call in to the radio show tonight!!!

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Okay, I have reviewed all the episodes from last year and here are some suggestions for you -

YOUNGER ACTRESS - Personally I think some of the best scenes for these 2 happened after the New Year's Eve episode, but here is the scenes I like best before the cut off.

Alisa Reyes/Marta Ramirez - Episode 30, Marta accepts a peace offering from Adriana. This scene showed both her need to stand up for her father and wanting a friend who understands

Heather Lindell/Samantha Capwell - Episode 20, Samantha consoles Rafe who has lost Lily. This scene showed that Samantha is all grown up and ready to go after what she wants even if it is following in her parents footsteps of falling for a person who is entangled with someone else.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Very hard to pick for this category because there were a lot of good Keith scenes and very few before the cut off for Angel.

Tuc Watkins/Keith Timmons - Episode 19, Keith spills the beans to Sophia about Elizabeth stepping in to save Capwell Enterprises. To me, Keith is at his best when he torments a Capwell with some bit of dirt he has dug up and no one knows how to bury a knife and twist it better.

Bernard White/Angel Ramirez - Episode 17, Angel thinks his cover is blown because of Eden. This scene really shows how much Angel has invested in this deal so that he can be with his family.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Great choices and I agree completely

LEAD ACTOR - These are 2 of my favorite male actors and characters of all time.

Lane Davies/Mason Capwell - So many great scenes for him especially after he finds out Mary is alive. I have to go with Episode 25, Mason is drunk once again and tells Julia, Augusta, Warren, Pamela, and everyone at the Orient Express exactly what is on his mind. Mason was always the most honest and verbose when he is drunk. I love how he can cut to the core of the situation and he can see his feelings as well as others involved so well when he has a little whiskey on board.

Jed Allan/CC Capwell - Episode 23, CC has to change his will to save his company. CC makes a decision that will be good in the short term and thinks that he can manipulate things to minimize the fallout and this is a good example of that.

LEAD ACTRESS - Once again, these are my favorite actresses and characters of all time.

Judith McConnell/Sophia Capwell - Lots of angst, as well as great scenes, to choose from. Episode 24, Sophia and Rosa discuss her decision to keep her condition from the family and go ahead with Dr. Lavery's treatment. This scene just showed how important it is to Sophia not to worry anyone and handle things on her own, much like she tried to do with her breast cancer. Very in character for her.

Nancy Lee Grahan/Julia Capwell - Even more angst and great scenes to choose from. I had the hardest time choosing for this one. In my opinion, Nancy and Julia are the most sure to win for me. The character has stayed true to type and has been well written. After careful consideration of 5 particular scenes, I have to go with Episode 30, Julia confronts Mary in the bathroom about why she came back. This scene showed just how torn Julia was between being honest, not wanting to lose Mason, and truely liking and admiring Mary. It also shows that Julia just doesn't think she measures up to the great Mary Duvall. The other 4 scenes that I look at were Episode 14 (Julia almost tells Mason that Mary is alive), Episode 16 (Julia confronts Mary about Mason, Mark, and the baby), Episode 22 (Julia tells Mason that Mary is alive), and Episode 23 (Mason blasts Julia for not telling him sooner about Mary).

BEST STORYLINE AND BEST SHOW - I have to agree on both your choices, especially The Mud Fight as BEST SHOW. That show was classic SB and a very fun read.

Good Luck and I hope RTSB cleans up at the Awards.


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Thanks so much for the help TERI! I'm going back now and picking the younger actress and supporting actor choices.

I really want to be careful with the Lead submissions- there's going to be A LOT of competition between the blogs in those categories & I want to be sure to choose scenes that will stand out.

Oh....and if you're not an SON member, feel free to email me at [email protected] with any suggestions! Especially in the LEADING CATEGORIES, as I'm submitting them last. I assume some of you have some strong feelings about those contenders & I'd like as much input as possible before making the final decision.

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It really shouldn't be a surprise that I have the strongest feelings about Lane/Mason and Nancy/Julia. I just love everything about the situation that you have set up with them. It really was hard to choose the scenes for them. I told you the other scenes I had considered for Nancy/Julia, but for Lane/Mason Episodes 23 and 24 were the others that I had considered. For Judith/Sophia, it was the discussions with Rosa in Episodes 17 and 24 that were the most dramatic for me. Jed/CC was the hardest for me as far as the Leads go. A lot of his scenes in 2006 were shorter and didn't have quite the impact for me that the 2007 Episodes have had. Of course that may be because I was really focused on the Julia/Mason/Mary triangle. Are there a lot of bloggers submitting? I have only read RTSB and some of From These Roots. From what little I have read on SON, these are the 2 blogs that are the best written. How stiff do you think the competition is and what blogs do you think the stiffest competition will come from? I would like an idea (even if it is in a PM) so that I can make better educated suggestions.


PS is the show tonight at 10pm EST or 11pm EST? No promises, but since I am on vacation and don't have to be at work early in the morning tomorrow, I will try my best to log in or call tonight.

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