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Episode 55





(EXT: BAJA, Mexico)

---Cruz is shown driving down the off-road, looking down at the map. He slows down, thinking he may have missed a turn. He looks over the map closely, once again.

"Where the hell am I? If I'm headin to a dock, I should see water by now..."

Meanwhile, Kirk stops behind him, staying far enough behind to remain out of sight. He opens up his laptop and types that Castillo has stopped driving. The person asks if he's still headed in the right direction and Kirk replies that he is. They advise Kirk to wait it out. He pulls out his binoculars and sees Cruz, sitting in his car, staring downward at the unfolded map.

"Come on Castillo......just ten miles and we're there.....don't stop on me now..."

(EXT: The California/Mexico Border)

---Eden and Julia sit in the line of cars, waiting to go through the customs tollway to get into Mexico. Eden complains about the long line of cars and Julia tries to pacify her concern.

"Julia, my husband's life could be on the line here, I'm sorry but I'm gonna be a little bit edgy....'

"You don't have to apologize, Eden. But frankly, complaining isn't going to do Cruz or us any good. Call the SBPD again- see if Vic's been able to get word to Cruz yet.....Hopefully, we'll be hearing from Santana soon..."

Eden complies and immediately calls Vic as they continue to wait in the line. She asks the operator to put her through to Captain Vic Boswell and she obliges.

"Vic! It's Eden..........Have you been able to reach Cruz yet? .......... I know, the same thing's been happening to me......Any luck with the Mexican authorities?...........Good, and they have the maps ? ........... They'll be in touch as soon as they've caught up with him though, right?....................Alright, well you call me as soon as you hear something............I will, Vic."

Julia asks what he said and Eden tells her they've been unable to reach Cruz as of yet, but the authorities in Mexico are on their way to the site as they speak. Julia is relieved to hear that, but Eden says she won't feel alright until she's heard from Cruz himself.

"You will Eden. Don't worry. We're gonna hear from him....'

Eden gives Julia another worried look and turns to her front to see the line they continue to wait in.

(For added effect, go to the following link & play the song titled "Hello rub n tug" over the rest of the episode.)


(EXT: The Royal Flamingo Hotel, Room 207)

---Angel is shown sitting in the room, staring at original copies of both maps.

"C'mon, call..........let me know my baby girl is alright...."

Meanwhile, outside of the hotel, Santana is shown pulling into the parking lot in her car. She looks down at her notes, with the room number on it, and races up the outside stairs, turning the corner to head toward the room. She finally arrives at room 207. She knocks at the door. She waits a second, then starts furiously banging.

"ANGEL! Open UP!! NOW!!!"

Angel opens the door. "Well, well, well, Santana Andrade, it's been a long, long time. How are you mami?"

"I didn't come here to stroll down memory lane with you, you know why I'm here........I need the map......."

"Alright, alright, I'll get it. I was only trying to say hello...."

He walks toward the desk to retrieve the map, opening the drawer with both maps in it. He is slow to decide which map to give her, which arouses Santana's suspicions. She begins to walk toward him, and he quickly chooses a map and slams the drawer shut. He goes to hand her the map, which she snatches, staring him right in his eye.

"What are you hiding Angel?"

"Hiding? What are you talking about hiding? I've nothing to hide...."

"Oh you don't?"

"That's right, I don't...."

"Then I don't suppose you'd mind if I took a look in that desk drawer there."

"Actually, I would....."

"Really? Why exactly? Something in there you don't want me to see?"

"I'm warning you Santana...."

"Get out of my way....."

She storms right past him, opens the drawer, and finds the other map. She holds it up to him.

"What's this? Another map? Why are there two? Which one is the one Cruz followed?" He just stares back at her, remaining silent. "ANSWER Me! Which one DID HE FOLLOW ANGEL?"

Angel stares at her sternly, clenching his jaw. "These people.....they're dangerous Santana.....All I want.....All I've ever wanted is my daughter home, safe, where she belongs....."

"At the expense of Cruz? What kind of monster are you? You would actually exchange someone else's life, someone who's trying to help you?"

"I'd do anything for my baby girl....."

Santana looks at him, disgusted. "You're pathetic. If anything........I mean ANYTHING happens to him, you're going to have to answer to me. And you're not going to like what I do about it either."

She storms out of the room and runs to her car, staring at both maps.

(EXT: Mexican Roads)

---Cruz starts his car again and continues following the dirt path, heading in the correct direction. Kirk sees him start up again and proceeds to follow cautiously behind him. He quickly types in the laptop that Cruz is back in motion. He continues to slowly follow behind him.....


----Julia and Eden continue driving down the Mexican road, quickly approaching Baja. Eden begins to panic that the sun is already down and she hasn't heard back from Vic or even Santana. Julia tries to keep her calm, saying they're almost there, and if worse comes to worse, they can head directly to the hotel. Suddenly, Eden's phone rings and she sees that it's Santana. She answers the phone and asks Santana what's going on. Santana gives Eden the name of the dock and the directions to it. Eden thanks her for all her help and Santana tries to tell her about the decoy map. The connection begins breaking up before Eden can understand what Santana is saying. They are then disconnected. Eden tells Julia where they're heading and gives her the directions. Julia wonders if there isn't a faster way to get there from where they're at and uses her ONSTAR Navigation system to find out. Eden impatiently waits for the service to respond.....


(EXT: The Royal Flamingo Hotel)

---Angel sits at the small table in the room, with the lights out and drapes open, as he sips on a beer. Suddenly, he hears a car screech in the parking lot and he jumps to his feet. He runs out the door and sees Marta being pushed out of a white pickup truck, which promptly speeds off. He runs down to the parking lot and scoops his daughter in his arms.

"Mija, thank God you're okay. Did they hurt you? Are you hungry? You must be starved......I'm so relieved you're okay....."

"I'm fine papi, I'm fine.....'


----Cruz, pulling up to the docks, staring at the overwhelming amount of boats. He looks over his directions as he races out of the car. He looks for the boat slot number and sees that it's B6. He sees he's at "A" and sees the arrow pointing toward B. He heads down the row until he gets to B6. He's stunned by what a large yacht it is, compared to some of the other slots, which house merely speed boats. He looks again at the directions to make sure it's correct and promptly boards the yacht. He races on to the deck, looking for the entry way.


---Kirk pulls into the docks, gets out, and sees Cruz running toward the ship through his binoculars. He races back to his car and types on his laptop that Cruz is about to board the ship.


---Santana, following her directions, confused as to why she doesn't see any water. She finally does spot the ocean and makes a turn.


---Eden and Julia, racing down the highway as Eden navigates Julia off the exit for the marina.


---Cruz finds the entryway to the inside. As he begins to head down the stairs, he feels the boat begin to rock as it moves causing him to stumble a bit. He gets back on his feet and continues walking down the stairs, suitcase in hand, still armed. He draws his gun when he sees the room he's going to is fairly dark. He sees a dim light in a corner, illuminating a small table. On it, he finds a DVD titled "DETECTIVE" He flips on the light switch and sees a television with a DVD player attached.


---Santana, racing down the docks, until she gets to B6, which is empty. She sees a Mexican sailor nearby and, in Spanish, begs him to help her, saying that her friend is in trouble. He balks at first, saying he doesn't want to get mixed up in any trouble. Please she begs, pleading with him. He's resistant until she gets an idea. She slyly moves her ring from one finger to another and holds it up, pointing at her ring finger. She tells him it's her husband and she has to help him, saying she'll take his boat with or without him. The man agrees to help her. She boards the speedboat with him and they race off.


---Cruz on the yacht, popping the DVD in the player. Very quickly a face comes on the screen, and a muffled voice says. "HELLO CRUZ"

"My God" Cruz says. "It's you."


---Santana, on the speed boat with the man. She sees a large boat not far in the distance and asks the man if it looks like the one in B6. The man assures her it is, saying he'd recognize that ship anywhere.

SUDDENLY...............As Santana and her friend draw closer on the speed boat, the ship they're staring at............


THE END................for TODAY!!!!!!

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Loved todays episode (even if Sophia was not in it ;) ) and with the music added to it...it is more exciting. Now, I have to read all of tomorrows episode. Yes, you read it right...I said ALL of the episode. :D

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