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  1. Good to see more of the Mason & Mary story. I was beginning to think Lane was taking a winter Shakespeare sabbatical on RTSB instead of his usual SB summer escapes...........
  2. I am listening to this at the moment I type this. The archived interview is now on the site, that can be listened to at any time and it also seems that it will be replayed over the weekend. The link is: http://radiologer.com/tbamt.htm The interview does start with the host talking about remembering her on Santa Barbara. For the most part, she talks about her love of animals and her non existent love for the President and the war in Iraq; a little about Days, theater & a few other tidbits. Be forwarned that the first 10 minutes is the hosts ranting about American Idol.
  3. I think the $100,000 question is what was good during the final year of Santa Barbara? IMO, not much of anything was good during the last year. I certainly wasn't watching for any of the Pam Long creations or the other lame recasts, i.e. Eileen Davidson, Wanda De Jesus, etc. The only characters that I had a vested interest in were hardly on or they were doing things that were totally out of character. Even Cruz, a character I used to enjoy was left to spend his time with Eileen Davidson's Kelly or the screen hogs of the Walkers. The CC & Sophia - did we really need to see the umpteenth sleaze or bimbo come between them. Gina & Lionel - cute, but huh?? Mason & Julia - turned into either glorified extras or stuck in god awful storylines. And I will refrain from commenting on what had happened to my favorite character...... When I think back on SB, I rarely ever recall anything of the bitter end. So in my eyes it has been a bad dream, ala Pam's dream on Dallas. For me the show had been on a downward spiral for a good long while, but the final year was so wretched. The Walkers should be forced to suffer as painful of a death as it was for the viewers to watch the slow death of Santa Barbara...
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