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Episode 54





GET SB ON TV!!!!!!!

(EXT: Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office)

----Eden is frantic after realizing that Adriana was indeed the attempted kidnapping victim and feared the worst for Cruz. She grabs her keys and says she's going down there. Julia tells her she doesn't think it's safe and they should contact the authorities immediately. Eden looks outside and sees the sun beginning to set.

"There isn't any time Julia, I've got to get down there- I have to warn him."

"I'm going with you, mom." Adriana interjects.

"Absolutely not- you'll be doing no such thing....if these guys were after you in the first place, Adriana, then that's the last place you need to be. You're going home with Samantha....."

"You can't go alone, mom. Let me come."

"She won't be alone." Julia interrupts. "I'm going with her."

Rafe arrives and sees Eden and Julia rushing out of the station. He asks his sister-in-law what's going on and she instructs him to take Adriana home and stay with her. He asks why and she claims that there isn't any time to explain- just do it and she'll call him when she can. Eden and Julia rush out and Julia insists on driving.

Rafe asks Samantha and Adriana what's going on and Adriana tells him she finally remembered everything. Rafe is furious that they didn't tell him what was going on and that he should be the one going down there. Samantha offers to stay with Adriana and let him go ahead.

"I appreciate the offer, but....my brother would kill me if I let his little princess outta my sight. I just pray to God they get there in time...."

(EXT: Baja, Mexico GAS STATION)

---Cruz radios to his backup, asking them if they've picked up the maps from Angel at the hotel. They tell him they're just arriving there now. He says he's gassing up and is going to go on ahead from there. He warns them to be discreet and not go directly to the docks where he's meeting these guys. They promise their utmost discretion and tell him to be careful.

(EXT: The Royal Flamingo Hotel, Room 207)

---Angel looks at his copy of the map. He flashes back to talking to the kidnappers and promising to make good on delivering Cruz in exchange for Marta's safety, without any interference. He goes to the desk drawer and pulls it out from its hinge, revealing an enveloped taped up inside, underneath the surface. He opens the envelope and unfolds another map, with different directions on it. Leaving the real map behind, he takes the decoy with him to the 24 hour copy & fax store across the street.

He proceeds to make the copies and return to his room.

(EXT: The Roads of California)

---Eden desperately watches the sun setting as she & Julia speed along the winding Californian highways as she holds her cell phone tightly next to her ear.

"Come on Cruz.....Pick up.......Please Pick up................Damnit...Voice Mail.....again..........Julia we're never going to make it in time."

"Try the hotel again....Angel should be back by now....."

Eden dials the hotel and asks for room 207. The phone rings. No Answer. It rings again. No Answer.


Angel, watches the phone ring, with a sickened look on his face.


Eden again talks to the front desk clerk, telling her to leave an urgent message from Eden Castillo and gives her cell phone number. Eden begins to panic, saying that she feels so powerless, that there's nothing she can do, no matter how she tries. Julia tells her not to give up and asks her if she knows anybody who lives in Mexico.

"Santana- That's It! She doesn't live too far from Baja, I don't think. I don't have her num......Wait, I'll call Rosa, she'll have it."

She dials the house. "Rosa?.....Rosa it's Eden......Look, I don't have a lot of time, I need to get in touch with Santana, it's urgent- I need her number....."

She takes out her pen and furiously jots down the number. She quickly hangs up and immediately dials Santana's phone. Santana answers and the screen splits between the two, as Eden explains everything that's going on with Cruz and asks Santana how far she is from Baja. Santana says she can be there in half an hour, quicker if she speeds. Eden gives Santana the name of the hotel and the room number that Angel should be in. Eden tells her to please hurry.

"Don't worry Eden" Santana assures. "We're not going to let anything happen to him. I promise you that. Just keep the faith- I'll do whatever it takes for Cruz, you know that. I'll see you when you get down here...."

Eden hangs up and says that although she feels a little better now that she's gotten a hold of someone, there still isn't a lot of time. She again dials the hotel room, and this time, Angel picks up.

"ANGEL!! Thank God! You've got to listen to me.....Cruz is in danger- he's being set up- the kidnappers were after Adriana all along, not Marta..."

"What? What are you saying? That can't be, Eden, why would they keep Marta then? And why the demands about my testimony?"

"I don't have any of the answers Angel but I'm telling you, something is not right. You've got to go after him- you have to stop him."

"I'm sorry Eden. I can't do that."

"What do you mean you CAN'T?"

"They're supposed to drop Marta off here once Cruz makes the exchange.....I'm not leaving here until my baby girl is back in my arms...."

"Aren't you listening to me? It's a SET UP! You're not going to get Marta back at all if you don't warn him...."

"You haven't told me anything as to why and even if you did, I have to go by what they're saying. My daughter's life could depend on it. I'm sorry Eden, but you'd do the same thing in my situation......"

"Can you alert his backup then?"

"They've already left to follow him- I have no way to reach them- Cruz has the radio with him, that's how they're communicating right now, since they're more reliable than cell phones in the area....."

Eden insists he has to do something but he tells her his hands are tied. She then tells him that Santana Andrade is on her way there and asks if he still has a copy of the map. Angel freezes for a moment, wrestling with his conciense as he hears the desperation in her voice. She again screams, pleading with him to answer her. He admits he does have one copy and agrees to give it to Santana upon her arrival. She thanks him and tells him she hopes everything with Marta turns out alright. They hang up and she exchanges a nervous look with Julia as they continue speeding down the highway.

(EXT: Mexico- roads)

---Cruz is shown travelling down an off-road, looking down at the map as things get a little bumpy. A car is shown following not too far behind him. The camera zooms into the driver and reveals it to be Kirk Cranston. Kirk stops and pulls off as he sees Cruz following the dirt path. He receives a typed message, asking him his location. He replies that he's just outside of the docks, about 15 miles or so. The person types back, asking if the target is in sight. Kirk replies that the bait has been taken and Cruz seems to be driving right into the trap that's been set. "EXCELLENT" is typed back to him. Kirk closes the lap top computer and smiles.

"After today, Castillo, after today, you will no longer be a nuisance to me or anyone you've encountered. And finally, after all these years, Eden will be back where she belongs........with me!"

THE END...............for today


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I hope Santana makes it!!!!! Oh I hope that Cruz will be ok and that Kirk stays far, far away from Eden. However, I get the feeling that won't happen....

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I have that poem What a tangled web we weave running through my head now. Even if Santana gets to Angel which map will he give to her? Our boy Cruz is in a lot of trouble. Kirk is crazy.

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"After today, Castillo, after today, you will no longer be a nuisance to me or anyone you've encountered. And finally, after all these years, Eden will be back where she belongs........with me!"
Same ole Kirk! It's been twenty years already - the guy really needs to get over it and move on already! :rolleyes:

Oh I hope that Cruz will be ok and that Kirk stays far, far away from Eden. However, I get the feeling that won't happen...

I share Tishy's hope & feeling here. Now we have Eden, Julia and Santana in on the action and Angel's loyalties in limbo. And where's Joann in all this? Can't wait to see what happens next but almost afraid to know! :unsure:

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