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January 15, 2007




-In an older neighborhood on the lower east side of Salem, James walks up to a small, run down home. He stoicly stares at it before entering by using a key. He walks in quietly and we see that the home is dimly lit with aging walls. James walks down the small hallway and into the kitchen, where middle-aged woman is standing over an oven. James asks the woman if he heard her come in and she doesn't respond.

James: Oh come on, Renee. The silent treatment again? You know what...if I knew you were going to be like this all the time, I would've did something to put my ass back in prison again!!

Renee: Oh, yes!!! Because you being in jail for over ten years wasn't enough!!! I'm sorry if you don't like how things are but I'm tired. I'm just really tired!!!

James: I know and I know life is tough. Look...I am doing my best. I promised you and the kids that I would work hard this time to provide a better life.

Renee: I hope by work hard you mean actually work and not steal and pillage like you did before?

James: Of course. I told you I have a new job. Remember? I'm working for Victor Kiriakis.

Renee: Yes, I know. But Victor is very shady. Caroline Brady told me alot about him at church. She would know, afterall, since she had an affair with him. I just worry about what you are doing for him. He has this mafia war going on with Stefano Dimera and I don't need you being involved in that.

James: Renee, I can assure you that what I am doing is not putting me or our family in any danger. Everything I am doing is legit and there is nothing shady about it.

Renee: Then why don't you tell me what you do? I have been asking you for a few days now and your answer always is the same. You claim you are a runner and that you run errands and handy man's work. Can't you be more specific?

James: Not really. What I do depends on what Mr. Kiriakis requests of me. One day it can be going to drop a message off for him and the next it could be fix the chandelier. It can be almost anything. Can't you just trust me?

Renee: That's awfully hard to do when the last time I did that you lied to my face for months and ended up locked away for more then a decade.

James: I'm sorry Ren...

At that moment, two young men and a beautiful young woman walk in through the back door in the kitchen. The oldest, James Jr, is joking around with the middle child of the family Jonathan. The young woman, Angelica who is called "Angel," runs past them and hugs her father. She is clearly the apple of her daddy's eye.

James: Hello, my darling Angel. How was school?

Angel: Oh, awesome daddy. I met this cute guy who...

James Jr: Better not tell dad about guys. You don't want to start trouble.

Jonathan: Why? There was already trouble before we walked in.

James Jr: What do you mean?

Jonathan: You can tell mom and dad were fighting. Mom has that same look she has on her face when she is mad and dad has that look on his face when mom is yelling at him and he doesn't want any of us to know.

Renee: Look, guys it's ok. Your father and I had a minor disagreement. It's fine. Jon, how was school?

Jonathan: Good. Typical school, mom. I can't wait to graduate in June.

Angel: Yeah, well at least you graduate this year. I still have a year to go.

James Jr: Hey, guys. College life is not what it's cracked up to be. Beleive me, I know. I went through it. It's alot of work and then they send you out into the real world. What's coming up for you both isn't easy, believe me.

Jonathan: Yeah but it has to be better then high school. At least you get some breaks during the day and longer summer vacation.

James Jr (laughing): Yeah but there is a con for every pro, bro.

Angel: Hey, Jon, I need you to sit down and do that interview with me for the Salem High Herald. Since you were the all-time school record holder as a running back and are our star small forward on the basketball team, it may take awhile to write it up so we should start tonight.

Jonathan: Well, I have to call Tim first and then we can do it.

Angel: Ok. I have to call Ms. Lindsey and find out what day we are having the extra cheerleading practice this week so that's fine.

Angel and Jonathan walk out of the room.

Renee: Dinner will be ready soon so don't get too busy!!

James Jr: Are you sure everything is cool here?

James: Fine, son. Nothing to worry about. How was work today?

James Jr: Well, being an intern at The Spectator is hard but I am getting used to it. There is some changes happening at the top. The editor is leaving or something so things are a mess but it should settle soon.

Renee: I am so proud of you. I know the internship doesn't pay a whole lot right now but you will work your way up.

James Jr: Yeah and I like what I am doing.

James: That's all that matters, son.

James Jr: Thanks dad. You know, you inspire me. I mean, here you are rebuilding your life after you have been through so much. You are turning your life around and I just want to say that I am proud of you. Heck, Angel and Jon are too and I am sure mom is as well. It was hard when you weren't here for us but visiting you in jail I knew you were great. You just made some mistakes and paid for them and you are really working hard to better yourself.

James (clearly upset): Yeah. Thanks...uh, I am doing this for you and your brother and sister too. and your mom. I love you all...everything I ever did was for all of you. (Renee coldly turns and stares at James)

James Jr: I know, dad. That is why I hope I can be half the man you are. Well, gotta shower. Be back down soon.

James Jr leaves. Renee comes over and gets right in James' face.

Renee: Half the man you are? I am warning you, James. You better not screw up again or it just may tear this whole family apart.

James: I won't. Like I said, everything I do is for our family. I have learned from the past. Don't worry.

Renee: God, I hope you are being honest and sincere...for all of our sakes.

Renee goes back to cooking as James turns away in shame, knowing full well what he is involved in and that he is once again lying to his family.

-At the hospital, Marlena continues her attack on Roman. Roman tries to life the pillow up using his head but can't. He is desperate for air.

Marlena (whispering): Stop fighting, honey. You can't fight it when it's your time to die...

Roman is clearly gasping for air and Marlena continues to forcefully hold the pillow over Roman's face. Meanwhile, outside, Belle and Kayla are nearby. Both are worried about the situation in the warehouse district as they have yet to hear anything yet from Abe and Shane.

Back in Roman's room, Marlena begins to quietly snicker as she feels that Roman is slowly giving up. Just then, she looks over at Roman's nightstand and sees something in an open drawer. She is clearly unsettled by it and stops moving. She leans closer to the drawer and her face turns from one of anger and evil to one of upset and heartbreak. The drawer contains Roman's open wallet and the wallet is showing a picture of Roman and Marlena with Sami and Eric when they were first born.

Marlena begins to cry and then holds her head in confusion. Meanwhile, Kayla looks at Roman's room and sees Marlena in there. She runs in, with Belle behind her. They find Marlena in there. Kayla tells Belle to get her out of the room, reminding her of the infection risk. Kayla rushes to Roman, who is unconscious. He, eventually, comes to and asks what happened. Kayla says she isn't sure but his vitals show signs of someone who was nearly smothered. Roman remembers being attacked and having someone try to smother him with a pillow.

Kayla says that Marlena was in here and was very upset but she would never do that. Kayla remembers being with Hope, Caroline, and Maggie earlier and seeing Marlena go off on Sami and Belle. Roman says that Marlena has been acting strangely lately and reminds Kayla that Belle knocked her out at the ball because she seemed to be aiming a gun at him. Kayla asks Roman if he thinks that Marlena has mental issues similar to what she had before falling into the volcano. Roman isn't sure but thinks they need to talk to her.

Kayla reminds him that he can't because it would blow his cover. Roman asks Kayla to talk to her and see if something is going on. Kayla says she will try and see what she can find out.

-Belle comforts Marlena and asks what she was doing. No one can go in dad's room due to the infection risk. Marlena is visibly upset and is a wreck, saying she is so confused. Belle asks her what she is confused about.

Marlena: Why am I here? What's going on?

Belle: Mom...are you ok? Do you want me to...

Marlena: Wh...why? Your father...what was I doing? Oh my Gosh!!! Oh my..

Belle: Mom! What is going on? Something is not right.

Marlena: No...I would never...

Belle: Ok...that's it. You have been acting weird since coming back. Your snapping at Sami and I all the time, you looked like you were aiming a gun at dad at the ball and I had to knock you out, you showed no concern at all for dad or anyone else after the shootout, you disappear alot, and you seem like you are keeping secrets from us. What is going on?!

Marlena: Huh? I...uh, I did all that? No...I don't remember...(holding her head and chest) oh...gosh...I have to get out of here...have to...leave.

Marlena gets up and runs off hyperventilating and in tears as Belle starts to go after her and loses her in a hallway. Kayla catches up and Belle tells her that something is really wrong with her mom. Kayla explains what Roman told her and says that they need to find her mother and find out what is going on ASAP.

-Outside of warehouse 9, Bo seems frazzled by the explosion. Hope sees he is bleeding and tells him he is hurt. Bo then has a blurred memory of being in an alley just like he is now as a little boy. He is crying for help and for Roman, Kimberly, or mom and pop to come and help him. Bo shakes off the dream and then asks out loud why he keeps having flashes like that. Hope asks what he is talking about. Bo then says that he had thought they had stopped as he hasn't had one in awhile. Hope is puzzled and Bo continues to not answer her about what he is talking about.

Bo sees all the police, ISA, and SWAT team officials around. He regains his composure and tells Hope they need to go. He grabs her and they run off.

-Abe and Shane continue to investigate the explosion. Maggie is hysterical and falls to her knees. Shane comes over to comfort her. Caroline looks at the explosion site and says:

Caroline: I hope that cold-hearted bastard burns in hell.

Maggie (crying): How could you say that? You loved him!!! You had a son with him!! You had an affair with him two years ago!! Don't you feel anything right now?!

Shane: Maggie, calm down. Let's sit...

Caroline: If the man that died was the same man I cared about for years, yes. Yes, I would feel devestated over losing him. The man that died here today was not the Victor I loved. It was the Victor who forced my son to shoot his own brother. It was the Victor who was destroying my family and was part of a mafia war that was endangering all of us. The Victor I cared about died a long time ago. I'm sorry for your pain, Maggie. Even though I can't understand it, you really grew to care about him over the past few months and I'm sorry for your loss.

Maggie: I can't beleive you!!! What is wrong with you?!!

Caroline: Nothing. In fact, I feel really good. Salem is safer and so are the people I love. You may be upset but this is really a good thing. I know you won't see it as that but...

Maggie: You [[email protected]#$%^&*]!!!

Maggie hauls back and slaps Caroline. Shane and Abe hold her back.

Maggie: You will pay for saying all that!! You...your the reason he is dead. Your had us at gunpoint. He could've gotten away if it weren't for you. He's dead because of you!!! I'm going to make you pay!!!

Abe and Shane hold Maggie back.

Caroline: The same could be said for you. You were here before me. If you never showed up, he may have still escaped.

Maggie: No...I...

Caroline: Look...Maggie. Victor brought this all on himself ok. He made his bed now he has to lie in it.

Maggie then breaks down in Abe and Shane's arms as Caroline walks away.

Maggie: Victor!! Abe, are you sure he was in there?

Abe: A few of my men say they saw him get in the limo that exploded. The other limo is long gone but once we start examining the remains we should get more answers.

Maggie: So...he still could be alive?

Shane: Maggie...darling, we aren't sure but we have some officers saying he got in the limo. No one jumped out of it so, if he was in it, Victor is gone.

Maggie: But, he may not have been in...

Abe: Maggie...it looks like he was. Don't get your hopes up, ok?

Abe walks away as Maggie breaks down in Shane's arms, saying that Victor can't be gone and that she refuses to beleive it. Meanwhile, Caroline looks at the explosion remains and says:

Caroline: I hope you are burning in hell for the way you betrayed me and for all the horrors you brought upon my family. We are much better off without you. Too bad too much damage has already been done. Our lives...my family may never be the same or whole again because of you. Stefano has caused us alot of pain but he has never destroyed who we are. You destroyed Bo. You destroyed our son and, for that, I hope you find no peace in the afterlife. I hope you suffer just as much as you have made my family and I suffer.

Abe, Shane, and Maggie hear all this as Maggie continues to cry in Shane's arms.

-Bo and Hope enter another warehouse. Hope tells Bo that they can't run. She asks him why they can't just go down to the station and have him admit what is going on. Bo says he wants to talk to her and no one else. Not right now. Hope is fine with it but demands Bo tell her everything that is going on. This is his last chance or they are through for good.

She reminds him that she thought they understood each other. She had admitted she was wrong for pushing him away. She dropped the charges against Chelsea and they both were well on their way to healing after months of agonizing over Zack's death and the circumstances surrounding it. After he nearly died in Sydney, she thought he was turning around and realizing that being involved with Victor was wrong. They had a wonderful Christmas together with JT returning. They were on the way to being happy again. She asks him what happened and why he has become what he is.

Hope: How could you try to kill your own brother? That boggles my mind, Bo.

Bo: Hope...there is alot I have to tell you.

Just then, Bo has another memory flash. This time he is in a dark room as a little boy and has a frightened look on his face. The memory is blurred and the very deep voice of a man can be heard:

Man: It's ok, Bo. I promise you, it's ok.

Bo: I don't like you. Go away! Please...go away.

The scene returns to the present and Bo begins to cry himself. He clutches his head and seems to be getting caught up in the memory. He began to cry out for help. Hope tries to calm him but he screams out for help. Abe, Shane, Maggie, and Caroline hear the screams nearby. The four of then take off, along with some of the officers that Abe commands to go with them.

Hope tries to reach Bo but can't. He begins to wail his arms, knocking Hope to the floor, and screaming:

Bo: Don't!!! No!!!

Bo then falls against a wall and slowly drops to the ground, unconscious. Hope races to him as Maggie, Shane, Abe, and Caroline walk in and race over to her. Hopef fills tells them all in on what happened and says also that Bo hit his head when they fell to the ground during the explosion. Abe asks one of the officers that followed to get some EMT's fast as Hope and Caroline cradle Bo in their arms, wondering what is going on with him.

The screen then fades out on Bo's unconscious face.

On the next Salem Lives...

Max (with Jack) to Abby: You going to be fine.

Chelsea (with Billie and Kate): He's right, Abby. We are both going to be.

Cassie to Dr. Glancy: I want the truth. What is wrong with me?

Maggie to Julie: Caroline is right...I killed Victor.

Hope (with Caroline) to Kayla: What is wrong with him? What's wrong with Bo?

Kimberly: Oh my God...this can't be. I can't let this happen. Bo can't know. He can't.


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Loving the Marlena story. Hmmmm.....mental issues? She's acting alot like Sam did when she was alive.......I wonder if this is Marlena and if it is if she has the same problem Sam had? I can't wait to watch and see.

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