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Interviewer: Nice you see you, Peggy. You are looking very happy!!

Peggy McCay: Oh, I am. I am always happy but I am over the moon.

I: It must be nice finally being on the front burner and being utilized so much.

PM: Oh, you have no idea. I can't complain though. I was always used more then some of the others my age. In early 2006, the last HW (James E. Reilly) was actually using me more then I had been in years. The funny part was he was the very same writer that "killed" me off. He did bring me back though but John (Aniston, Victor) and I were in a castle after getting off the island and then we were on another island. We were used sparingly but the early parts of 2006 were pretty good for me. As soon as new HW Tim Lowery took the reigns, things really became different. His partner, Patrick L. Ewing, then came on board to help and both have written some wonderful stuff for me and many of the vets to play. Suzanne (Rogers, Maggie), John, and I never thought we would see the frontburner again but here we are!!!

I: It's so great to see so much of you. Now, let's backtrack a bit. How did you feel when you were told they were killing off Shawn Brady Sr (Frank Parker)?

PM: Awful. I love Frank and we had such a great working relationship. He understood though. It;s the business and the writers felt this opened many story doors for Caroline and the Brady's. It's the same thing that happened with Suzanne when they brought John Clarke (Mickey) back for a bit to kill him off. The writers felt they had to make sacrifices to better the stories and show and I think it did in the long run. We hated losing actors like Frank and John but it's propelled so much story. If you ever leave a show, you always hope the exit is memorable and both men had memorable exits. The writers treated them well.

I: You are involved in one of the biggest stories on Salem Lives. The war between Victor and Stefano has resulted in much tragedy and suffering for all of Salem. How do you feel about the story and your involvement?

PM: It's fantastic. Is it violent and does it seem like there is shootouts and explosions all the time? Yes, but that's the story. I can't believe other writers haven't thought about putting Salem's two best villains against each other. It's so epic and it brings in almost the whole canvas. It has family and friends taking sides and there is just so much drama and strife. I love it and I love how you don't know why characters like Bo are doing what they are doing. I like the mystery components of it. As for my character's involvement, it was slow developing at first but it's really getting fun now. They have me pulling a gun on Victor and I am flying off the handle alot. The writers wanted Caroline to show off that temper of her's and to take a more hands on approach in protecting her family. I love it and the drama and action is so much fun.

I: Yeah. You pulling the gun on Victor in the last episode was shocking since the Caroline we are so used to seeing is the caring, supportive, comforting grandmother-like figure who runs the family pub. It just goes to show you that women over 65 can still be involved in high drama and big stories.

PM: Oh yes!! It's what soaps need to realize. You do need the young generation but you can't lose the vets. Just because Caroline and Alice are grandmothers doesn't mean we can't still be involved. I love the fact that the writers we have now have the vets featured prominently. They know who the characters are that the fans want to see and the newer, younger ones are thrown in the mix here and there so fans can get use to then without having them forced down their throats. I think it's a great way of going about providing quality drama now and building for the future.

I: Agreed. How do you feel about the Caroline/Victor/Maggie triangle? The last episode made it appear like Victor and Caroline are through. Of course, if he really is dead, they are through anyway. What do you think?

PM: It's a weird triangle. After Shawn Sr died, I really thought they would be building to a reunion with Victor and Caroline. I remember telling John that and John mentioned that they had him and Suzanne working together alot on the island story and he hinted to me that they may mean something. We never thought we would be thrown into a triangle and I think it's great. It just goes to show you that even us folks can be involved in love triangles late in life (laughs). I really like how the writers slowly built Victor and Maggie by having them save each other and comfort each other. It's so great how they show the different dynamics. Caroline wants Victor to be the good man he had become after Isabella's death. That was the man she fell in love with. Maggie, on the other hand, cares for Victor as a whole. It's doesn't matter what he is and what he is doing. Their bond is strong and she doesn't judge him or criticize like I do. I have noticed that the jealousy I had for them is gone and the scenes you all saw last week started taking me in the direction of maybe there is closure coming for Victor and Caroline. The scene in the last episode when I held Victor at gunpoint and claimed that our love was dead and had been dying for awhile tells me that maybe the relationship is on it's last legs. We'll see. I don't want to give anything away but there is some stuff coming that can give the fans more answers as to where Victor and Caroline are headed. Whether Victor survived somehow or not, I can't tell you. All I know is, whether Victor is alive or not, things are getting interesting.

I: Interesting indeed. Can you tell us anymore about what happens with Caroline?

PM: Well, the tension between Maggie and her will be very high after the ending of Friday's episode. What happened to Victor and how it all went down will really affect Caroline and Maggie. Caroline will also get some big news and there is some big stuff coming up in the months ahead with the Brady family. I'm telling you things are getting really good here (laughs).

I: Wow!! Sounds like your character is going to be all over the place (laughs).

PM: Yes and I love it!!

I: Thanks Peggy for the time and I hope things continue to go well.

PM: Thank you. We'll talk again.



Sharon Wyatt (Renee McCluer): Wyatt debuts in the role of James (Roscoe Born) wife on January 15.


Zachary Knighton (Jonathan McCluer): Knighton has been cast as the youngest son of Renee and James. He debuts on January 15. Knighton has been in various TV and film projects.


Michael Trucco (James McCluer Jr): Trucco has been cast as the oldest offspring of the McCluer family. He debuts on Janaury 15. Trucco is best known for appearing on Battlestar Gallactica from 2005-2006.


Hayden Panettiere (Angelica "Angel" McClure): One of the stars of the the new NBC hit "Heroes" will be pulling double duty as she has won the role of the only McClure daughter and the youngest child of three. "We found a way to make it work," says EP/HW Tim Lowery. "She will be doing both and there won't any issues. We love having her and Michael and Zachary aboard to round out the McCluer family." She will debut on January 15.

Previews and Peeks into Wk of 1/15/07

-James's home life has him on edge.

-Marlena's behavior takes another stunning turn.

-Maggie and Caroline come to blows.

-Hope demands the truth from Bo.

-Sami tells Austin she knows about him and Carrie.

-Lucas surprises Austin.

-Cassie gets shocking news.

-Abby and Chelsea begin therapy.

-Kimberly is keeping a secret.

-Steve loses it.

-Eric and Nicole's dreams hit a snag.

-Greta prepares to make a life changing decision.

-Billie makes a career choice.

-The Horton's comfort Maggie.

-Chelsea's secret is out.

-Marlena goes wild.

-Roman tells all.


Monday January 15: Caroline and Maggie come to blows!!!

Tuesday January 16: Cassie gets big news!!

Friday January 19: Roman is forced to tell all to save Bo. Meanwhile, Marlena goes on a wild streak!!

Next Week: Kayla and Steve prepare to go on a journey. Maggie gets a shock. Bo begins to piece together his memories. Kimberly seeks out Roman's help. James issues a warning to his family. A shocking truth about Marlena and James is revealed. Eric and Nicole get bad news. Carrie makes a decision about her baby.


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