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-Marlena an Shawn console Belle as she is told that Claire is all out of chances and its too late to save her. Mimi tells Bonnie that its ok for Belle to need Shawn right now. Their child is dying. Mimi goes over to comfort Belle as Bonnie looks on with worry for her daughter’s future.

-Abe and Lexie share a close moment as they bond over Zack’s condition. Abe relates to it since he was blind but can’t imagine how a child would feel going through that. Celeste sees this and wonders if maybe Abe will forgive Lexie but everything goes south when Lexie asks what this means for their future since they are getting along. Abe snaps at her and angrily reminds her of all the chances he has given her in the past and she has never learned. She was dishonest yet again and betrayed him. He walks away in disgust. Celeste comforts him and then goes to check on Lexie, who is searching for a heart donor for JT and a cornea donor for Zack. She breaks down in her mother’s arms over all the tragedy happening. Celeste asks Lexie where she is staying right now. She lies and says she is at the Salem Inn, figuring it would not be best to tell Abe she is at the Dimera house right now since it may cause more tension. She needs to smooth things over before she shares that with him. Celeste asks for a number but Lexie gets some huge information and rushes off before telling her.

-Alice, Doug, Julie, Caroline, Victor, Jen, Frankie, Max, Abby, Bo, and Hope are all waiting in the lobby. Billie and Kate are still there, which is not sitting well with many. Roman alerts everyone that the search for Phillip is not nationwide. Julie feels bad that her car was responsible but Hope insists it wasn’t her fault. Hope and Bo and the rest of the family comfort Shawn and Belle. They all decide to go and see Claire. Bo and Hope say hello for the first time to the granddaughter they never knew they had. This prompts yet another fight with Kate for keeping the secret, which is stopped by Bo. Victor blames himself to but Caroline insists that he made a mistake but Kate knew long before him and was taking measures to keep the truth hidden. Caroline, Alice, Doug, Julie, Roman, and Maggie all say hello and goodbye to her, along with Bo and Hope. Sami and Carrie go in to with Marlena and say their goodbyes. Kate shocks everyone when she asks if she could go in. After all, she believed her to be her granddaughter once. Belle lets her and Billie, Lucas, and Austin go in too to say goodbye. Mimi goes in with Belle and Shawn as they say emotional goodbyes to their daughter as Shawn regrets missing time with her as a father but us thankful for the time he had. Bonnie tells Mimi to get Shawn out of there but Mimi tells her to shut up and back off since its not the right time and there is a child dying. Belle wishes that her father could be there to say goodbye. Just then, John comes into the room to the delight of everyone. Marlena and Kate both embrace him and catch him up to speed on everything. They wonder why he is out of bed. John says he woke up and learned about Claire. He is shocked to hear about all the other bad news. He pats Shawn on the back and consoles him, saying he is sympathetic to his situation. It is very similar to his with Marlena and Belle, only he didn’t lose Belle. He comforts his daughter and Marlena. Lexie then arrives and announces that Claire’s death has a bright side-she is a match for JT and Zack. Her heart has not been damaged yet and her corneas can possibly give Zach his sight back. Bo and Hope are elated, along with everyone else. Belle and Shawn talk it over and realize this is the right thing to do and give permission. They say a final goodbye to Claire and we see a montage of Claire’s short life set to the song, “My Baby Love” (not sure if that is the name but I love that song). Claire is taking up to surgery, along with Zack and JT. Everyone goes to the chapel to pray that things go well and for Claire’s soul.

-Maggie and Lucas continue to worry, each privately, about their memory flashes. They wonder if Phillip is innocent and one of them is guilty. They both know each other was drunk and driving but don’t mention to each other their memory flashes. While everyone else goes to the chapel, Lucas goes to his car. Sami sees him wander off and walks off after him. Carrie and Austin are left alone and he tries to comfort her but she continues to fight her feelings for him and backs away. Austin still can’t understand what is going on but decides to leave it alone for now. Meanwhile, Maggie continues to have that vague flashback but can’t remember anything else. She continues to worry, which is noticed by Doug and Julie. Lucas goes down to the hospital garage to check out his car. He is shocked when his worst fears are confirmed-his tires are the same ones that were on Julie car’s that Philip stole. That makes the tire tracks a match and both cars are the same color. Lucas’s headlight is broken too but he realizes both his and Maggie’s would be since their cars collided. He just doesn’t know if his headlight was busted before that and if it was, all that combined with what he knows could mean he hit Zack. Lucas panics and gets upset wondering why he did what he did, in regards to falling off the wagon, and if he could be responsible for something that awful (in regards to hitting Zack). He is stunned when he turns around and sees Sami there who asks him, “What the hell is going on Lucas?” Lucas responds, “Nothing alright. I am just upset about everything going on that’s all.” Sami pushes it and mentions how Lucas was looking at his car and talking to himself. She saw it from a distance and he looks like he is covering up something. She demands to know what it is or she will just have to find out herself. Lucas looks on with worry as Sami waits for answers with a confident look on her face as the screen freezes on her face and Lucas’s intermingled together and then goes to black.

On the next Days...

Salem mourns Claire. Plans are made for Chelsea and Patrick’s funeral. Lexie brings news about Zack and JT. Sami is hot on Lucas’s trail. Someone is stalking John and Marlena.


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