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October 23, 2006




Abby and Chelsea return to the Deveraux home after the shocking turn of events this evening. Chelsea, still feeling the effects of the night’s festivities. Abby encourages Chelsea to call her mother and tell her that Chelsea is at her house for the night as she has been looking for her. Chelsea calls her mother, Billie, on the phone:

Chelsea: Aye, Mom. It’s me.

Billie: Thank God! Where in the blue hell have you been?!

Chelsea: Look. Just get off my back. I blew off some steam, alright?

Billie: No, dammit! It’s not alright. You know, you really get on my last nerve with you staying out as late as you do and going missing. I guess nothing fazes you, does it?

Chelsea: Oh, here we go. I know. I’m supposed to feel sorry about what happened to Zack and everything else. Well, I am. And, I’m also sick and tired of trying to apologize for everything. So......

Abby is listening to everything on the other phone in her bedroom.

Billie: So my ass, Chelsea! You haven’t grown up yet. You and Sami Brady sure are family. I wish you two would just jump on your brooms and see who can ruin people’s lives the fastest.

Chelsea: That’s it. I’m not listening to this. I’m staying here because I’m too wasted to drive home, ok?

Billie: Fine. I will be by to see you in the morning. Make sure you don’t open your coffin lid before sundown, or you’ll turn to dust. Bye!|

Billie hangs the phone up on Chelsea. Abby comes upstairs to see Chelsea sitting on the extra bed in her room. Abby is shocked by how Chelsea speaks to her mother. But, having told her that time and time again, Abby has just about run out of patience. Still having not grieved over the death of her mother, Abby turns to Chelsea and says:

Abby: That’s it. Max and every other guy rejects me. My dad is so busy trying to get in your mom’s pants, he doesn’t even notice me or my brother anymore, especially since my mom died. Well, if you can go all over the place acting like a spoiled brat and get away with it.......

Chelsea: Hey!

Abby: Then why can’t I. You going to that Halloween Bash tomorrow night?

Chelsea: Sure.

Abby: Well, so am I. No more St. Abby. It’s about time Salem saw the new-look Abby Deveraux.

-Billie hangs up from speaking with Chelsea and fills Hope in. Hope just rolls her eyes and tells Billie that’s your daughter and she makes sure to deal with that. Billie feels that Hope still won’t give Chelsea a chance. Hope tells her that she has had chance after chance and reminds Billie that she dropped the charges and has been civil with Chelsea because of what she has been through. Hope admits she is sick of always being made out to be the bad one when it was her daughter who killed her son and has gotten away with it. Billie gets quiet and, after a few moments, agrees. Billie tries to apologize when Bo runs up to both of them. Before he asks anything, Billie tells Bo that Chelsea called and is sleeping it off at Abby’s tonight. Bo breaths a sigh of relief. He says that is one crisis averted. Hope then asks about the other crisis. Bo turns and starts walking away, telling Hope to get off his back. Hope tells Bo that he could save many lives if he just walks away from Victor’s mafia war. Billie joins in and tells him she’s right. She also tells him that he doesn’t realize how many people are in danger from this war. Roman now hates Victor’s guts, and Victor is cursing Isabella for ever marrying him. Bo says no matter what he does, Victor is a grown man, and he will do what he feels he must to protect his family. All this constant [[email protected]#$%^&*]ing at him will not change that. Billie asks what about Kate. Bo replies what about her? That [[email protected]#$%^&*] doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. Bo then says he’s done with this whole conversation and leaves. Hope tells Billie that if Bo doesn’t get right and fast, he may not live to see the new year.

-Victor quietly enters Maggie’s home. Maggie, startled, is very glad to see him. After Victor tells her that he has had men and her loved ones looking all day for her, he tells her how glad he is that she is alright. Maggie, still intoxicated but fairly lucid, apologizes for spilling the beans to Stefano, but she was so full of anger and hate she couldn’t help it. And, as she walks closer to Victor, that she cannot go on living in his home and being his friend. Victor protests, saying that they both need that for what they have been through even though he knows deep down this is what is best. Maggie tells Victor even though she values him, his life is very, very dangerous, and she is not a, “Mafia Woman”, as it were. Bo, Austin & Lucas and she doesn’t know how many others have been put in danger for her bug mouth, and she can’t do that again. After she walks away from Victor, he follows behind her, asking if there is anything he can do to change her mind. She says, for now, no. She does ask Victor to keep her drinking a secret. Victor replies that if she can accept the worst of him, which is his dark and revenge-driven side, then he can accept the worst in her, which is her drinking. Victor also acknowledges that he knows she needs something to get through the pain she is feeling. Maggie thanks him for his silence and understanding. She walks Victor to the door, kisses him on his cheek, tells him good-bye, and quietly closes the door. Victor places his right hand on the door frame, and then turns and walks to his car. Once in, he calls Julie and tells her to tell the family that all is well. Maggie is home. And, he asks that Julie watch out for her, just in case anything happens to him. She says yes, she will, thanks Victor, and hangs the phone up quietly, with a very troubled look on her face.

-Max’s head starts clearing, after his love making session with Cassie. He turns to her while sitting on his bed and speaks:

Max: Damn! That drink sure does do ya in.

Cassie: Well, it must make certain things perk up when other things are going down for the count.

Max: Yeah, whatever. Listen (While standing up and putting his clothes on), this was nice, if awkward...

Cassie: I guess so (Also getting dressed) . Two months ago, I was your niece. I thought the incest thing was only done on soap operas.

Max: So did I. But, you are a DiMera, and, even though he doesn’t hopefully have you under his influence, you’re still Stefano’s granddaughter.

Cassie: I know that. Tell you what. (Walking up to him and hugging him) I’ll keep this a secret for you. I still consider myself family, and that would be wrong if I hurt you over one night’s.......escapades.

Max: Well, thank you, Cassie. This was nothing and was a misrake. I feel horrible and it can’t happen again, ok?

Cassie: It won’t. I know we are just friends. I understand. I Promise.

After they hug again and Cassie leaves, Max closes the door and Cassie says to herself, with a smile:

Cassie: Sure, it won’t happen again.

Next Time, On Salem Lives.........

**Due to catching up on the episodes and posting 3 in a 24 hour span, this episode will not have a sneak peek of the next episode.***


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