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Enter The Chandler Zone

Thank god I am done with my damn paper. It was fun but jesus christ it took for freaking ever to write. It was on the steps leading up to a relationship...the courtship if you must give it a name. It was what do women look for in the steps leading up for a full blown relationship. After speaking with some close female friends of mine (who were great sources) I also decided that I will be working on an advice column with my best friend. Dunno how it'll work yet but I'm getting there.

Now onto some random stuff:

Is it just me or is Laguna Beach really addicting? I finally decided to give the show a chance and I am now hooked. Also, why is that I hear more music on Laguna Beach than I do on the entire MTV network? The network is MTV...Music Television, where's the god damn music? And no, the 1 hour of TRL and the 1 hour or so of Direct Effects doesn't count, nor does the two-three hours worth of music that is played in the morning.

I might want to be more careful about what I put in my sig. Apparently what I put in there can be "offend"some people. Since like April I had "Soap Opera Network...Putting all other sites to shame" as a tag line under my banner. When we had all that drama back last month, someone called it "simply arrogant behaviour". I guess they thought I was putting a new site down. That wasn't true. And while my comment could be considered "arrogant" I was just showing support for the site that I work with. Maybe if I put "Soap Opera Network...Accept No Imitations" in my sig it would be the next of a long list of things that I have done or said recently to "offend" people. Lol, isn't the internet just fun?

I think I'll be posting my wrestling column soon. I meant to post it last week from the week before but I got sidetracked. Things look good tonight. Wrestling fans make sure to watch WWE RAW live on the USA Network at 9pm!!

Ashlee Simpson's new album is awesome. I am glad she bounced back from her incident last year. Lol, I remember the banner I made of her singing at the Orange Bowl, it wasn't very friendly, but I admited I was joking.

What ever happened to the Goo Goo Dolls? I have their song "Iris" stuck in my head. They should release some more stuff.

Make sure everyone checks out the Rockland County Websoap. This show has great writing and the cast is terrific. I'm not to proud of the job I've done so far, but I'm getting better. I just can't perfect the voice I'm supposed to use. Hmmm....being the fact that Rockland County is in New York...shouldn't Elijah have a NY accent? Better yet, shouldn't most of the cast have a NY accent? Just a thought. Anyways, that's it for now...

Chandler Out!

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