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Working on my soap concept again



Enter The Chandler Zone

Once again it's time for me to talk. And oh how I like to talk, lol. My main reason for posting is because I find myself to interested in the websoap that I participate in. Normally I would just call in my lines and listen to my part only, but man are things picking up. My character Elijah is involved in a hit and run accident...or is he? Listeners just found out that Elijah was not the one driving his car the day Caroline Hart was run down, he was in class taking finals all day, but his mom had the car. I'm liking the current storyline with Paul Ramos (who I swear had to be Elijah's father. I'm sticking with that plan) and Barbara. Hell, I like the entire show. If you're happen to read this, please click on the following link:

Rockland County

We are also podcasting now.

I've also decided to start working on the concept for my soap again. I started this about a year or two ago during my TV Production class. We had to come up with a concept for a serialized drama, and I chose a soap that based on a combination of South Jersey beach towns (Brigantine, Margate, Point Pleasant, Sea Isle City). That's it for now.

Chandler Out!

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So...Thats great news! Let me know when you decide to your soap. I have one I've been working on, but it's still got a few patches here and there to fix before I can release the first 3 episodes and get everybody's feedback.

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