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October 6, 2006



-Billie checks her messages and sees that Abby has not called with word on Chelsea. She is getting worried. Jack tells her to relax and that everything will be fine. He is sure Abby will find her. Billie sees her cell battery is low so she must turn her phone off. She asks Jack where they are going. Jack says he has a surprise that will help both of them keep their mind off the turmoil in their lives and help cap off a great night.

-Abby has searched almost every night club. She arrives in the one Chelsea was in previously and asks the bartender if he has seen her. She shows a picture of her and says it is important that she finds her. The bartender says he saw her earlier and that she left with two men. He urges Abby to check out some motels as Chelsea seemed very friendly with the men. Abby asks if she was drunk or high. The bartender says he doesn't know so he can protect himself from getting arrested for selling drugs and giving alcohol to a minor. Abby decides to start searching motels.

-Max is at the Brady Pub drowning his sorrows. He hates that he hurt Abby and hates what he did to Chelsea. Cassie arrives and asks him to perk up and have some fun. Max tells her to shutup and get the hell away from him.

-Nicole asks Eric and Greta what is going on when she finds them in the suite together on the bed. Eric says that Greta tripped and they both fell on the bed. He claims that she pulled him down with her. Nicole seems ok with the explanation but asks to talk to Greta alone. Eric worries about what they may discuss so he eavesdrops. Nicole and Greta go outside the suite and Nicole tells Greta she knows what is going on and why she has been spending so much time with Eric.

-Jack surprises Billie with a visit to an arcade. Billie says she remembers being in one as a teen. It used to be where she picked up boys. Jack laughs and says he never once stepped into an arcade until Abby had to go to a birthday party at one. He ended up having more fun then her. Billie forced Jack to play "Dance Dance Revolution." Jack somehow wins and brags to Billie that she was beaten by a novice. Billie says she only played once before and it when Chelsea was with some guys and Billie followed her. She played the game so Chelsea wouldn't see her. Jack thinks that was clever. They then decide to play laser tag. When they come out later, Jack is upset that Billie won. Billie tells Jack that it seems they are even so far. She thanks Jack for this as it is just what she needed. He says he needed it too and is having a blast. Between this and dinner, they have had a fun night. Billie says it's isn't over yet. Billie thanks him for being such a good friend. Jack says he is only returning the favor. They embrace.

-Abby has searched a few motels and is sick of searching. She wonders where Chelsea could be. Meanwhile, Chelsea in in the very motel Abby is at. The two men she met are kissing her all over her neck and body and she seems to be enjoying it. One of the men then stops. Chelsea asks what's wrong and the man says he has to get some protection. His friend says he needs to as well. They race out to get some as a high and drunk Chelsea waits patiently.

-Nicole tells Greta that she has been suspicious of all of the meetings Eric and her have had. Nicole says she has caught them talking alone so many times but now she is sure she knows what it is up. Nicole says she thinks Greta is helping her to find out what Eric is hiding. She did ask Greta and Sami for help so Greta is merely doing as she was asked to by her. Greta lies and says she is right. Greta mentions that she knew something was up with Eric the day they all learned John was Roman and she had a long talk with Eric at the station. Nicole remembers that as the first time she saw them talking together alone since they all returned to Salem. Greta says that she got the sense something more was going on so when Nicole asks for Sami and her help, she agreed. She still cares about Eric and says she would never take him away from Nicole. Nicole says she knows that and realizes that now. She should've remembered Greta has strong morals and would never do anything like that. She thanks Greta for the help and tells her to get back to her when she learns anything. Nicole returns to Eric and apologizes for thinking the worst when she walked in. She goes in the bathroom to change. Eric thanks Greta for everything and keeping his secret. He complimets Greta on elaborating on her lie and making it more realistic. She still thinks it is wrong to hide his secret and not see the specialist but she will go along with his wishes. Greta wishes him good night and Nicole, who is finished changing, good night. She leaves. Nicole tells Eric she doesn't want to fight anymore and just wants to focus on them and enjoying the evening. Eric agrees and tells Nicole that they shouldn'y waste precious moments arguing. They kiss as Nicole recalls the decision between Eric and Highstyle she will seemingly have to make. She chooses not to tell Eric of the decision she needs to make and makes no mention of it. Eric and Nicole then make love.

-Abby is walking around the motel when she sees two men, obviously drunk, yelling up to a Chelsea in a room on the second level. Abby wonder if it is her Chelsea. The men enter the room and jump right on Chelsea. Chelsea kisses them both and begins to make love to both of them at the same time. Abby takes the stairs to the second level and can hear Chelsea making love to them from outside the door. She is appalled she is having sex with two men at once. The men are all over her as Chelsea is all over them. She then begins to have flashbacks of both of her rapes as the hands all over her remind her of Jason and Barry. She quietly begins to say "No" and then, eventually, starts to yell out "No!!!" with tears in her eyes. She starts to beg them both to stop as she doesn't want to do this with them anymore. One of the guys says it is too late to stop now and the other just tells her to relax and have fun. Abby can hear Chelsea screaming "No!!" and for the men to stop. She decides to call for helo. She tries calling Billie but her phone if off and her father's doesn't have a charged battery since he has barely used it since her mother's death. She ultimately decides to call Max.

-Cassie asks what Max's problem is. He says he is hurting the people he cares about. He hurt Chelsea when she needed him most and now she is a mess and thinks she has no one and he hurt Abby, who he didn't know liked him in a romantic way, by dancing with Cassie the other day. Cassie tells Max he had no idea Abby would be hurt and, as for Chelsea, it is hard to trust her and know what is going on there so he can't blame himself. Max says he does blame himself. He just tells Cassie to leave him alone. Max asks Lisa for another drink. She reminds him one more and she is cutting him off. Max decides he needs to go to the bathroom and tells Cassie she better be gone when he returns. Lisa goes into the back room for supplies. Max has left his cell phone in his jacket on the bar. Cassie hears Max's cell phone ring and sees on the caller ID shows it's Abby. She knows Stefano needs her to spend time with Max in a effort for her to stay close to the Brady's and she kinda likes Max as she sees him as very sexy. She doesn't want anyone to interfere in her plans. She picks up the phone and quickly hangs it up without saying a word to Abby. Abby wonders what happened but decides she can't waste time and call back. Chelsea needs help now. Max returns and asks why Cassie is still there. Cassie says he left his stuff at the bar and she didn't want anyone to steal it while Lisa was in the back room. Max thinks that is only an excuse for her to hang around some more. He asks why she hangs around him recently of late. She tells him she thinks he is sexy and she likes him. Max tells her to join the fan club. He checks his cell and asks if she heard his phone ring at any point since it was right on the bar with his coat. Cassie lies and says no. Max decides to turn his phone off so he won't be bothered by anyone else as Cassie smiles.

-Abby realizes someone else she can call for help that won't cause more issues with Chelsea to develop. She just hopes it isn't too late. Meanwhile, both men are all over her as Chelsea yells for them to stop and quietly says while her hands shake "It's happening again...all over again." The men tell Chelsea to stop screaming and fighting them and to just do her job as a whore. Chelsea recalls her rapists calling her a whore and begins to scream louder for them to stop. The men just keep going. All of a sudden, the motel room door opens and Abby yells for them to stop and get off Chelsea. The men are caught off guard by Abby while Chelsea is stunned to see her. The men asks Abby what she is going to do to make them stop. One of the men says that now they each have a girl to party with. A nervous and fearful Abby looks at a shaking and afraid Chelsea as the men move closer to her. The screen then fades to black and the credits roll.


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