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August 4, 2006



-Nicole and Eric are at their hotel room. Nicole asks Eric how long he plans to stay in Salem. Eric says indefinitely as his family is going through alot right now. Nicole asks how he feels about John being his father. Eric says it is a big deal but unlike his sister he has pretty much respected John and got along with him well for the last few years. It will be hard to get used to and he has never been John's biggest fan but he just wants to wait and see he really is Roman Brady first. Nicole asks Eric if there are other reason why he wants to stay in Salem. When he first returned and met her in Salem, he wanted to be with his family and with her. He said he needed that. Nicole wants to know what he meant. Eric says he was away for long and just wanted to return and start to settle down a bit. He had been doing alot of traveling with his photography and just wanted to be in one place for awhile. Nicole asks how long a while is as she has a career and left Highstyle in LA to be run by her staff. Eric understands and begs Nicole to stay with him. He needs her and this may be their last chance. Nicole tells Eric she will stay with him if she gets answers like the real story behind his returning to Salem and having her return with him and the real story behind the recurring headaches he keeps having and tries to cover up. Eric says she is overreacting but Nicole won't let it go and demands the truth right now or she is leaving and not coming back. If they are going to be together, they need to trust each other as that is what he always told her after all the mistakes she made. She wants the truth now as a nervous Eric struggles with what to say.

-Greta wants to know what Chelsea is up to as she heard her say something about a DNA test and hiding it from everyone. Chelsea tries to cover but Greta won't let it go. She asks Chelsea what is going on. Chelsea is afraid to talk about it because she doesn't want it to come out. Greta says she knows Chelsea has had it tough and is rebellious and she would be willing to help her but she needs to know what it is. Greta explains she is going through a DNA test right now too and is keeping it private. Greta explains that now that she told Chelsea her secret plans Chelsea should tell her hers. Chelsea is reluctant but tells Greta what she learned on the island from Stefano. Hope may be her mother and her father is unknown. Chelsea says it was during her time as Gina. Greta says it makes sense and can see why Chelsea wants to prove it but thinks Chelsea needs to tell Bo, Hope, and Billie. Chelsea says she can't until she knows for sure and even then alot of people will get hurt. She needs to know for sure if it is true and then can decide as this will affect alot of lives and she needs to deal with it first. Greta says she will help her and she makes the arrangements for Chelsea to undergo a DNA test that will be kept private. Chelsea thanks her and offer to keep the fact that Greta is undergoing one too as long as she keeps her secret. Greta agrees but tells Chelsea she needs to tell Hope, Bo, and Billie if it turns out to be true. Chelsea agrees but when Greta leaves isn't so sure what she will do if it is true.

-A distraught Kate meets Roman on the pier and they talk about all that has been happening. Roman expresses his frustration over not knowing if Carrie is dead or alive and over Marlena and Shawn Sr's death. His mother's affair really hit him hard and now the whole Roman thing has him confused. If he isn't Roman, who is he and what is he. Roman says he is nothing if he isn't Roman Brady. Kate comforts him and says no matter what she knows he is a good, kind, well-respected man. She knows this because he took a chance on loving her and saw something in her that she doesn't even see. Kate explains that Philip is in a coma and needs massive reconstructive surgery. She is also upset about Rex and Cassie not being theirs. Roman reminds Kate that hasn't been confirmed but Kate thinks it's true. Kate is upset and says she is losing three of her children-Rex, Cassie, and Philip. Roman tells her she will not lose Philip and Rex and Cassie will always hold a special place in their hearts. Kate tells Roman no matter what happens he will always hold a special place in her heart too. Roman is stunned and feels like he is seeing the Kate he fell in love with. Kate says what happened to Philip and seeing how hurt he was made her realize the consequences of her actions. Her interference has done nothing but hurt her children in the long run. Roman is happy she has said that and wonders if there is hope for her yet. Kate asks if Roman is talking about hope for the two of them.

-Rex and Cassie argue over his getting close to Mimi again. Rex says that Mimi makes mistakes but so does everyone. Cassie reminds Rex that she just lied to Shawn just like she lied to him about the abortion. Rex says that Bonnie and Kate played a part too and that Mimi always makes mistakes while under pressure. As far as he is concerned, he can udnerstand what Mimi did as Belle still wanted Shawn and Mimi felt the need to keep the secret to protect Philip and all those involved from getting hurt. Cassie can't beleive he is defending Mimi. They are both told the DNA results are in-they are not Roman and Kate children. They are Tony and Marlena's. Rex and Cassie both call Roman and Kate and tell them the news. They all agree they will always be close and have a special bond with each other. Kate is upset and says she was proud to call them her children. Roman comforts her.

-Victor comforts Maggie on the pier. Maggie sees that Victor is upset and asks what happened. He explains what is happening to Philip and how he feels responisble. Maggie says she feels the same way about what happened to Mickey. Victor says he feels bad too as he should went back right away for Mickey without hesistation. Maggie tells him not to blame himself as he is taking enough blame for Caroline and his affair. Victor says he would do anything for Caroline, even give her up all over again. Maggie admits that she feels like shutting herself off from the world but when she did that earlier she was overcome with guilt and memories of Mickey. She needs to call Sarah and Melissa and doesn't have the strength. Victor says she has it-he knows she does. Maggie thanks him for being there with everything going on in his life. Victor says he isn't going anywhere and he feels that Maggie and him became good friends during the island fiasco. He tells her what happened with Caroline. Maggie says she loves Caroline but she was stupid to turn away Victor's comfort. Seeing the way he is treating her right now, Maggie thinks Caroline is stupid to push Victor away in a time like this. Victor says he will always do what Caroline wishes no matter how much it hurts-he loves her more then anything. Maggie admires Victor and they embrace as Maggie thanks him again for being there. Victor says there is no place else he would want to be.

-Belle leaves Philip's room and talks to Shawn. Shawn explains he is filing for a divorce from Mimi. Belle is excited as she thinks this means they will be together. Shawn reminds her that Philip is and should be her priority. Shawn tells Belle they won't be together until Philip is recovered and can handle divorce. Belle is happy that Shawn wants them to reunite but Shawn explains he never said that-he isn't sure what he is going to decide yet as alot has happened. Belle is dumbfounded.

-Mimi is walking the halls of the hospital and hears two nurses talking to Lexie, who was not happy about coming in given the situation in her personal life but came in reluctantly since the nurses called her about Philip. They are talking about Philip and something in the records room. Lexie is shocked and explains that it can't be true. The nurses explain the records don't lie and that is why they ordered some tests since the figured it was only right to prove if there was some descrepancy or mistake. Lexie agrees it was a good idea and says this could change everything and give Philip something to hold onto. Mimi wonders what it is.

-Belle explains to Shawn that they know Claire is theirs and once Philip is ok and they both get an annullent from Mimi and Philip they can be together. Shawn says he isn't sure yet as alot has happened and he has alot to think about. Belle explains that they have a daughter together and when Claire was beleived to be Philip's that was the one thing really keeping them apart. Now with Claire being her's with Shawn, they can be together no problem. Mimi then walks in after overhearing and says not necessarily. Belle and Shawn don't know what she means and just tell her to leave as they are done listening to her after all she has done. Mimi tells them both to shutup and says she has something important to tell them that may change everything and give Philip back his will to live. Belle and Shawn are confused.

Mimi: Belle, Shawn. Not everything is what it seems. You see...I just heard some nurses and Lexie talking and they found something odd while researching Philip's medical record's and history. Claire's info was on the same page as they had yet to change it to reflect Shawn as the father so they were able to cross check both Philip and Claire's records since they were listed of the same family...

Belle: What are you talking about?

Mimi: I am talking about Claire, Belle. She is not Shawn's daugther. There was some sort of mistake. Claire is Philip's biological daughter!!!

Belle: What?!!! NO!! That is impossible.

Shawn: We just found out from you on the island that I was the father.

Lexie enters with the nurses.

Lexie: It's true. Mimi's right. Shawn is not Claire's father...Philip is.

A stunned Belle and Shawn look on as Mimi wonders if maybe she still has a chance left with Shawn as the screen fades to black and the credits roll.


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