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new GH cast publicity photos, starting Aug. 15, 2022.
Scroll down and wait for all the August 2022 pictures to load.

When they've done new photos before, it began with one batch, and then more were gradually added later over time.  They might do that process again?  I guess we can check back periodically to see if there are more added.

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I was looking at them this morning on Tumblr.  While everyone is lovely, I found it remarkable how unglamorized the current pics seem.

Here's Cynthia Watros

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Just for comparison, because they were in same post, here's Tia Carrere as Jade Soong from 1985, looking more like a soap actress, not just of the era

here's some more of the current crop (thanks @GHPast&Present Tumblr

Pretty, modern, just underwhelming when it comes to styling

And I'll just leave this one here


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