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- Sally fights for Jack

- Sally's vendetta with Summer & Kyle takes a dangerous turn when she hits their relationship where it hurts 

- Lockes return

- Nick worries history will repeat itself & Summer will once again be hurt by Kyle's indiscretion



- Sharon and Rey's marriage hits a breaking point

- Rey confronts Sharon about her feelings for Adam

- Sharon & Rey will dissect their relationship to see if they will be able to save their marriage



- Adam is still on the run

- Victor will go to great lengths to clear Adam's name

- Victor is hot on Chelsea's trail

- Chelsea is forced to make a bold move to get the upper hand

- Chloe may find herself in hot water being Chelsea's partner in crime




- Amanda will second guess her new relationship with her family when she uncovers a secret from their past that hits close to home

- Devon will do his best to support Amanda while he embarks on a new business venture to honor his family legacy.


Lily/Billy :

-Lily and Billy discover they may not be on the same page where their relationship is headed.

- However they both agree on taking on any competition that comes ChanceComm's way.



Victoria's mission to make Newman Enterprises stronger might lead to her spending time with a business colleague that will raise a few eyebrows.





- Mariah adjust to her pregnancy

- Abby gives Mariah lots of attention but struggles with Chance's absence. 



"Elena and Nate shared a strong bond before their romantic relationship took a turn. We will see them navigate their renewed friendship despite their lingering romantic feelings."



- The Newmans will face a dire medical crisis with Faith (she collapses next week)

- Victor will go to great lengths to help Faith and Nikki will do her best to manage the emotions of the family

- Faith's crisis causes major conflict for Nick and Sharon.

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TV Guide magazine (Supergirl on the cover) - page 15


(adjusting dates to account for the US preemption 19th April)
A two-part spoiler about Faith's kidneys:


"today" - adjusted US airdate: Thurs. 29th April
"Nick and Sharon learn that hospitalized 16-year-old Faith's kidneys are failing."


"tomorrow" - adjusted US airdate: Fri. 30th April
"In this shocker, the distraught parents find out who the best donor match is." 


---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---


I have the original text from SOD on the May sweeps and the wording is:
"Nick will find himself in a terrible predicament of putting his feelings aside and doing what's best for Faith."

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Thanks, just had seen the promo video on Twitter of the basement caving in on them but for someone reason I couldn't get the link to share. It looked like some messy disaster ATWT or GL would have tried to done circa 2007. 


I'm guessing the returning individual is Chance? Because right now that is indeed one DISMAL storyline. 

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