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DAYS: Possible upcoming "event" spoiler

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Here are some more spoilers for next week from the Zap2it website:


Jennifer will be reunited with JJ & Abigail, Jack informs Jennifer the person that is responsible for her fall is in prison, Brady will recall his struggles from the past year and Chad will make a confession to Abigail. And Julie will be alarmed that her heart start to race for no apparent reason.


I think that the wrong person went to jail for pushing Jennifer. (I don't think that Princess Gina went to jail for pushing her. There is a spoiler that says that she has a shocking new companion, but I think regardless of what that is about, she doesn't go to jail.) I wonder if it's Will (and the rumors about him going to jail are true.) If so I wonder how he may have gotten convicted because pushing Jennifer is not something he would do. Maybe it's someone else instead of him that ends up in prison. 


Also, I wonder if Gabi is messing with Julie's pacemaker again after the time jump.


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