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Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

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2 hours ago, Ponds said:

As close as Paul & Nikki were, they didn't even make up an excuse why he wasn't at the hospital or leading the investigation.  

Perfect opportunity to use Paul in an organic way.

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I wonder what will happen to Nate, now that Victor has been arrested. I have been liking Nate in his scenes with the Newmans especially Nick. I like seeing him interact with other characters outside of his family. (And on a side note, I think that Nick has been looking good in these past few episodes.)


Also I liked the Fen/Ana scenes and Ana/Abby scenes today.Ana looked really pretty.  Ana continues to have nice chemistry with Fen, (I liked when they complimented each other on how they looked) and I liked her rapport with Abby. Loren comes across as very natural. 


And I really don't like the way that Lola continues to treat Kyle. Her kissing Fen was very immature and hurtful towards Kyle, who has been a very good boyfriend to her. He doesn't deserve to be treated like that. It's even worse because Lola really doesn't care about Fen that much. She has already rejected him multiple times, but now she is using him to get back at Kyle. Kyle needs to leave Lola alone, but I do believe he will keep trying to work things out with her. I hope this doesn't continue to be a theme in their relationship, where she treats him poorly and he has to walk on eggshells around her.


And even though I don't care much for Mia, I will give the show credit for having Mia/Rey seem like they are legitimately trying to work on their marriage. That is until Mia maybe tries to seduce Arturo again. And/or Rey has a hard time staying away from Sharon.

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The whole Victor/Nikki/Nate/Reid/Victoria/JT story is a mess. Looks like some HS production at a local theatre. Just horrible and cringeworthy. 

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